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Category: Mental and Physical Health

Jun 29
Colic Alert: Don’t Ignore the Warning Signs in Your Horse

Colic is a dreaded condition that horse owners fear the most. It’s a term used to describe abdominal pain in horses and can range from mild discomfort to a life-threatening emergency. Recognizing the warning signs and taking immediate action can make all the difference in saving your horse’s life. 1. Understanding Colic Colic is a […]

Apr 04
Shavings VS Straw: Which One Is The Best For Your Horse?

Choosing the right bedding for your horse is more complex than it seems. Surprisingly, the choice between shavings and straw can impact your horse’s health and happiness. With over a decade in equine care, I’ve seen the effects firsthand. Many owners struggle with this decision, unsure which option best suits their horse’s needs. This article […]

Apr 06
Best Horse Riding Helmet

Did you know that wearing a helmet can reduce the risk of equestrian head injuries by up to 80%? That’s a game-changer in a sport where the unexpected can happen in the blink of an eye.  After testing 13 products, I discovered that the Ovation Deluxe Schooler Low Profile is the best horse riding helmet. […]

Jun 01
A Practical Guide To Helping Neglected Horses

The sight of it hits you like a ton of bricks. A starving horse. Your reaction is actually visceral, and once you begin to recover from the initial shock, you are eventually moved to disbelief, then to anger. You don’t have to be a horseperson to feel these things, you just have to be human. […]