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Category: Mental and Physical Health

Mar 07
How to Measure a Horse’s Height

When people talk about the height of horses, they often use the term “hands.” For example, a tall horse might be 17 HH. A pony is an equine under 14.2 HH. “HH” or “H” stands for “hands high” or “hands.” A hand is a unit of measurement that has been used for centuries, possibly dating […]

Mar 07
Treating Ulcers in Horses Naturally

Today we’re trotting down the path less traveled to explore the natural remedies for treating ulcers in horses. Picture this: your majestic friend, galloping freely without the shadow of discomfort.  Ulcers can be a real pain in the gut for our equine companions, but what if I told you that relief might just be a […]

Mar 06
How Long Can Horses Go Without Water?

Did you know horses can’t go more than a few hours without water? With decades of equine care experience, we understand the critical nature of hydration for horses. Many owners worry about their horses not drinking enough, especially during travel or extreme weather. This article offers a deep dive into understanding your horse’s hydration needs. […]

Feb 09
Do Horses Like to Be Ridden?

The strong relationship between humans and horses isn’t ending soon. They are reliable pets, wonderful companions, and a reliable means of transportation. Moreover, horses are exceptional entertainers.  In return, we provide them shelter, food, and general care – a beautiful relationship if you ask most horse owners. But is it? Does the relationship benefit horses […]

Feb 09
Horse Bonding Dos and Don’ts 

Horses form strong bonds with their trainers and owners (or guardians), whom they consider part of the herd. Why? Because they depend on the guardian for companionship and security.  Moreover, the guardian is technically the leader of the herd. Therefore, the horse will always try to please you. They’ll seek your attention and always wait […]

Oct 31
Is Your Heartbeat Syncing With Your Horse’s? What Science Says May Surprise You!

Ever noticed that indescribable connection between you and your horse? It’s almost as if your hearts are beating in unison during those serene trail rides or intense training sessions. Science is now starting to delve into this fascinating phenomenon. Does your heart rate affect your horse’s? And can your horse influence your own heartbeat? The […]

Oct 12
Boredom Busters for Horses

Step into the stable, where the gentle flick of a tail and the soft shuffle of hooves tell a story of waiting. Waiting for something, anything, to break the monotony of the day.  It’s a silent plea we often miss, a call for engagement in a world confined by paddocks and stalls. This isn’t just […]

Oct 05
What Vaccines Do Horses Need?

Over 60% of equine illnesses are preventable with proper vaccinations. As an experienced equine health professional, I’ve seen firsthand the difference vaccines make. Many horse owners wrestle with questions about necessary vaccines. This article sheds light on that. It breaks down essential vaccines every horse needs, guided by years of field expertise. Whether it’s to […]

Sep 07
When Does Your Horse REALLY Need a Chiropractor?

We’ve all heard about the benefits of chiropractic care for humans, but did you know that your horse could potentially benefit from some spinal adjustments too? Let’s break down the whens, whys, and hows of getting your horse some chiropractic TLC. 1. What Exactly Does an Equine Chiropractor Do? For those unfamiliar with this holistic […]

Aug 31
Natural Hoof Care: The Truth Experts Have Been Hiding!

Some say that to understand a creature, you must walk a mile in its shoes. For horses, those shoes are their hooves, nature’s masterpieces that carry tales of health, wellness, and sometimes, secrets of neglect. The Hoof: An Underestimated Indicator Think of hooves as health barometers. Their appearance, texture, and overall condition often give out […]