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Today's News - Saturday, April 29, 2017
Montgomery Seizes the Lead at Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
Clark Montgomery (USA) and his 2016 Olympic partner Loughan Glen stand firmly in the lead with a score of 33.6.
Making the Best of Stall Rest
Four weeks of mandatory stall rest can be a tough for any horse, much less an energetic off-track Thoroughbred. From haynet experiments to enrichment toy trials, here's how Stephanie and Happy coped.
Deworming Drug Resistance in Ethiopian Working Horses
The study evaluated the effectiveness of ivermectin and fenbendazole, as well as owners' deworming practices.
Equine Vaccination: What, When, and Why?
Dr. David Horohov, UK Gluck Equine Research Center director, gives a vaccine overview and explains their importance.
Wildfire Smoke and Horses' Respiratory Health
Smoke can cause serious health problems for horses, as it can in people. Here's how to protect your horses from smoke-related respiratory problems.
UKVDL Map of the Month: EHV-1 Abortions
Cases of EHV-related abortions from the 2017 foal crop have been confirmed in three Kentucky counties.
2017 TIP Noncompetition Award Applications Available
Applications for the Thoroughbred of the Year and Young Rider of the Year awards are due June 30.
Friesian Dwarfism, Hydrocephaly Genetic Tests Available
Genetic Testing at Gluck is offering tests to identify carriers of the dwarfism and hydrocephaly mutations.
Physiology of Equine Aging
A Rutgers research group has given us a better understanding of how horses' bodies change as they age. Here’s what we know.
Phoenix Leads After Day One of Dressage at Rolex Kentucky
Jessica Phoenix (CAN) and Pavarotti danced their way into the lead after the first day of dressage at Rolex Kentucky.
Behind the Scenes With a Four-Star Eventing Barn
Do you have Rolex fever? Catch a ride with U.S. Team eventer Boyd Martin and find out what it takes to prepare high-performance horses for competition.
Q&A: Veteran Rolex Three-Day Event Groom Emma Ford
U.S. Olympian Philip Dutton's head groom shares her secrets to keeping horses healthy during international competition.
Salt River Horses so Far Safe From Bush Fire
The Cactus fire broke out on April 25 and has consumed about 25 acres.
Equine Metabolic Syndrome Clinical Signs
Weight gain is a common sign of EMS. But what other indicators should horse owners watch for?
Danielle Jostes Named UK Equine Philanthropy Director
Jostes will connect individuals and stakeholders to the strategic priorities within the UK Gluck Equine Research Foundation and all of the college's equine-related programs.
Biosecurity, Hygiene, and Horses
The mainstays of biosecurity still center around good hygiene, diagnostics, quarantine, isolation, and traffic control.
59 Horses to Start 2017 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event
The field, including past Rolex champions and four-star first-timers, will begin with dressage on Thursday and Friday.
EMS Horse Hoof Care: Is Barefoot or Shod Best?
Vet and farrier Dr. Vernon Dryden offers insight into foot care for horses suffering from EMS-related laminitis.
Hoof Abscesses in Horses
Find out how to treat and prevent this common equine hoof problem in our special guide!
Researchers Develop Saliva-Based Equine Tapeworm Test
This could encourage the use of targeted deworming programs to help reduce parasite resistance, scientists said.
Elzinga Wins Second UK Vet Science 3-MT Competition
Sarah Elzinga, MS, is studying inflammation and insulin dysregulation in the horse.
Indoor Arena Dust: Damaging to Horse and Rider
Dusty arenas are more than just annoying to ride in. They could be compromising your respiratory health, right along with your horse's.
Equine Metabolic Syndrome: Is There a Genetic Link?
Certain breeds seem more susceptible to EMS. Dr. Amanda Adams shares information about possible genetic links.
Helping an Easy Keeper Breathe Easy
My 20-year-old Thoroughbred has respiratory allergies. Is there anything I can do to help him breathe easier while wearing a muzzle?
Tips for Evaluating the Subfertile Mare
One veterinarian describes how practitioners can use endometrial culture, cytology, and biopsy to evaluate and manage subbertile mares.
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