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Today's News - Monday, September 25, 2017
Pasture Management 101: Renovating Horse Fields
If your pastures are lacking in quality grasses, review these steps for renovating and improving grazing areas.
Rabies in Horses: What to Know
Rabies is life-threatening to horses and humans. Learn about the disease and how to protect yourself and your horse.
Helping Old Horses Gain Weight Before Winter
Our nutrition expert offers care and feeding tips for a thin senior horse before the cold weather hits.
Atopic Dermatitis in Horses
Learn how to treat this skin condition in show horses without inadvertently breaking drug rules.
Feeding Choke-Prone Horses
Find out which horses are at the highest risk for feed-related choke and what you can do to reduce that risk.
Erskine named Jean Ellen Shehan Professor and Director
Michael Erskine, DVM, Dipl. ABVP, has served as director of Virginia Tech's Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center since 2013.
BLM Begins Rock Springs Wild Horse Gather
The BLM is gathering horses from the Adobe Town, Salt Wells Creek, and Great Divide Basin herd management areas in southwestern Wyoming.
How to Help Horses in Areas Hit by Natural Disasters
Drs. Eric Davis and Becky McConnico offer advice for sending donations to areas after a natural disaster.
Where Do Horse Owners Get Supplement Advice?
Owners considered veterinarians the most reliable information source, which researchers found encouraging.
The Horse's Rabies Awareness Week Sponsored by Merck
The Horse and Merck have teamed to bring you rabies-related content Sept. 24-30, 2017.
Foal Immunodeficiency Syndrome Test Available From Gluck
About 30% of Fell Ponies and 18% of Dales Ponies are mutation carriers. The syndrome is also found in Gypsy Horses.
Tom Riddle, DVM, Named 2017 Friend of UK Ag Equine Programs
Riddle co-founded Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital in 1986 and specializes in reproductive veterinary medicine,
Selecting Horse Hay: Separating Fact From Fiction
Can you feed hay that's been rained on? Is second-cutting always best? Here we debunk common myths about choosing hay.
Registration for Online Horse Behavior, Safety Course Open
Members of Saddle Up Safely's partner organizations can receive a 10% discount on the registration fee.
UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Ashley Steuer, DVM
Steuer is conducting in vitro (in the laboratory) research on cultivating certain equine parasites.
Study: Oxytocin Does Not Cause Cardiac Changes in Mares
This is good news, researchers say, since oxytocin infusion is the best treatment for retained placenta in mares.
Bluegrass Equine Digest at 100
The monthly newsletter is dedicated to providing updates on research and information from UK's College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to Fatal Barn Fire
A Michigan man has pleaded guilty to a barn fire that claimed the lives of 13 therapy horses earlier this year.
UK Gluck Center Welcomes Dr. Carrie Shaffer
Carrie Shaffer, PhD, is an assistant professor of microbiology and will conduct Rhodococcus research.
Insect Bite Hypersensitivity in Horses
Do you have an itchy horse? We have help! Check out our special report on sweet itch.
Unsound and Overweight Horses
Find out how you can keep your metabolically efficient horse healthy when he's laid up with injury or chronic illness.
Caring for Senior Horses: What to Remember
A vet tech shares tips on how to best manage aging equids' unique needs to keep them healthy and happy through their golden years.
UK Freshman Receives Legacy Equine Foundation Scholarship
Lexington native Dion Compton, an equine science and management and business minor, received an inaugural Legacy Equine Foundation scholarship.
Schoolmasters as School Horses
Do retired, well-schooled horses really make good beginners' horses?
It's All Academic Until it Happens to You
Veteran journalist and reporter Pat Raia shares her experiences preparing for and weathering Hurricane Irma.
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