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Apr 25
Funny Horse Names

Welcome to the whimsical world of horse naming. Ever heard a horse name that made you pause and chuckle? Well, you’re not alone.  Horse owners often get creative, giving their beloved equines names that are not only memorable but also a hoot. From puns that’ll make you groan to pop culture references that resonate with […]

Apr 22
Best Horse Magazines

Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or just starting out, there’s always something new to learn about the wonderful world of horses. That’s where horse magazines come into play. Packed with insights on care, training, and the latest industry trends, these publications are like having a trusted trainer and a vet in your mailbox every month.  […]

Mar 19
Different Types of Horse Riding Styles

Horse riding is an adventure that’s as old as time, yet it never loses its thrill. Whether you’re saddling up for your first ride or you’ve lost count of the hours you’ve spent in the saddle, the world of horse riding is vast and varied.   In this article, we’re galloping through the different types of […]

May 14
Who Would Make A Better Long Rider?

Who would be better suited for a Long Ride on horseback (a continuous journey of a thousand or more miles), a nine-year-old child or a sixty-nine-year-old grandfather? Do you know that five- and nine-year-old boys hold the record for riding horseback across the United States, ocean to ocean? Bud and Temple Abernathy rode across the […]