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Category: The Equestrian Business

Jan 05
How Much Does a Shire Horse Cost? 

A few centuries ago, horses were defined by physical superiority. Breeders and owners constantly sought the biggest, strongest equines to work on plantations and haul raw materials. Big, intimidating horses were also priceless in wars.  Therefore, humanity struck gold when we discovered and tamed the shire. An imposing giant with incredible strength, shires make light […]

Jan 05
How Much Does it Cost to Board a Horse? 

Finding your equine a home is one of the biggest challenges of owning a horse. Reining them in a tiny barn in the backyard is cruel. Moreover, it may land you in trouble with local government or animal welfare groups.  That leaves commercial boarding as your best option. Fortunately, many boarding facilities are friendly and […]

Jan 05
How Much Do Clydesdales Cost?

It’s a mystery how horses pulling restored beer wagons appeal to so many people, even today. Incredibly, Budweiser aces the test every time at the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, the show is one of the best exhibitions of the Clydesdale horse. A charming dear with the most friendly temperament, the Scottish horse is as versatile as […]

Jan 05
How Much Does an American Paint Horse Cost? 

Few horse breeds are more eye-catching than the American Paint Horse. Mature equines adorn spectacular patterns that stand out from the pack. The best part is that each horse has a unique pattern. Not two paints have the same coloring. This is why paint horses are among the most popular breeds in the US. You […]

Jan 05
How Much Does a Percheron Horse Cost?

Strong, stocky draft breeds are some of the most desirable horses. For centuries, they’ve simplified farm work and allowed traders to haul heavy loads easily. Above all, a strong horse was a major advantage on the battlefield.  But among them, none comes close to the Percheron horse. Americans and Europeans attribute most of their early […]

Jan 04
How Much Does a Thoroughbred Horse Cost? 

Ever thought about owning a racehorse? It’s not as out of reach as you might think. Sure, the stars of the Kentucky Derby can cost a fortune, but knowing the real price of a thoroughbred might make your dream possible. Whether you’re a big fan of horse races or looking to invest in the thrill […]

Jan 03
How much do Arabian horses cost?

Ever wondered about the price of Arabian horses in 2024? Well, brace yourself because it’s not your typical horse budget. You see, while you can snag some horse breeds for a few grand, Arabian horses come with a steeper price tag, usually ranging from $5,000 to $30,000. But why the high cost, you ask? Arabian […]

Jan 02
How much does a Mustang horse cost? 

In 2024, owning a Mustang horse is more than just a price tag. For horse enthusiasts, the true cost reaches far beyond the initial purchase.  This article delves deep into the real expenses of owning a Mustang horse in 2024. From acquisition to their ongoing well-being, let’s uncover the nitty-gritty of the financial commitment tied […]

Jan 02
How Much Does a Friesian Horse Cost

You might be surprised to know a Friesian horse can cost as much as a fancy car. I’ve spent years around horses, and I get how exciting, yet confusing, it can be to think about buying a Friesian.  There’s a lot to consider – like how much you’ll spend and what it takes to keep […]

Dec 30
How Much Does a Tennessee Walking Horse Cost?

Step into the world of Tennessee Walking Horses, the epitome of grace and performance. Often called the ‘Cadillac of trail horses,’ their unique four-beat running walk and smooth ambling gait are mesmerizing. These horses are not just about good looks; they boast an exceptional temperament, making them ideal for leisure rides, show rings, and even […]