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Category: Trails

Jul 18
Horseback Riding Trails at Ed Levin County Park

Spanning over 1,500 acres, Ed Levin County Park is a paradise tucked away from the hustling Bay Area freeways, offering some of the most beautiful and accessible equestrian trails in the nation. The park was first dedicated back in 1969 and named after County Supervisor Ed R. Levin, a horse enthusiast himself who led a […]

Jul 04
The Best Trails for Horseback Riding in Mission Peak Regional Preserve!

Do you crave the open air, to feel the rhythm of your horse as you explore uncharted trails under the vast Californian sky? If that sounds exciting to you, it’s time to get your horse trailer ready. Today, we’re heading out to one of the Bay Area’s prime equestrian locations – the Mission Peak Regional […]

Jun 27
The Best Trails of Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve That You Can’t Miss!

Do you feel that familiar itch of wanderlust calling you and your hoofed partner to new adventures? There’s no better place to respond to that call than at Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve in Los Altos, California. A perfect symbiosis of nature’s diverse landscapes and extensive trail networks, it’s an equestrian’s paradise just waiting […]

Jun 19
Edgewood Park Trails: Are You Ready for an Adventure of a Lifetime?

If there’s one thing California is famous for, it’s its remarkable outdoor spaces. From the breathtaking Pacific coastline to the towering redwoods and sunny deserts, the Golden State offers an extraordinary variety of natural landscapes. Among these, a feature that often stands out for equestrians is the extensive network of trails that weave through these […]