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How to Make Money With Horses

How to Make Money With Horses

The equine industry is not just about the love for these majestic creatures. It’s a land ripe with opportunities for those ready to explore. 

Whether you’re dreaming of a business venture or wish to turn your horse hobby into a lucrative endeavor, you’re in the right place. From breeding champions to coaching future equestrians, the possibilities are as vast as the open fields. 

This guide will help you discover how to harness the power of these animals to not just fuel your passion, but also fill your pockets. Saddle up for an exciting ride into the world of making money with horses.

Key Takeaways on How to Make Money With Horses

  • Breeding and selling horses
  • Boarding and leasing horses
  • Training and coaching
  • Equine therapy and rehabilitation
  • Horse grooming
  • Equine braiding
  • Tack cleaning
  • Doing chores for self-care boarders
  • Hauling/tailoring
  • Photography and Videography

25 Ways of Making Money with Horses

Making money with horses is not only possible but incredibly rewarding. Here are some of the ways of making money with horses.

1. Breeding and selling horses

The art of horse breeding combines a deep knowledge of genetics, a keen eye for detail, and an understanding of market demands. Successful breeders focus on producing horses that excel in specific disciplines. 

The key is to start with quality breeding stock. Regular vet checks, proper nutrition, and a safe environment are paramount.

Selling your bred horses requires strategic marketing. High-quality photos and videos showcasing the horse’s conformation, movement, and temperament can attract buyers. Utilizing online platforms, social media, and horse shows for networking are effective strategies.

2. Boarding and leasing horses

Starting a boarding facility involves significant investment in safe and comfortable accommodations. Services can range from basic care to full-service options including feeding, grooming, and exercising. 

Competitive pricing and exceptional care attract clients, but word-of-mouth and community engagement build your reputation.

Leases can provide additional income and ensure that horses remain active and well cared for. Leasing offers flexibility for owners and riders. 

Full leases, where one person takes over most of the horse’s expenses and care, and partial leases, where costs and riding time are shared, are popular. 

3. Training and coaching

Specializing in a niche, whether it be young horses, specific disciplines, or behavior correction, allows you to build a name for yourself. Successful trainers often have a blend of natural skill, formal education, and a robust portfolio of success stories.

Quality coaching goes beyond teaching riding skills. It involves building confidence, safety awareness, and a positive relationship between horse and rider. 

Remember, certifications can enhance credibility.

4. Equine therapy and rehabilitation

These programs offer emotional, physical, and mental benefits to participants. They require collaboration with healthcare professionals and a deep understanding of how to safely involve horses in therapeutic processes.

Providing rehabilitation for injured horses requires specialized knowledge and facilities. Services can include physical therapy, hydrotherapy, and other treatments under veterinary guidance.

5. Grooming

Horse grooming offers a unique business opportunity if you’re passionate about equine care. It blends the satisfaction of working with horses with the financial reward. 

To succeed, you need to have a deep understanding of horse anatomy and grooming needs, along with quality tools and products. Starting a grooming business also involves licensing and insurance to protect against liabilities. 

You will also have to network and showcase your work within the equestrian community. Offering a mix of basic and specialized grooming services can also set your business apart.

Remember to set competitive pricing that reflect the quality of your services.

6. Braiding

Horse braiding is a refined skill that marries aesthetics with tradition. It’s a unique niche within the equine industry, especially during show seasons. 

Mastering various braiding styles tailored to different equestrian disciplines is a lucrative business. You will need essential tools alongside a portfolio showcasing your work to attract a diverse clientele. 

Marketing your services at horse shows and through social media can help expand your reach. Flexibility in scheduling, a gentle approach with horses, and reliability are paramount to success.

Continuously refining your skills through practice and education, can enhance your business’s potential. With dedication and a knack for detail, horse braiding can transform from a passion into a profitable venture.

7. Tack cleaning

Tack cleaning is not just a chore. It’s an essential part of horse care that can also turn into a profitable business. Think of it as giving a spa treatment for all the gear horses wear. 

Every saddle, bridle, and bit needs regular cleaning to keep them in good shape and comfortable for the horse. Starting a tack cleaning service means you’re stepping into a role that keeps horses happy and their gear lasting longer.

Here’s the lowdown. You need to be detail-oriented and patient. 

Tack cleaning involves more than just a quick wipe. You’re looking at deep cleaning and conditioning leather, making sure metal parts shine without rust, and ensuring that every piece functions as it should.

To get going, you’ll need some basic supplies like leather cleaner, conditioner, sponges, and soft cloths. Building trust with horse owners is key. They need to see you as someone who cares as much about their horse’s gear as they do.

Set fair prices, maybe offer a package deal for multiple items, and always go the extra mile. As you get into the rhythm, you’ll find tack cleaning to be quite satisfying. 

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8. Doing chores for “self-care” boarders

Think of “self-care” boarders as DIY horse owners. They’re the hands-on type, preferring to manage their horse’s day-to-day care. But even the most dedicated horse owner needs a break, whether it’s for a vacation, work demands, or just a day off. 

That’s where you come in. Offering to step in and handle the chores for these owners can be a real lifesaver for them and a great business for you. 

It’s all about feeding, cleaning stalls, maybe turning horses out to pasture, and ensuring they have fresh water. 

Being reliable and trustworthy is key. Horse owners need to know their beloved animals are in good hands. Show them you’re attentive and care about their horse’s well-being as much as they do. 

Keep it simple, keep it honest, and you’ll find this can be a rewarding way to make a living.

9. Hauling/Trailering

Horses need to move, whether it’s to a new barn, a show, or a clinic. Not every horse owner has a trailer or the time and confidence to drive one. 

That’s your opportunity. Hauling or trailering can be more than just driving from point A to point B. It’s about ensuring a safe, stress-free journey for the horses in your care. 

You’ll need the right equipment to keep the horse calm and comfortable. Communication is key. Make sure owners know their horses are in safe hands. Be clear about your routes, timing, and how you handle any issues that might come up on the road. 

Offering this service can be a perfect way to hit the road, meet new people, and see the satisfaction on an owner’s face when their horse arrives safe and sound. It’s a responsibility, sure, but also an adventure and a business that can take you places.

10. Photography and videography

Imagine capturing those perfect moments when a horse and rider jump in unison or when a foal takes its first wobbly steps. That’s the magic of photography and videography in the horse world. 

It’s not just about snapping pictures or shooting videos. It’s about telling a story, freezing a moment in time that can be cherished forever. 

Start by understanding your gear and mastering the art of timing. Build a portfolio that speaks to your unique eye for equine beauty and action. 

Offer your services for events, portraits, or even promotional content for stables and trainers. Remember, it’s all about the connection you create. Not just with your subjects but with the people who love them.

11. Tech support

The horse industry might seem all about tradition and the great outdoors, but technology plays a big role too. From managing stable bookings online to keeping health records digital, tech support is in high demand. 

If you’re tech-savvy, this could be your niche. Think about offering website design, app development, or even software training. 

Your goal is to make technology approachable and useful for them, helping to streamline their operations. Being patient and clear in your explanations will make you a valuable asset to any team.

12. Bookkeeping

Every business needs to keep its finances in check, and horse-related ventures are no exception. Bookkeeping might sound dry, but it’s crucial. 

If you have a head for numbers and an eye for detail, you can offer a service that takes the headache out of finances.

From managing invoices and expenses to preparing for tax season, your skills can free up their time to focus on what they do best.

Plus, building a reputation for reliability and confidentiality can turn this into a thriving business.

13. Freelance writing and blogging

The world is full of stories waiting to be told, and the equine industry has its fair share. Whether it’s sharing the latest in horse health, telling tales of inspiring rider-horse partnerships, or offering advice on horse care, your words can engage and inform. 

Freelance writing and blogging allow you to explore a variety of topics while connecting with readers around the globe. Start by honing your unique voice and understanding what makes content compelling. 

Then, reach out to magazines, blogs, and other platforms that cater to equestrian audiences. Remember, it’s about engaging the reader, sharing knowledge, and fueling the passion that horse lovers have for their sport and companions.

14. Host instructional clinics

Imagine your place buzzing with eager learners. All there to soak up knowledge from experts. Hosting instructional clinics can turn that into reality. 

Pick a focus—jumping, dressage, horsemanship—you name it. Then, bring in the experts. It’s not just about watching and learning. It’s about creating an experience. 

Make sure it’s hands-on, with plenty of time for questions and practice. People love to learn, and when they leave feeling more connected to their passion, they’ll remember who made it happen. 

It’s a great way to build a community while earning.

15. Hold events

Events can turn a regular day at your place into something special. Think about what gets people excited. Maybe a local competition, a charity fundraiser, or even a fun day filled with games and challenges for horses and riders. 

The key is to make it memorable and enjoyable for everyone. Planning and promotion are your best friends here. Get the word out, make the sign-up process smooth, and create a welcoming atmosphere. 

Events like these can not only bring in some income but also put your place on the map as a community hub.

16. Host equine professionals

Your space could be the go-to spot for equine professionals to share their services. Farriers, veterinarians, equine therapists—you can invite them over. 

This isn’t just about providing a space. It’s about creating opportunities for learning and care right where you are. 

Make sure there’s a schedule and everyone knows who’s coming and when. It’s a convenience for horse owners and a chance for professionals to connect with potential clients. 

Plus, your place becomes more than just a space. It becomes a resource.

17. Rent your riding arena

Got a riding arena? Put it to work.

Renting out your arena can be a steady source of income, especially if it’s well-maintained and equipped. Offer it up for individual practice sessions, lessons, or even small group clinics. Make booking easy and flexible. 

People are always looking for a great place to ride, especially when the weather’s not on their side. Keep your arena in top shape, and it’ll become a favorite spot for local riders. 

It’s a win-win. They get a quality place to ride, and you get to share your space while making some money.

18. Selling manure

Believe it or not, what comes out of your horse can put money in your pocket. Manure is gold for gardeners and farmers looking to enrich their soil. 

Start by letting local gardening clubs, nurseries, and farms know you’ve got the goods. Keep it simple: offer it by the bag or in bulk, and if you can deliver, even better. 

This is recycling at its best. Turning waste into something valuable and helping the environment along the way.

19. Providing bed and bale or horse camping options

Think about opening up your space for horse lovers who are on the move. Offering a spot for them and their horses to rest overnight can fill a big need. 

Call it bed and bale, horse camping, or whatever catchy name you like. The idea is to provide a safe, comfortable place for travelers and their horses to stay. 

Add in some amenities like trails or a riding arena, and you’ve got an attractive stopover that can turn into a popular spot on the equine map.

20. Teach or offer agricultural skills

Got skills? Share them. Whether it’s horse care, farm management, or sustainable agriculture, there’s always someone looking to learn. 

Workshops or one-on-one sessions can be great ways to pass on your knowledge. Keep it practical and hands-on, so people walk away with skills they can use. 

It’s about sharing your passion and expertise, and in the process, you’re building a community of informed, skilled individuals.

21. Horse transportation

Getting horses from here to there is a big deal. If you’ve got the setup—a reliable truck and trailer—and the know-how to transport horses safely, you’re in business. 

Make sure you’re up on the regulations, then spread the word. Offering a calm, safe journey for horses and peace of mind for their owners can quickly build your reputation. 

It’s a service that’s always in demand, whether for shows, moves, or vet visits.

22. Selling equine supplements

Horse health is always top of mind for owners, making equine supplements a hot item. If you can offer high-quality, effective supplements, you’ve got a ready market. 

Do your homework, know the benefits, and be ready to share that knowledge. Whether it’s through an online store or right out of your barn, selling supplements can be a smart way to support horse health and grow your business at the same time.

23. Organize riding holidays or equestrian retreats

Tap into the trend of experiential vacations by organizing riding holidays or equestrian retreats. This can be an all-inclusive package offering guests the chance to explore scenic trails. 

Tailor experiences to cater to different levels of riders ensuring each guest leaves with unforgettable memories. Offering additional amenities like yoga, farm-to-table meals, or spa treatments can enhance the appeal. 

This approach not only generates income but also promotes your facility and services to a broader audience.

24. Equestrian gear and apparel shop

Opening an equestrian gear and apparel shop can cater to the needs of local riders and horse enthusiasts. Stocking everything from riding boots and helmets to saddles and grooming supplies can turn your shop into a one-stop destination. 

Emphasize quality and variety, offering items for all ages and levels of experience. Hosting pop-up shops at local events or competitions can also expand your reach. 

Incorporating online sales adds another revenue stream, making your products accessible to a wider market. 

25. Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) programs

EAL programs harness the therapeutic power of horses to facilitate personal growth, leadership skills, and team-building for participants. By designing and offering EAL programs, you can target corporate groups, schools, and individuals looking for unique self-improvement opportunities. 

Training to become a certified EAL facilitator ensures you’re equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. This venture not only contributes to your income but also makes a positive difference in people’s lives. 


We’re nearing the end of our adventure in making money with horses, and one thing’s for sure. The horse world is full of chances to earn. 

Whether it’s grooming, hosting retreats, or diving into tech, there’s a way for every horse lover to make their mark. Love braiding, planning events, or boosting horse health? Start there. 

Remember, success here means more than just making money. It’s about the joy of being with these amazing animals and making a difference in the horse community. 

So, get ready to start your journey. Use your skills and love for horses to find your special spot in this big world.

Picture of Dr. Noman Tariq

Dr. Noman Tariq

Dr. Noman Tariq, a seasoned veterinarian with a DVM from ARID University and an MPhil in Animal Nutrition from UVAS, specializes in equine health. His deep passion for horse nutrition and well-being drives his work, offering invaluable advice for horse owners. Dr. Tariq's expertise ensures horses lead vibrant, healthy lives.
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How to Make Money With Horses