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Dr. Noman Tariq

Dr. Noman Tariq: Veterinarian, Clinician, and Animal Nutritionist
Nutrition Management
Rehabilitation Therapy
Behavior Training

Dr. Noman Tariq, a seasoned veterinarian with a DVM from ARID University and an MPhil in Animal Nutrition from UVAS, specializes in equine health. His deep passion for horse nutrition and well-being drives his work, offering invaluable advice for horse owners. Dr. Tariq's expertise ensures horses lead vibrant, healthy lives.


  • DVM and MPhil in Animal Nutrition with specialized expertise in pet and horse nutrition.
  • Renowned writer for Bulldogology and, sharing valuable insights into animal health and nutrition.
  • Dedicated Teaching Coordinator at Multiomics, blending academic knowledge with practical applications in animal agriculture.


Dr. Noman Tariq stands out as a beacon of knowledge in the veterinary field, particularly in animal nutrition. With a comprehensive educational background, including a DVM degree from ARID Agriculture University and an MPhil from UVAS, Lahore, Dr. Tariq brings a wealth of expertise to pet and horse owners. 

His writing reflects a deep commitment to animal welfare and sustainable agricultural practices, aiming to educate and empower his audience with actionable advice. Through his work as a Teaching Coordinator at Multiomics, he bridges the gap between research and real-world application, enhancing the well-being of animals across the spectrum. His philosophy centers on the development of sustainable and ethical practices in animal agriculture, contributing to a healthier future for our furry friends.

As a writer for Bulldogology and, Dr. Tariq shares his unique perspective on animal nutrition, offering readers expert advice grounded in the latest scientific research. His approach to writing is both engaging and educational, making complex topics accessible to a broad audience.


Dr. Tariq’s academic achievements lay a solid foundation for his expertise. His journey began with a DVM degree from ARID Agriculture University, followed by an MPhil in Animal Nutrition from UVAS, Lahore. 

This rigorous academic training equipped him with a deep understanding of the nutritional needs of animals, particularly pets and horses, and fostered his passion for enhancing animal health through diet.

Beyond his formal education, Dr. Tariq’s role as a Teaching Coordinator at Multiomics underscores his commitment to ongoing learning and teaching, ensuring that his knowledge contributes to the advancement of animal nutrition and welfare.

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