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Category: Sales and Marketing

Mar 28
How to Sponsor a Rider or Team on Your Equine Budget

Introduction: You may be wondering how you can support your favorite riders or teams. One great way to do this is through sponsorship. Sponsoring a rider or team can help them achieve their goals and promote your brand or business at the same time. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to sponsor a rider […]

Jan 07
SOLD! Selling Tips for a Challenging Market

The following are tips and suggestions from successful sellers of horses, trailers, tack, and other equine-related goods and services on the Bay Area Equestrian Network. Even in tough times, good strategies can lead to continuing sales. BAEN wants to help everyone succeed in their horse-related ventures. If you have tips to add, please contact us […]

Dec 03
Horse Trading

Kelly Smith, who took up riding after retiring from a successful consulting career, was thrilled to be learning about natural horsemanship and dressage. Confidently following the advice of her overbearing trainer, last year she purchased a Paint she was assured would “absolutely go Grand Prix dressage.” While a more savvy horseman would have seen, within […]

Mar 03
How To Buy Your First (Perfect) Horse

Buying a horse or pony is a big decision. It can be the culmination of a lifetime dream for some. It can also be one of the most costly purchases that you make. For that reason, it is important to approach the horse search with some forethought. Whether the purchase is for you or a […]