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How to Train a Reined Cow Horse Like a Champion

For those unfamiliar, a reined cow horse is meticulously trained to control cattle. This discipline harmoniously marries the intricate maneuvers of dressage with the raw athleticism and daring spirit of rodeo. It’s a dance of power and precision, where horse and rider become one, navigating the challenges of both cattle herding and precise, controlled movements.

1. Laying the Foundation: Begin with the Basics

The initial stages of training are crucial and the main objective is for your horse to be confidently loping around the arena. Keep in mind that this period isn’t about perfection; it’s about introducing your horse to a structured regimen and building trust.

2. The Art of Balance: Achieving Reined Precision

A champion reined cow horse strikes a balance between freedom and control. It’s essential to ensure they remain relaxed while still responsive. An insider trick? Occasionally lock your legs and soften their face as you run the circle. This technique ensures responsiveness throughout your ride.

3. Mastering the Art of Positioning

Positioning is paramount in this discipline. The aim? To guide the horse straight to the corner. While a horse should remain attentive to the cow, pushing or showing aggression isn’t the goal. Maintaining a straight posture ensures that the horse stays in an advantageous position, facilitating free and easy movement without resistance.

A champion reined cow horse isn’t one that feels held back by the reins. Such a horse actively seeks the corner, confidently takes it, and then progresses in a straight trajectory. This level of autonomy showcases a horse’s training and grace in action.

4. Perfecting the Turn

Turning isn’t just a simple maneuver. It’s an intricate movement requiring momentum control. When executed flawlessly, a turn concludes with the horse on a loose rein, pushing towards the bison in the corner. This particular movement represents the hallmark of a well-trained cow horse. The final “push to the bison” denotes not only the successful completion of the turn but also signifies the horse’s readiness for the next directive.

5. Guiding the Early Steps: Direction and Balance

In the foundational stages, much emphasis is placed on bending a horse’s head. But here’s a gem from the vault of seasoned equestrians: always monitor their feet. Teach your horse that their nose’s direction should guide their feet. No misalignments, no imbalances – just pure, coordinated movement.

6. Embrace Repetition: The Mother of Mastery

Consistency is your ally. Every falter is an opportunity. If a turn or move doesn’t pan out as expected, recalibrate, soften the approach, and try again. With each repetition, you’re carving out a champion.

Training a reined cow horse is a blend of precision, patience, and understanding the inherent instincts and behaviors of the horse. It’s more than just mimicking steps; it’s about comprehending the rationale behind each movement. This comprehension strengthens the bond between the rider and the horse, enabling them to function as a single, harmonious unit.

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How to Train a Reined Cow Horse Like a Champion