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Category: Mental and Physical Health

Jun 13
Baby Horse Hooves

Did you know a foal’s hooves start out as soft as marshmallows? I’ve spent years caring for these precious baby horses, watching those little hooves transform from squishy to sturdy.  If you’re worried about keeping your foal’s feet healthy, you’re in the right place. This blog has simple tips and expert advice to keep those […]

Jun 10
How Do Horses Mate?

Ever wondered how horses get on with the whole “birds and bees” thing? It’s more than just a nuzzle and a nicker. Horses have their romance rituals, and they don’t swipe right.  Their courtship is a dance of instincts and timing. The stallion struts his stuff, the mare nods, and nature takes its course. It’s […]

Jun 10
How to Tell if a Horse is Overweight

When you look at your horse, do you ever wonder, “Is my horse carrying a bit too much weight?” It’s a question many horse owners face. And it’s a crucial one.  An overweight horse isn’t just a little too cozy in its skin—it’s at risk for serious health issues. From laminitis to joint stress, those […]

May 24
Why Do Horses Bite?

Have you ever wondered why horses bite? It’s not just because they’re hungry or grumpy. There’s more to it.  Imagine standing next to a 1,000-pound animal with big teeth and suddenly chomping. It’s not fun. But don’t worry, you’re not alone in this.  Many horse owners and enthusiasts face the same issue. Horses bite for […]

May 24
5 Way Horse Vaccine

Ever heard of the 5 Way Horse Vaccine? If not, you’re in for a treat. Think of it as a superhero serum for your equine friend.  This one-shot guards against five nasty diseases, keeping your horse healthy and happy. It’s like getting five for the price of one – who doesn’t love a good deal? […]

May 23
Is Ketamine a Horse Tranquilizer?

Ever heard someone call ketamine a “horse tranquilizer”? It sounds wild, right? But what’s the real story?  Ketamine has a reputation that’s more than a bit misleading. Yes, vets use it on horses, but that’s just one part of its story.  This little compound wears many hats. It’s an anesthetic for humans, a painkiller, and […]

May 03
How Often Do Horses Need New Shoes?

Have you ever wondered how often horses need new shoes? It’s not like they can just pop into the nearest store and pick out a fresh pair. Horseshoes are vital for protecting a horse’s hooves from wear and tear. Just like your shoes keep your feet safe and comfortable, horseshoes do the same for horses.  […]

May 03
Best Calmer for Horses

Hey fellow horse enthusiasts, ever feel like your four-legged friend is a bit more “high-strung” than you’d like? Whether it’s pre-show jitters or just the everyday stresses of stable life, keeping our equine pals calm and collected is key to their well-being – and our sanity. But with so many calming supplements on the market, […]

May 02
Why Do Horses Nod Their Heads

Ever noticed a horse nodding its head and wondered what’s going on? Well, it turns out there’s a whole lot behind each bob and dip.  These nods pack more meaning than you might think, from showing joy to signaling pain or even trying to shoo away a pesky fly. Let’s dive into the world of […]

May 02
Horse Personality

Picture yourself in the presence of horses, feeling their power and sensing their silent understanding. But have you ever wondered what makes each horse unique?  We’re diving deep into the world of horse personality, where each equine has a distinct character. From bold leaders to gentle giants, horses come in all shades of personality.  Let’s […]