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Category: Training

Feb 09
What Does it Mean to Break a Horse? Key Facts Explained

Breaking is a vital stage in every horse’s life. It teaches the horse to obey human commands, making them safer to ride.  But it hasn’t always been a pleasant process. For example, many years ago, trainers used every crude tactic (and weapon) to “beat” the horse into shape.  It worked. But at what cost? Most […]

Feb 08
How to Tame a Horse in Real Life

Every trainer has met a “wild” horse. They’re uncontrollable, always kicking, jumping, and ready to bolt. Some even bite.  For example, last year, a racehorse who was part of King Charles’ coronation process went AWOL and rammed into a crowd of bystanders. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. However, the incident is an important reminder of […]

Aug 17
How to Train a Reined Cow Horse

Welcome to the world of reined cow horses, where agility meets intelligence in an exciting display of Western tradition. Have you ever wondered how these horses perform with such precision?  Training a reined cowhorse is an art. It requires patience, a deep understanding of horse behavior, and a genuine passion for the sport.  Whether you’re […]

Jul 25
How One Simple Seat Exercise Can Soothe Your Tense Horse!

¡Ever found yourself astride a tense horse, feeling equally tight and unsure? We’ve all been there, and it’s never a joyride. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry! A simple seat exercise may be just the remedy you need to ease tension in your horse and transform your ride. The Problem: Tension in […]

Apr 30
Don’t Throw Away Your Broken Riding Boots – Here’s How To Rescue Them!

Picture this: you’ve just returned from an exhilarating ride, and as you dismount, you notice that your trusty riding boots are starting to show their age. The soles are worn, the zippers are struggling, and the once-gleaming leather has lost its luster. Before you mourn the loss of your favorite boots and toss them in […]

Apr 04
How to Fit a Saddle to a Horse

Welcome to the saddle zone. Have you ever wondered why a well-fitted saddle is crucial for your horse? It’s not just about comfort; it’s about safety.  Riding with a poorly fitted saddle can be like wearing shoes that just don’t fit. That’s uncomfortable and downright risky.  Today, we’re diving into perfectly fitting a saddle to […]

Apr 02
This is why horses love music so much… AMAZING!

Introduction: Have you ever noticed your horse reacting to music? Maybe they start swaying their head or tapping their hoof to the beat? It’s not just your imagination – horses really do love music! In fact, recent studies have shown that music can have a positive impact on horses in various ways. In this blog, […]