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"Perhaps the greatest kindness you can do any horse is to educate him well."Tom Roberts

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Today's News - Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Study: Some Endurance Horses Lacking in Lameness Care
Of the lameness cases initially identified by a vet at a ride, only 52% were further investigated by a veterinarian
Poll Recap: Groundwork Practice
Of the 452 respondents, 367 (81%) said groundwork is a regular part of their routine with their horses.
Narrow Escape: Caring for Equine Barn Fire Survivors
Horses that survive barn fires could sustain serious injuries ranging from burns to smoke-related respiratory issues, many of which have long-term debilitating consequences.
Navicular Disease: Early Intervention and Long-Term Care
Learn about diagnosis and management of navicular horses and get your questions answered.
EHV Confirmed in Connecticut Horse
Tests are pending on three additional horses. The horses were vaccinated and are recovering.
Study: Swimming Can Improve Horses' Glucose, Insulin Levels
Low-intensity swimming could help maintain glucose and insulin levels without putting excess strain on horses' limbs.
Can a Horse Consume Too Many Electrolytes?
Find out why a horse might prefer electrolyte water over plain water and if that's a cause for concern.
Two EHV Cases Confirmed in Illinois
The index facility in Champaign County has been quarantined after the two EHV-positive horses were euthanized.
Do Horses in Mild Climates Need Extra Care During Winter?
Not everyone sees snow fly during the winter months, but horses still have seasonal needs that must be met.
Time to Ride Contest Rewards Top Marketing Strategies
This written-entry contest rewards Time to Ride Challenge contestants for innovative and effective outreach strategies.
Could Horse Breed Predict Colic Risk?
Researchers have determined that that some gastrointestinal lesions are more common in certain types of horses.
The Ins and Outs of Temporary Horse Fencing
This portable and cost-effective barrier comes in handy when managing pastures, traveling with horses, and more.
Understanding Hay Analysis Results
Because forages should make up the greatest portion of the horse's diet, performing a hay analysis is a simple tool to evaluate the nutritional value of hay and ensure a properly balanced ration.
TAA Accredited 37 Organizations for 2017
The organizations include 31 that were reaccredited and six that received accreditation for the first time.
Colt or Filly? Breeders Soon Might be Able to Choose
Researchers are studying whether magnetic nanoparticles could effectively separate "X" and "Y" stallion spermatozoa.
Vets Triage San Luis Rey Downs Survivors
Some people lost everything, while surviving humans and horses face injuries and ailments of varying severities.
BEVA's MumsVet Introduces Guidance Resources for Employers
The documents are designed to provide guidance and resources for veterinary employers with pregnant staff.
Equine Parasitology Research Dr. Gene Lyons Dies
Eugene T. Lyons, PhD, a longtime University of Kentucky Department of Veterinary Science faculty member, died Dec. 7. He was 86.
2017 AAEP Trade Show Tour
Join The Horse as we meet vendors on the AAEP Trade Show floor.
Cameron Lago Wins Roger L'Heureux Memorial Award Winner
Lago, a Standardbred groom in Canada, will receive full tuition for two online courses through Equine Guelph.
Horses Killed, Others Evacuated From California Wildfires
While crews battle a series of wildfires that have ravaged more than 140,000 acres in Southern California this week, the region's equestrian community has worked day and night to remove horses from the blazes' paths.
Immunosenescence: What Owners of Old Horses Need to Know
Take a look at how immunosenescence and its effects impact the way owners and veterinarians care for senior horses.
How to Choose a Horse Blanket
Get some tips on choosing the right blanket for your horse with Karmen Mills of Around the Bend Farm in Newcastle, Calif.
Equine Emergency-Evacuation Kit Checklist
Print and use this checklist to ensure you have the basics for both humans and horses in case of an evacuation.
2017 AAEP Trade Show Spotlight: Abaxis Global Diagnostics
Abaxis Area Sales Manager Jeremy Stevens introduces the company's products and initiatives in the equine industry.
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