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Nov 24
Trail Riding Adventures

“Trail Ride” notices are beginning to blossom on the barn’s bulletin board. In a few weeks the board will be covered with ‘em. All promising ‘hours of fun”, “trail companionship”, “scenic trails”. Most are well-planned but some will turn out to be true adventures.Personally, I’ve only been on a few ‘group trail rides!. I’m not […]

Jul 31
The Manzanita Horsecamp

Living in California provides horsemen with the opportunities to horse camp year around. During summer months when temperatures can soar into the hundreds in some sections of the state, horsemen can travel into the mountains and northern California for cool nights and days. When winter temperatures begin to drop in northern California, one can load […]

Apr 05
Ramhorn (Horsecamping Part 2)

North of Susanville, California about 25 miles on 395 between the Caltrans Rest Stop and Spanish Springs Ranch is a little sign on the highway shoulder that simply states “Campground”. Turning onto and following the dirt road another seven or eight miles one will find the Ramhorn Campground complete with horse corral, picnic tables, barbecues, […]

Feb 01
Horsecamping, Part I.

One of the first considerations when planning a horsecamping trip is: Has the HORSE ever been camping? Owners of horses boarded, stabled, pastured in highly populated areas should remember that the horse’s environment is urbanization. The animal is used to 18-wheelers, city buses, baby strollers on trails and the trappings of city life. This equine […]

Oct 23
Cavalia Behind The Scenes #4

LIVING AN ART…. “I think of myself as more of a representative of an old art, an old way of working,” says Enrique (Ricky) Suarez, the draft horse trainer for CAVALIA and a fifth-generation circus performer whose family has been renowned for their talents with horses for decades. PBack in the 1920s and 1930s there […]

Sep 16
Cavalia Behind The Scenes #3

COMPETITION TO CENTER STAGE…. One of the big differences Eric Martonovich has encountered while touring with CAVALIA from his prior experiences as an international vaulting competitor, was perhaps the least anticipated. “Except for something around Halloween, I never had to do any makeup,” laughs Martonovich, a two-time national vaulting champion, who competed at the World […]

Aug 12
Cavalia Behind The Scenes #2

JUST SAY AHHH…. The last thing Mandarin expected in San Francisco was a visit from the equine dentist, but when Magali Delgado noticed that the handsome buckskin Lusitano stallion was not eating his food one recent morning, she quickly deducted that he was loosing his second baby tooth. Born on her parent’s farm in the […]

Jul 01
Cavalia Behind The Scenes #1

A MATCH MADE IN HORSE HEAVEN Equestrian Co-Directors Frdric Pignon and Magali Delgado may look like they came to CAVALIA straight from a Hollywood casting agent, but the truth is the attractive couple was brought together by horses. “I was giving riding lessons and Fred came to give vaulting lessons,” says Magali, remembering the riding […]

Jun 18
Cavalia: Equine Artistry & Acrobatics arrive in San Francisco

Anticipation and excitement had been building for me as I awaited the arrival of Cavalia. I was elated when I was asked to represent the Bay Area Equestrian Network as a reporter for the invitation-only media event held to introduce Cavalia and its cast to bay area news agencies. Along with a reporter from the […]