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Edgewood Park Trails: Are You Ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime?

If there’s one thing California is famous for, it’s its remarkable outdoor spaces. From the breathtaking Pacific coastline to the towering redwoods and sunny deserts, the Golden State offers an extraordinary variety of natural landscapes. Among these, a feature that often stands out for equestrians is the extensive network of trails that weave through these diverse terrains.

Nestled in this incredible outdoor tapestry is Edgewood Park. Offering a stunning array of trails perfect for equestrians, this park is an oasis for both the experienced rider and the leisurely explorer.

A Quick Gallop through History

Edgewood Park, with its diverse ecosystems and rich geological and human history, is a testament to California’s unique and varied past. While riding through the park’s trails, you’ll encounter remnants of different epochs, from the unique serpentine rock formations dating back 35 million years to the relics of Neotropical forests and traces of human civilizations from over 6,000 years ago.

Your Horse’s Playground: The Trails of Edgewood

Edgewood Park boasts ten miles of horse-friendly trails, each offering a distinct experience. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride under a canopy of oak trees or a heart-pumping climb to breathtaking views, there’s a trail tailored to your riding style.


Baywood Glen Trail

A relatively short ride at 0.6 miles, the Baywood Glen Trail weaves through dense oak woodland and serpentine grasslands. Look out for the blooming vines and spring-blooming flowers along the trail as you meander through switchbacks.

Live Oak Trail

This 0.6-mile trail takes you along the wooded northern side of Edgewood Park’s crowning ridge. The trail is generally calm and perfect for beginners or riders who prefer a laid-back journey.

Old Stage Road

An interesting trail with a blend of shady oak canopy and the rolling serpentine grasslands. This 0.9-mile trail is steep, but the well-maintained gravel surface keeps it accessible for riders of all levels.

Ridgeview Trail

This trail traces the sunny southern side of Edgewood’s crowning ridge, offering spectacular vistas of the serpentine grasslands below. Here, riders can enjoy panoramic views of the San Francisco Bay. Be aware, it does culminate in a slight climb to the aptly named “Inspiration Heights”.

Sunset Trail

At 0.8 miles, the Sunset Trail passes through serpentine grassland at a fairly even grade, making it a relaxing trail for horse riders. The perfect trail for a serene late-afternoon ride, hence its name.

As part of the horse-riding community, always remember to observe all trail signs, posted speed limits, and follow trail etiquette to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all park visitors.

Franciscan Trail

This trail is a treat for riders who are eager for a slightly more challenging ride. The Franciscan Trail begins and ends on the Edgewood Trail, connecting to the Ridgeview Trail shortly before it descends to meet the Sunset Trail. Dense with native trees and plant species, the trail promises an enchanting ride in the park’s natural beauty.

Serpentine Trail

As the name suggests, this trail follows the northern base of Edgewood’s crowning ridge, traversing the heart of the park from east to west. The Serpentine Trail is renowned for its colorful wildflower blooms in the spring, making it, along with the Sunset Trail, a top choice for flower-viewing.

Sylvan Trail

The Sylvan Trail is a favorite among joggers and hikers, but its natural beauty also makes it a delightful trail for horse riders. This mile-long trail ascends from the base of the park, weaving through a woodland of coast live oak and California bay trees. The Sylvan Trail presents a serene and scenic ride, ideal for those relaxed weekend explorations.

Complementing Your Equestrian Adventure

Aside from the thrilling rides, remember to utilize the amenities that Edgewood Park offers. The park features family picnic areas, an amphitheater, restrooms, and even an Education Center. The latter provides a fantastic setting for educational activities, research, and opportunities to get involved in preserving Edgewood’s exceptional natural resources.

Preparing for Your Ride

As always, when planning your visit, check the opening hours, current weather, and any park updates. The contact number for the park is (650) 367-7576.

Your Trusty Steed’s Next Adventure

Edgewood Park presents a rare combination of natural beauty, biodiversity, and challenging trails that make it an equestrian’s dream come true. From its sweeping grasslands to wooded hills and breathtaking vistas, each trail offers a unique experience for you and your horse. So, grab your riding boots, pack your picnic basket, and let Edgewood Park’s trails lead you on your next equestrian adventure.

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