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Category: Horse Stories

Apr 12
Interesting and Fun Facts About Horses

Welcome to the wonderful world of horses. A universe where grace meets power and history intertwines with myth.  Ever wondered about the secrets horses carry in their majestic trots? Or perhaps, what makes these creatures a symbol of both beauty and strength across cultures? From their astonishing physical abilities to their profound emotional connections with […]

Feb 09
Can You Ride a Miniature Horse? What You Need to Know!

The most adorable horses on earth. You know the feeling if you’ve owned one before. You’ll never meet a cuter horse.  Unfortunately, miniatures are so tiny that you often wonder whether they can take up regular horse duties.  Granted, they’re some of the best companions. Moreover, the mini horse is a wonderful therapy animal. But […]

Feb 08
Best Horses for Trail Riding: Your Perfect Companion

Did you know that not all horses are suited for trail riding? With years of equine experience, we understand the unique challenges trail riders face.  Selecting the right horse is crucial for a safe, enjoyable journey. This article will guide you through choosing the best horses for trail riding, addressing common concerns like temperament and […]

Feb 07
How Long Can a Horse Gallop?

Horses galloping at full tilt is the epitome of untamed energy, yet even these powerhouses have a breaking point.  With years of equine care and training under my belt, I’ve learned the nuances of their endurance. Many riders wonder, ‘How long can a horse gallop?’ This piece sheds light on equine stamina, offering valuable knowledge […]

Feb 06
Can Horses Go Downstairs? Truth About Equine Mobility

Believe it or not, horses can fly—but only in one direction: up. Descending, however, poses a steep challenge.  As a seasoned equestrian with over a decade in the saddle, I’ve encountered nearly every equine enigma imaginable. Many horse owners ponder whether their majestic companions can navigate downstairs safely.  This article demystifies the stairway dilemma, offering […]

Feb 05
How Much Do Gypsy Horses Cost? 

The Gypsy Vanner is one of the most sought-after horses. Known by names such as the Irish Cob, Tinker horse, or Gypsy cob, it’s a beautiful, loving, and playful breed. In addition, Gypsies are capable carriage horses originally bred for Irish travelers.  But they’re also some of the most expensive horses. Though a young colt […]

Feb 05
How Much Does a Palomino Horse Cost?

Did you know Palomino horses aren’t just about their stunning golden coats? With a deep understanding of equine nuances, I’ve dedicated years to exploring the intricacies of horse ownership. Many dream of owning a Palomino, yet find themselves puzzled by the costs involved. This article sheds light on the true expense of bringing a Palomino […]

Feb 04
Can Horses Have Blue Eyes?

There’s a chance you’ve heard a few interesting “facts” about blue-eyed horses. For example, many people believe blue-eyed horses see better. Interestingly, another group believes blue-eyed horses are blind or more likely to go blind.   We’ll bust some of the myths shortly. But first, we want to find out why some horses have blue eyes, […]

Feb 04
Why are Horses Eyes Covered?

Did you know that covering a horse’s eyes can actually be a sign of care? With years of experience in equine therapy and training, I’ve learned that what might seem peculiar at first glance has deep roots in enhancing a horse’s comfort and focus. Many horse owners and lovers find themselves puzzled by this sight, […]

Feb 02
How Much Does a Paso Fino Horse Cost?

Did you know the Paso Fino horse, with its smooth gait, can dance its way into your heart and potentially your wallet? As an equine enthusiast and seasoned horse owner, I’ve navigated the complex terrain of horse buying and care. If you’re pondering the costs of owning one of these magnificent creatures, you’re in the […]