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Category: Laws and Regulation

Oct 19
Are You an Easy Target? How to Avoid Equestrian-Related Internet Scams

We know how much joy and value the online world brings to our community. From buying that perfect horse to swapping gear, our platform aims to make these transactions as smooth as possible. Yet, it’s essential to know how to protect yourself online. In this guide, we’ll highlight some best practices for ensuring a secure […]

Sep 07
When Does Your Horse REALLY Need a Chiropractor?

We’ve all heard about the benefits of chiropractic care for humans, but did you know that your horse could potentially benefit from some spinal adjustments too? Let’s break down the whens, whys, and hows of getting your horse some chiropractic TLC. 1. What Exactly Does an Equine Chiropractor Do? For those unfamiliar with this holistic […]

Sep 05
5 Must-Knows Before Adopting a Wild Horse or Burro

The allure of the untamed, a symbol of the wild west, the wild horse or burro may seem like a dream come true for many equestrian enthusiasts. But, diving into the deep end of wild horse adoption is no small matter. Here’s what you should know before you take the leap. 1. Understanding Your Eligibility […]

Jul 13
The Hidden Legal Pitfalls of Relying on Seller’s Vet Checks

If you’ve been considering purchasing a horse, you’ve probably been told to rely on the seller’s vet check as a green light for your purchase. However, this seemingly innocuous piece of advice carries with it a whole host of hidden legal pitfalls that you need to be aware of. 1. A Quick Primer on Vet […]

Apr 30
Is Your Horse’s Medicine Killing the Planet?

As horse owners and enthusiasts, we all strive to keep our beloved equine companions healthy and happy. However, we might not realize the potential impact of our horses’ medications on the environment. In this comprehensive blog, we’ll explore the relationship between equine medicine and environmental sustainability, delve into some concerning research, and discuss how we […]

Apr 14

Livestock mortality is an unfortunate but inevitable part of raising animals. As responsible livestock producers, it’s important to implement production and handling practices to minimize the occurrence of livestock death. Additionally, it’s essential to equip ourselves with knowledge, proper planning, and the technology needed to deal with dead farm animals or deadstock. In California, the […]

Mar 24
TAX TIME FOR HORSE PEOPLE: What you need to know

Running a horse business is undoubtedly rewarding, but it also comes with its fair share of challenges. Keeping accurate financial records is essential. But is simply having a Balance Sheet and a Profit & Loss/Income Statement enough? The short answer is no. Merely looking at your revenues, expenses, and net income every once in a […]

Jul 28
A Big Stink in Newport Beach

Will Rogers spoke of how he wished he was alive before the barbed wire, when you could ride freely across the open range. He thought barbed wire was bad. Well, it’s a good thing Will has not tried to ride through Newport Beach, California recently. Cheryl Skidmore of Costa Mesa, CA did ride a trail […]

May 03
What’s A Trail Rider Really Worth?

To advocate preserving, developing or expanding equine use on trails, horsemen have always cited rights, traditions and recreation. But with more users demanding a wider use pattern, we trail riding horse owners need to include other trail values so we can maintain a hoof-hold on trails.Today the bureaucratic trail planning system includes the buzzwords “financial […]

Jan 28
Are Horses Livestock, Pets or Companion Animals?

Are horses livestock, pets, or companion animals? Including horses in the definition of livestock has recently been a topic for debate. For example: Horses are omitted from the definition of livestock in the Local Coastal Program (LCP) for San Mateo County, which has left the door open for special regulations of horses in the unincorporated […]