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May 23
What Do Wild Horses Eat?

Ever wondered what wild horses munch on out in the wild? Think of them as nature’s lawnmowers, roaming free and feasting on what Mother Nature provides.  These majestic creatures don’t have a cozy stable or a human to fill their feed buckets. Instead, they graze on a mix of grasses, herbs, and shrubs, adapting to […]

May 22
Can Horses Eat Tomatoes?

Ever wondered if your horse can munch on tomatoes? You’re not alone. Many horse owners ponder this juicy question.  Tomatoes are a staple in our salads, but do they fit in a horse’s diet? Picture this: you’re snacking on a ripe tomato, and your horse gives you that look. You know the one. Those big, […]

May 22
Best Senior Horse Feed

Ever noticed how your old buddy, the senior horse, is just like that one friend who keeps saying, “Back in my day”? Aging horses need some extra TLC, especially regarding their diet.  Just like us, their nutritional needs change as they get older. And, let’s be honest, no one wants a grumpy, hungry horse on […]

May 21
Is Alfalfa Good For Horses?

Ever found yourself puzzled about what’s best for your horse’s diet? Alfalfa is often the star of many feed discussions. But is it truly a superfood for your equine friend or just another type of hay?  In this blog, we’ll uncover the truth about alfalfa. We’ll explore its benefits, potential pitfalls, and how it compares […]

May 21
What Can Horses Not Eat?

Imagine you’re a horse. You’re munching on grass, feeling the breeze; life is good. Then, someone offers you a tasty-looking treat.  But wait, not everything humans eat is safe for you. Horses, just like us, have foods they should never touch. From certain plants to common snacks, a whole list of things can turn a […]

May 20
Can Horses Eat Peppermints?

Ever caught yourself sneaking a mint and wondered if your trusty steed might enjoy one too? You’re not alone.  Maybe you’ve heard whispers around the barn about horses munching on peppermints and thought, “Can they really eat those?” It’s a question that pops up more often than you’d think.  So, let’s explore the sweet world […]

May 20
Can Horses Eat Corn?

Ever wondered if horses can munch on corn? You’re not alone. It’s a question that pops up in many horse owners’ minds.  Corn is tasty, energy-packed, and cheap. But is it safe for our equine friends? Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of feeding corn to horses.  We’ll look at the good, the bad, and the […]

May 20
Can Horses Eat Gourds?

As a horse owner, finding the right snacks for your equine friend can sometimes feel like preparing a feast for a notoriously picky king or queen. We all want to treat our four-legged companions to something special beyond the standard hay and grains. However, you have to ask yourself what is safe or isn’t. In […]

May 19
Can Horses Have Peanut Butter?

Ever wondered if horses can enjoy the sticky delight of peanut butter just like we do? Well, you’re not alone. This odd question has bounced around in the minds of many horse owners.  After all, who doesn’t want to share their favorite snack with their four-legged friends? But before you reach for that peanut butter […]

May 17
Can Horses Eat Potatoes?

Ever wondered if you could share your French fries with your four-legged friend? Spoiler alert: it’s not about the fries. Today, we’re digging into a slightly different potato question—can horses eat them?  If you thought feeding your horse was as easy as tossing whatever’s left on your plate into their trough, think again. Potatoes, those […]