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Black Horse Names

Black Horse Names

Choosing the perfect name for a black horse isn’t just a task—it’s an art. Think of it as giving a nickname to a shadow that gallops. 

If you’ve ever tried calling out, “Hey, Dark and Mysterious Beauty!” across a field, you know it’s a mouthful. So, we dive into the world of black horse names that are as cool as they are catchy. 

We’ve got you covered from the sleek and simple to the outright legendary. Whether your new four-legged friend is more of a ‘Nightfall’ or a ‘Sable,’ this list will help you find that perfect name. 

Get ready to find a name that stands out as much as your majestic black horse does.

Tips for Choosing the Right Horse Name

Choosing the right name for your horse can be a fun but daunting task. Here are some practical tips to help you select a name that’s as fitting as it is memorable:

Reflect on personality and traits

Observe your horse’s behavior, temperament, and distinctive traits. Names like “Spirit” or “Bolt” can suit an energetic horse, while “Serenity” or “Mellow” might be more appropriate for a calm one.

Consider physical characteristics

Apart from the color, consider other physical attributes such as size or markings. A name like “Patch” could suit a horse with unique patterns, or “Titan” for a particularly large horse.

Keep it simple

Choose a name that’s easy to pronounce and remember. This is beneficial for both you and others who may interact with your horse. Simplicity aids in training and handling.

Test the sound

Names that end in a vowel sound can be easier for horses to recognize. Try calling out the name to see if it feels natural and if your horse responds.

Look to history and mythology

Historical figures, mythical gods, or legendary heroes can provide a rich source of names. “Apollo” or “Artemis” can lend a noble flair to your horse’s identity.

Be creative with favorites

Combine your interests or favorite things with unique naming ideas. If you love astronomy, names like “Orion” or “Nova” might be perfect.

Avoid common names

While it’s tempting to go with popular names, they might confuse stables with multiple horses. Try to be distinctive without being overly complicated.

Legal and registration considerations

If you plan to register your horse with a breed registry, check for any naming rules or restrictions. Some registries may limit the number of characters or prohibit certain names.

Get feedback

Share your top name choices with friends and family. They can offer new perspectives or ideas you might not have considered.

Take your time

Don’t rush the decision. Sometimes a name might just pop up as you get to know your horse better.

Unique and Creative Black Horse Names

Here are unique and creative names for a black horse, each accompanied by a brief meaning:

1. Nightshade – Named after the dark, mysterious plant.

2. Obsidian – After the shiny, black volcanic glass.

3. Eclipse – Symbolic of an astronomical event where darkness prevails.

4. Onyx – Inspired by the jet-black gemstone.

5. Phantom – Evoking the image of something elusive and ghostly.

6. Mystic – Reflecting mystery and enchantment.

7. Sable – After the soft, black fur used in fashion.

8. Noir – French for black, connoting sleekness and sophistication.

9. Shadowmere – Combining “shadow” and “mere” for a mystical feel.

10. Ravenwing – Inspired by the dark wings of a raven.

11. Vanta – Short for Vantablack, a material known as one of the darkest.

12. Charcoal – Reflecting the deep gray-black of charcoal.

13. Grimm – Hinting at something foreboding or fairy tale-esque.

14. Midnight Sun – An oxymoron combining night and day.

15. Blackout – Implies total darkness or an overwhelming presence.

16. Nebula – Named after the interstellar clouds of dust and gas.

17. Jet – Inspired by the deep black, lignite gemstone.

18. Poe – After the author known for his dark, gothic stories.

19. Zorro – The name of the legendary masked hero, meaning ‘fox’ in Spanish.

20. Cinder – Evokes images of smoldering black ash.

Names Inspired by Fictional Black Horses

Drawing inspiration from fictional black horses can give your horse a name with a touch of storytelling magic. Here are some names inspired by famous black horses from literature, movies, and folklore:

21. Black Beauty – From Anna Sewell’s novel, symbolizing resilience and strength.

22. Shadowfax – The Lord of the Rings; the swift and majestic steed of Gandalf.

23. Flicka – Though not originally black, adaptations often depict her this way; a wild and spirited mustang.

24. Artax – The never-forgotten horse from “The NeverEnding Story.”

25. Goliath – The imposing steed of Lady Tremaine in Disney’s “Cinderella.”

26. Bucephalus – Alexander the Great’s legendary black horse in historical tales.

27. Haku – The spirited horse in “Spirited Away,” often shown as a dark, ethereal creature.

28. Angus – Merida’s powerful and loyal horse from “Brave.”

29. Nightmare – Reflecting the dark horse ridden by Sleepy Hollow’s Headless Horseman.

30. Tornado – The trusty steed of Zorro, known for his agility and intelligence.

31. Alfonso – The black horse in the movie “Stardust,” known for its magical traits.

32. Aragorn – Named after a heroic character, often depicted riding dark horses in “The Lord of the Rings.”

33. Midnight – From the “Thoroughbred” series, a champion racehorse.

34. Diablo – The horse of El Diablo in various Western tales, embodying a fierce spirit.

35. Ebony – The clever and faithful horse in “The Horse Whisperer.”

36. Sleipnir – Odin’s eight-legged horse in Norse mythology, often depicted as dark.

37. Demon – From the novel “The Red Pony,” known for its challenging nature.

38. Altivo – The adventurous and expressive horse from “The Road to El Dorado.”

39. Coal – A strong, enduring horse featured in several young adult novels.

40. Storm – From various stories, representing power and untamed nature.

Famous Black Horse Names

Here are some famous names for black horses, drawn from history, popular culture, and competitive sports.  

41. Black Beauty – From Anna Sewell’s novel, perhaps the most famous fictional black horse.

42. Bucephalus – The legendary black horse of Alexander the Great.

43. The Black – Also known as “The Black Stallion,” from Walter Farley’s series about a wild and spirited Arabian stallion.

44. Goliath – The large and imposing black horse from the TV show “Davey and Goliath.”

45. Zorro’s Tornado – The daring and swift horse ridden by the masked hero Zorro in films and television.

46. Black Jack – The riderless horse famously used in U.S. military funerals, known for his jet-black coat.

47. Ruffian – A nearly black thoroughbred racehorse, considered one of the greatest female racehorses of all time.

48. Shergar – Although not purely black, this famous racehorse had a dark coat and a near-mythical status due to his mysterious disappearance.

49. Eclipse – A historic racehorse from the 18th century, whose lineage influences over 90% of modern thoroughbreds.

50. Jet Deck – A famous Quarter Horse racehorse known for his outstanding speed and dark coat.

Cool Black Horse Names

Some cool black horse names include:

51. Twilight – The time of day when the sky is darkening.

52. Ember – A glowing piece of coal or wood in a dying fire.

53. Ravenheart – Symbolizes a heart as dark and mysterious as a raven.

54. Ashen – Resembling the pale gray color of ashes.

55. Nocturne – A musical composition inspired by the night.

56. Licorice – Named after the black, sweet candy.

57. Drift – Suggests a smooth, effortless motion, often associated with darkness.

58. Voodoo – Relating to the mystical and magical, often depicted in dark tones.

59. Cosmos – The universe, often depicted as a vast, dark space.

60. Slate – A dark gray rock, often used as a reference to color.

61. Hades – The Greek god of the underworld.

62. Inkwell – A container for ink, symbolizing deep, dark liquid.

63. Pitch – A viscous black substance; also denotes darkness.

64. Shiloh – A peaceful, tranquil name with a serene connotation.

65. Midnight Rider – Evoking the image of riding through the darkness of night.

66. Crow – A black bird known for its intelligence and mystery.

67. Nebulus – Inspired by the dark, cloudy regions of space (nebulae).

68. Zorro – The masked hero, whose name means ‘fox’ in Spanish.

69. Blacksmith – A craftsman who works with dark metal.

70. Shadow Walker – One who moves silently and unseen.

71. Onyxia – Derived from Onyx, a black gemstone, with a mythical twist.

72. Blackthorn – A dark, spiny shrub known for its resilience.

73. Puma – A sleek, black mountain lion.

74. Black Magic – Enchanting and mysterious practices associated with darkness.

75. Starlight – Light from the stars, often visible in the dark night sky.

76. Thunderbolt – A powerful, striking image of a lightning bolt.

77. Duskwind – The gentle breeze that accompanies the onset of evening.

78. Tempest – A violent, windy storm, often depicted as dark and powerful.

79. Maverick – An independent, unorthodox individual.

80. Oblivion – The state of being forgotten or unknown, often associated with darkness.

Gothic Black Horse Names

Here are gothic-inspired names for black horses, each evoking a sense of dark elegance and mystery:

81. Nocturne

82. Ravenwood

83. Eclipsa

84. Wraith

85. Morbid

86. Lucifer

87. Banshee

88. Gothika

89. Dread

90. Vesper

91. Macabre

92. Nyx

93. Umbra

94. Vlad

95. Morticia

96. Shadowbane

97. Sinister

98. Grave

99. Hex

100. Vampira

Black Horse Historical Figures Names

101. Cleopatra – After the powerful Egyptian queen.

102. Napoleon – Named after the famous French military leader.

103. Caesar – Julius Caesar, the Roman general and statesman.

104. Boudica – Warrior queen of the British Celtic Iceni tribe.

105. Hannibal – Carthaginian general known for crossing the Alps with elephants.

106. Attila – Attila the Hun, feared leader of the Huns.

107. Charlemagne – King of the Franks and Lombards, and Emperor of the Carolingian Empire.

108. Isabella – Queen Isabella I of Castile, sponsor of Columbus.

109. Genghis – Genghis Khan, founder of the Mongol Empire.

110. Victoria – Queen Victoria, symbol of the British Empire.

111. Spartacus – Thracian gladiator who led a major slave uprising.

112. Elizabeth – Queen Elizabeth I of England, the “Virgin Queen.”

113. Leonidas – King of Sparta, hero of the Battle of Thermopylae.

114. Joan – Joan of Arc, French heroine and saint.

115. Alexander – Alexander the Great, King of Macedon.

116. Cleisthenes – Ancient Greek reformer, “father of Athenian democracy.”

117. Saladin – Sultan of Egypt and Syria, famous for battles during the Crusades.

118. Nefertiti – Egyptian queen known for her beauty and power.

119. Tamerlane – Central Asian conqueror and founder of the Timurid Empire.

120. Zenobia – Warrior queen of the Palmyrene Empire in Syria.

Black Horse Pop Culture Names

Some black horse names inspired by pop culture include:

121. Aragorn – From “The Lord of the Rings,” a character known for his leadership and bravery.

122. Black Beauty – The beloved horse from Anna Sewell’s classic novel.

123. Bucephalus – Alexander the Great’s famous horse, known for its loyalty and strength.

124. Diablo – The sinister horse from various video games and movies.

125. Shadowfax – Gandalf’s magnificent steed in “The Lord of the Rings.”

126. Fury – From the 1950s TV show “Fury,” featuring a black stallion.

127. Maximus – The brave horse from Disney’s “Tangled.”

128. Angus – Merida’s trusty horse in Disney’s “Brave.”

129. Sable – A term often used in pop culture to describe something dark and elegant.

130. Nightmare – The dark horse ridden by Sleepy Hollow’s Headless Horseman.

131. Thunder – Inspired by the dark and powerful Disney horse in “The Lone Ranger.”

132. Morgana – After the dark and mysterious sorceress in “Arthurian” legends.

133. Bellatrix – From “Harry Potter,” named after the dark witch Bellatrix Lestrange.

134. Rocinante – Don Quixote’s loyal and enduring horse.

135. Midnight – A popular name used in various movies and books to denote a black horse.

136. Drogon – One of Daenerys’ dragons in “Game of Thrones,” named for its dark and powerful presence.

137. Blackjack – Percy Jackson’s loyal Pegasus in the “Percy Jackson” series.

138. Raven – Often used in pop culture to represent mystery and elegance.

139. Salem – From “Sabrina the Teenage Witch,” named after the dark and mischievous cat.

140. Vesper – From “Casino Royale,” evoking a sense of elegance and mystery.

Funny Black Horse Names

Here are some funny black horse names:

141. Pudding – Sweet and smooth, like the dessert.

142. Ninja – Stealthy and quick, like a martial arts master.

143. Midnight Snack – A playful nod to late-night munchies.

144. Spooky – Perfect for a horse with a slightly eerie presence.

145. Coaltrain – Strong and steady, like a freight train.

146. Inkspot – Cute and quirky, like a little blot of ink.

147. Sooty – Covered in soot, reflecting a playful messiness.

148. Espresso – Dark and full of energy, like the coffee.

149. Shadowfax Jr. – A humorous take on the famous horse from “The Lord of the Rings.”

150. Dark Knight – Like Batman, strong and heroic.

151. Blackberry – Sweet and dark, like the fruit.

152. Batmane – A pun on Batman, adding a heroic twist.

153. Nightmare Before Dinner – A fun play on the movie title, “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

154. Charcoal Chuckles – Combining a dark color with a playful laugh.

155. Licorice Twist – Sweet and dark, like the candy.

156. Pitch Perfect – Dark and flawless, with a musical twist.

157. Blackjack – A nod to the card game, suggesting luck and fun.

158. Ebony and Ivory – A playful reference to the contrast of black and white.

159. Gothic Giggles – Mixing dark aesthetics with a sense of humor.

160. Caffeine – Energizing and lively, like the stimulant.

Black Horse Mythical Names

Black mythical names give your black horse a name that carries deep historical and cultural significance. They include:

161. Sleipnir – Odin’s eight-legged horse in Norse mythology, known for speed and strength.

162. Pegasus – The winged horse from Greek mythology, symbolizing freedom and power.

163. Shadowfax – Gandalf’s swift and majestic horse in “The Lord of the Rings.”

164. Epona – Celtic goddess of horses, embodying fertility and protection.

165. Arion – An immortal, talking horse from Greek mythology, associated with Poseidon.

166. Bucephalus – Alexander the Great’s legendary horse, symbolizing loyalty and courage.

167. Aethon – One of the horses that pulled the chariot of Helios, the sun god.

168. Kelpie – A shape-shifting water spirit from Scottish mythology, often appearing as a horse.

169. Hippogriff – A mythical creature with the body of a horse and the wings of an eagle.

170. Centaur – Half-human, half-horse beings from Greek mythology, symbolizing dual nature.

171. Grane – The horse ridden by the hero Sigurd in Norse mythology.

172. Marengo – Napoleon’s famous war horse, named after a battle.

173. Xanthos – One of Achilles’ immortal horses in Greek mythology.

174. Surtur – A giant from Norse mythology whose horse is said to be black as night.

175. Valhalla – The hall of slain warriors in Norse mythology, often associated with heroic steeds.

176. Fenrir – The giant wolf from Norse mythology, symbolizing power and darkness.

177. Rocinante – Don Quixote’s noble steed, symbolizing idealism and adventure.

178. Níðhöggr – A dragon from Norse mythology that gnaws at the roots of Yggdrasil, often depicted with dark connotations.

179. Gullfaxi – A horse in Norse mythology, whose name means “golden mane” but could imply a majestic dark horse.

180. Balaur – A dragon from Romanian mythology, representing a powerful and fearsome creature.

Names for Black Stallions

Here are names suited for black stallions, each chosen to reflect strength, elegance, and a commanding presence:

181. Blaze

182. Onyx

183. Eclipse

184. Phantom

185. Midnight

186. Storm

187. Shadow

188. Raven

189. Thunder

190. Obsidian

191. Jet

192. Noir

193. Knight

194. Darkstar

195. Vortex

196. Zeus

197. Maverick

198. Titan

199. Goliath

200. Valiant

Names for Black Mares

Some perfect names for black mares include:

201. Vespera – Evening star, symbolizing twilight.

202. Ebon – Deep, rich blackness.

203. Selene – Greek goddess of the moon.

204. Sable – Soft, luxurious fur.

205. Astrid – Star-like, shining.

206. Zara – Princess, elegance.

207. Inara – Shining light.

208. Tempest – Stormy and powerful.

209. Moira – Fate or destiny.

210. Licorice – Sweet and dark.

211. Pandora – All-gifted, mysterious.

212. Carmilla – Dark and enchanting.

213. Elysia – Blissful, divine.

214. Galadriel – Powerful and wise.

215. Nyssa – New beginning.

216. Ravenna – Dark beauty.

217. Zinnia – Bright and strong.

218. Elara – A moon of Jupiter, celestial.

219. Saphira – Sapphire, precious and rare.

220. Circe – Enchantress from mythology.

Badass Names for Black Horses

Here are badass names for black horses, each reflects strength, power, and an edge of intimidation:

221. Vengeance

222. Blitz

223. Inferno

224. Diesel

225. Viper

226. Maverick

227. Rampage

228. Tempest

229. Havoc

230. Jagger

231. Rogue

232. Fury

233. Nemesis

234. Predator

235. Venom

236. Raptor

237. Sabre

238. Reaper

239. Titan

240. Razor

Unique Black Horse Names

The following are unique names for black horses, each chosen to reflect originality and distinctiveness:

241. Oblivion – Deep, all-encompassing darkness.

242. Nyx – Greek goddess of the night.

243. Zephyr – Gentle breeze, blending power with grace.

244. Ebonite – A rare, dark mineral.

245. Lucius – Meaning light, with an ironic twist for a black horse.

246. Ravenclaw – Inspired by the noble bird and a hint of mystique.

247. Quasar – An extremely luminous celestial object.

248. Omen – A sign, often associated with mystery.

249. Ragnar – A strong, Viking-inspired name.

250. Eclipse – Astronomical event symbolizing powerful darkness.

251. Cimmerian – Referring to deep, dark shadows.

252. Ashen – Reflecting a dusky, dark hue.

253. Inkheart – Symbolizing creativity and darkness.

254. Onyxia – A twist on the gemstone onyx, adding a mythical feel.

255. Sablewind – Combining dark elegance with movement.

256. Cinder – Burnt remnants, dark and smoldering.

257. Hesper – Evening star, suggesting twilight.

258. Mistral – A strong, cold wind from the Alps.

259. Nightshade – A plant with dark, mysterious connotations.

260. Tempest – A powerful, tumultuous storm.

Names for a Black Race Horse

These names are suited for a black racehorse, each chosen to reflect speed, power, and elegance:

261. Velocity

262. Dark Thunder

263. Black Lightning

264. Nitro

265. Shadow Strike

266. Black Jet

267. Rapid Eclipse

268. Night Fury

269. Turbo Shadow

270. Dark Comet

271. Blazing Ebony

272. Phantom Racer

273. Vortex

274. Storm Chaser

275. Midnight Dash

276. Jetstream

277. Flash Noir

278. Obsidian Speed

279. Dark Flash

280.Night Blaze

Elegant Black Horse Names

Here are elegant names for a black horse, each chosen to reflect grace, beauty, and sophistication:

281. Velvet

282. Luna

283. Celeste

284. Noir

285. Stella

286. Serenade

287. Isabella

288. Eclipse

289. Ravenna

290. Ophelia

291. Ember

292. Vienna

293. Arabesque

294. Jewel

295. Monet

296. Elegance

297. Regalia

298. Sapphire

299. Victoria

300. Amara

Black Horse Names for Fillies

301. Some black horse names for fillies are:

302. Midnight Belle – Beautiful and dark as the night.

303. Luna – Inspired by the moon.

304. Ebony – Classic and elegant black.

305. Shadow Dancer – Graceful and mysterious.

306. Raven – Sleek and smart.

307. Noir – French for black.

308. Stella – Star-like brilliance.

309. Sable – Soft, luxurious fur.

310. Ember – Glowing softly in the dark.

311. Twilight – The beautiful time between day and night.

312. Mystique – Enchanting and mysterious.

313. Onyx – Inspired by the black gemstone.

314. Velvet – Soft and smooth.

315. Opal – A gemstone with a mysterious glow.

316. Celeste – Heavenly and divine.

317. Eclipse – A powerful astronomical event.

318. Arabella – Beautiful and elegant.

319. Zara – Princess-like charm.

320. Nova – A star that suddenly becomes much brighter.

321. Willow – Graceful and strong.

Gender Neutral Names for Black Horses

Some gender neutral names for black horses include: 

322. Midnight

323. Shadow

324. Onyx

325. Raven

326. Storm

327. Eclipse

328. Jet


330. Cinder

331. Blaze

332. Coal

333. Ash

334. Mystic

335. Sable

336. Phantom

337. Vortex

338. Night

339. Obsidian

340. Drift

341. Smoky


Naming your black horse is a fun journey. You want a name that fits like a glove. Whether you go for something elegant, powerful, or playful the perfect name is out there. 

It’s all about finding that sweet spot between your horse’s personality and your style. Remember, this name will echo across fields and arenas. 

So make it memorable, make it unique, and most importantly, make it yours. Now, grab that list, head to the stable, and see which name gets a nuzzle of approval. 

If you have a white horse, check out our white horse names list for more guidance on white horse naming.

Happy naming.

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Black Horse Names