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Mar 11
Do Horses Like Music?

Have you ever caught yourself humming a tune while working around horses and wondered if they enjoyed the concert? It’s not just you.  The question of whether horses appreciate a good beat or melody is more common than you might think. Picture this: a stable, serene, and silent, suddenly filled with the sound of music.  […]

Mar 08
How Do You Treat Arthritis in Horses?

Did you know that over 60% of lameness in horses is due to arthritis? As an equine veterinarian with over a decade of experience, I’ve seen firsthand the impact this condition can have. If you’re witnessing your horse struggle with stiffness or pain, you’re not alone. This article is your guide to understanding and managing […]

Mar 06
Equinophobia: Scared of Horses

Imagine standing in a field, the sun warming your back, and suddenly feeling your heart race. And no, not from joy, but pure fear, at the sight of a horse grazing peacefully nearby. Sounds intense, right?  That’s the reality for folks with equinophobia, a fancy term for being scared of horses. It’s not about disliking […]

Feb 06
Bronco vs Mustang Horses  

Few horses are as confusing as the Bronco and Mustang. Both are “wild” breeds famous for their tendency to kick out. Moreover, both are cheap breeds often available for peanuts at rescue centers or for free in the wild.   Even worse, they’re about the same size, with a similar frame and colors. It makes picking […]

Feb 06
How Much Does a Horse Weigh?

Imagine a creature as light as a feather or as hefty as a small car. Surprisingly, the weight of a horse can span this vast range!  With years of experience in equine care and training, I’ve encountered horses of all sizes and breeds, each with its unique weight profile.  If you’re puzzled by the significant […]

Apr 08
How to Read Horse Body Language

Step into a world where silence speaks, where a horse’s ear flick or tail swish tells a story. The horse’s body language is a silent, rich way horses talk.  They use it to share feelings, intentions, and needs. This blog is your guide to cracking that code. It will help you understand how these signals […]