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Today's News - Saturday, February 25, 2017
Disease Maps, Surveillance System Help Navigate Outbreaks
In order to mitigate the consequences of a disease outbreak, it is important to understand where the disease is spreading.
Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis
EOTRH is a mouthful to say but leaves horses without a mouth full of teeth. Dr. Lynn Caldwell explains.
Massage Therapist Could Face Charges in Tennessee
Laurie Wheeler could be charged with practicing veterinary medicine without a license.
Nevada Officials: Horses Exposed to Infectious Diseases
The Nevada Department of Agriculture has received reports of horses being exposed to EHV-4 and strangles.
Female Equestrians Needed for Study on Breast Health
A research team is studying breast biomechanics, which they hope could lead to applying engineering principles to design a better equestrian sports bra.
Super Senior Sport Horses
Meet three equine athletes that are excelling in their golden years, along with how their owners and veterinarians are keeping them feeling good.
EHM Confirmed in Denton County, Texas, Horse
The affected horse attended barrel racing events in two Texas cities prior to disease presentation and confirmation.
Older Horse Dental Problems
Dr. Lynn Caldwell shares information about dental issues horses face as they age.
Annual Career Fair Unites College Students, Equine Industry
The ninth UK Ag Equine Programs' Equine Career and Opportunity Fair will be held March 7 at 4:30 p.m., in Lexington.
Tweets from Rood & Riddle's Client Education Seminar
Read the top tweets and take-homes from Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital's client education seminar. Veterinarians answered questions on topics including infectious diseases, foal conformation, cardiovascular problems, and more.
Eastern Tent Caterpillar Eggs Could Hatch Early in Kentucky
Entomologists predict that this year's egg hatch could beat the previous record for early hatching "soundly."
New Nonsurgical Equine Sterilization Technique in the Works
While the actual product might still be several years away, researchers are currently testing "promising technologies."
A New Equine Joint Pain Treatment Might be on the Horizon
Anti-nerve growth factor has been shown to have significant pain-relieving effects in other species.
Take-Homes from February KENA Discussion on EHV-1
Read our editor's take-home EHV-1 tweets from the Kentucky Horse Council's KENA meeting held Feb. 21.
The 'Creaky' Performance Horse
Seasoned sport horses often need a little extra TLC to continue performing well into middle age.
What's so Cool About Coolers?
Find out why using coolers on horses post-exercise makes good sense.
2016 AAEP Convention Wrap-Up
Read our in-depth coverage from the 2016 American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention in Orlando, Florida. Topics include lameness rehabilitation, infectious disease control, feeding recommendations and more.
BLM Plans Challis Wild Horse Bait Trap Gather
The BLM hopes to gather 150 horses, remove 50, and treat mares returned to the range with a fertility control vaccine.
Kentucky Derby, Preakness Winner Charismatic Dies
A necropsy revealed a pelvic fracture caused of death of the 1999 Horse of the Year.
Van de Walle Named Zweig Assistant Professor at Cornell
Gerlinde Van de Walle, DVM, PhD, is studying equine gastric ulcers, hepatitis, and wound healing.
Poll Recap: Complementary Therapies
Of the 665 respondents, 220 (33%) said their horses receive chiropractic care on a routine basis.
Nielsen Named Co-Editor of Parasitology Journal
Dr. Martin Nielsen was recently named the North American co-editor-in-chief of Veterinary Parasitology.
How do Horses Get Hurt During Transport?
One in four drivers surveyed said they'd had a horse suffer an injury during transport.
Do Horses Need Vitamin D Supplementation?
If you live at northern latitudes, you might lack vitamin D. But what about your horse?
Trace Mineral Basics: Selenium
Selenium is required in very small amounts in the equine diet, but it has an important role in maintaining horse health.
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