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Category: The Equestrian Business

Apr 21
What to Look for When Buying a Horse

Embarking on the journey to buy a horse is thrilling. It’s a significant step into a world of joy and responsibility. Think of it as a partnership where the right match can transform your riding dreams into reality. But where do you begin? This guide will illuminate the essentials—from the cost and care to temperament […]

Mar 22
How Much Does it Cost to Lease a Horse?

Did you know leasing a horse can sometimes be more affordable than owning a car? As an equestrian enthusiast, I’ve seen firsthand how this option can be a game-changer. Whether you’re a budding rider or a seasoned equestrian, understanding the costs involved is crucial. This article will break down everything you need to know, from […]

Mar 14
Best Horse Insurance Companies

Did you know a single vet visit for a horse can cost as much as $10,000? Protecting your equine companion isn’t just about love; it’s a smart financial move. With years of experience in equine care, I understand the ins and outs of horse ownership. Whether your horse is a spirited jumper or a cherished […]

Mar 14
Jobs Working With Horses: 22 Popular Equine Careers

Did you know the equine industry supports over 1.6 million jobs annually? As a seasoned professional in this field, I understand the appeal of blending your love for horses with a fulfilling career. Whether seeking a new path or already immersed in this passion, this guide will help you explore diverse roles. Ready to turn […]

Mar 12
How to Make Money With Horses

The equine industry is not just about the love for these majestic creatures. It’s a land ripe with opportunities for those ready to explore.  Whether you’re dreaming of a business venture or wish to turn your horse hobby into a lucrative endeavor, you’re in the right place. From breeding champions to coaching future equestrians, the […]

Feb 02
Turkoman Horse Price

Are you looking for a high-pedigree horse for equine shows and racing events? A Turkoman is a good option.  The original Turkomans are long extinct, but their descendants are among today’s greatest show horses. They regularly win on the racing track and excel in various dressage events. Moreover, Turkoman horses are a great store of […]

Jan 05
How Much Does a Shire Horse Cost? 

A few centuries ago, horses were defined by physical superiority. Breeders and owners constantly sought the biggest, strongest equines to work on plantations and haul raw materials. Big, intimidating horses were also priceless in wars.  Therefore, humanity struck gold when we discovered and tamed the shire. An imposing giant with incredible strength, shires make light […]

Jan 05
How Much Does it Cost to Board a Horse? 

Finding your equine a home is one of the biggest challenges of owning a horse. Reining them in a tiny barn in the backyard is cruel. Moreover, it may land you in trouble with local government or animal welfare groups.  That leaves commercial boarding as your best option. Fortunately, many boarding facilities are friendly and […]

Jan 05
How Much Do Clydesdales Cost?

It’s a mystery how horses pulling restored beer wagons appeal to so many people, even today. Incredibly, Budweiser aces the test every time at the Super Bowl. Nonetheless, the show is one of the best exhibitions of the Clydesdale horse. A charming dear with the most friendly temperament, the Scottish horse is as versatile as […]

Jan 05
How Much Does an American Paint Horse Cost?

Few horse breeds are more eye-catching than the American Paint Horse. Mature equines adorn spectacular patterns that stand out from the pack. The best part is that each horse has a unique pattern. Not two paints have the same coloring. This is why paint horses are among the most popular breeds in the US. You […]