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Best Horse Magazines

Best Horse Magazines

Whether you’re a seasoned equestrian or just starting out, there’s always something new to learn about the wonderful world of horses. That’s where horse magazines come into play.

Packed with insights on care, training, and the latest industry trends, these publications are like having a trusted trainer and a vet in your mailbox every month. 

From thrilling competition coverage to heartwarming horse tales, there’s a magazine for every rider’s taste. Let’s get ready and explore the best horse magazines out there, ensuring you pick the perfect companion for your equestrian journey.

37 Best Horse Magazines and Journals

1. Horse Illustrated

Horse Illustrated caters to a broad audience of horse lovers. It features a mix of care tips, breed profiles, and riding strategies. 

It’s ideal for novice and experienced riders looking to enhance their knowledge and skills. With its diverse coverage and engaging content, Horse Illustrated helps readers stay informed about the latest in horse health and training.

2. Horse & Rider

Horse & Rider focuses on Western riding enthusiasts. It offers practical training tips, detailed gear reviews, and crucial health advice. 

Its authoritative voice makes it a go-to resource for riders aiming to improve their techniques and deepen their horse care knowledge. Horse & Rider builds a strong connection with its audience through relatable, real-world applications.

3. Practical Horseman

The Practical Horseman is highly regarded among English riders. It focuses on disciplines like show jumping and dressage.

This magazine also features in-depth training advice from top industry professionals and covers competitive events. Practical Horseman is essential if you are serious about refining your skills.

4. Equus

Equus provides comprehensive insights into horse health, veterinary care, and behavior. It’s a staple in the library of serious horse owners and caregivers.

Renowned for its scientifically backed articles and case studies, Equus serves as an indispensable guide for maintaining the well-being and performance of horses. This makes it a complex veterinary knowledge accessible to the everyday reader.

5. The Chronicle of the Horse

The Chronicle of the Horse has a storied presence in the equestrian community. It covers competitive riding across various disciplines. 

Its historical significance and authoritative coverage of events, trends, and personalities in the horse world make it a prestigious publication for professional riders and industry stakeholders.

6. Horse & Hound

Horse & Hound offers a blend of news, competition results, and expert advice. It covers all aspects of equestrian sport and country living in the UK. 

It’s celebrated for its comprehensive event coverage and is a trusted source for hunting, show jumping, and eventing enthusiasts.

7. Sidelines

Sidelines focuses on the people and stories behind equestrian sports, offering an insider’s view of the horse world. It features interviews with top riders, trainers, and industry figures.

if you enjoy personal stories and success tales from within the equestrian community, this is your go-to magazine. 

8. Young Rider

Young Rider is geared towards younger equestrians and beginners. It offers tutorials, equine fun facts, and engaging activities to educate and inspire the next generation of riders. 

Its friendly and accessible content helps foster a love for riding and horse care among youth, making it a favorite among families.

9. Western Horseman

Western Horseman is the definitive magazine for fans of Western riding and cowboy culture. It features training articles, horse care tips, and profiles of ranch life. 

Its rich heritage and commitment to Western equestrian traditions make it a beloved resource for riders who cherish the cowboy way.

10. US Equestrian

US Equestrian is the official magazine of the United States Equestrian Federation. It features news, rule updates, and health and safety information. 

Are you a competitive rider of professional? If yes, this is your magazine. It has everything about governance of the sport and developments in the equestrian community. 

11. Rural Heritage

Rural Heritage focuses on those embracing a traditional, agrarian way of life, especially using draft animals. It covers time-honored farming techniques, sustainable practices, and rural living. 

Its dives into the history of agriculture and commitment to conservation appeal to enthusiasts of heritage farming methods. The magazine’s authoritative guidance and detailed articles make it a respected voice in its niche.

12. The Blood Horse

Blood-Horse Magazine is pivotal for you if you are involved in thoroughbred racing and breeding. It provides expert coverage on race results, breeding trends, and market insights.

This magazine has a storied history and is considered a cornerstone in the thoroughbred industry. It offers critical data that influences breeding and racing decisions worldwide.

13. Pony Magazine

Here comes something for for young riders and pony enthusiasts. It’s packed with engaging content such as riding tips, care advice, and fun activities aimed at nurturing a young rider’s love for horses. 

Its friendly tone and colorful pages make it a favorite among children. It is such a help in educating the next generation of equestrians in an enjoyable way.

14. Prorodeo Sports News

Here comes ProRodeo Sports News. It is the official magazine of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association.

Here, they update their fans and competitors on essential updates on rodeo events, athlete profiles, and industry news. It’s a staple for rodeo enthusiasts, providing insights and stories from the circuit that keep the rodeo community informed and connected.

15. American Farriers Journal

American Farriers Journal is a specialized publication for farriers and hoof-care professionals. It offers a mix of scientific articles, case studies, and business tips, essential for those dedicated to equine hoof health. 

This journal is a leading resource in its field, known for its practical advice and professional development tools.

16. The Team Roping Journal

The Team Roping Journal targets ropers of all levels with technique articles, competition news, and profiles of top ropers. 

It’s essential if you’re passionate about team roping. It offers strategies and stories that resonate with amateur and professional ropers looking to enhance their skills. 

17. Barrel Horse News

Barrel Horse News is dedicated to the barrel racing community. It features training tips, rider interviews, and comprehensive event coverage. 

It’s the primary source of news and information in barrel racing, helping riders improve their skills and stay competitive in the sport.

18. Blaze Magazine

Blaze Magazine caters to young readers with a mix of horse-related stories, puzzles, and educational articles. It aims to spark curiosity and a love of reading among kids, using horses as a theme to engage and educate its audience in an entertaining way.

19. Dressage Today

Dressage Today offers detailed advice and instruction for dressage riders looking to improve their technique. With articles penned by top trainers and riders, it’s valued for its educational content. 

This magazine helps riders at all levels achieve their sporting goals.

20. The Horse: Your guide to equine health care

This magazine focuses on providing horse owners and caretakers with the latest information on equine health. 

It’s packed with veterinary insights, care tips, and disease prevention strategies, making it indispensable for anyone responsible for horse health and wellness.

21. Equine Wellness

This magazine is dedicated to the holistic care of horses. It offers natural and alternative therapies, nutrition, fitness, and emotional well-being articles. 

The publication is designed for owners who prioritize a natural lifestyle for their horses. It also provides tools and insights to maintain optimal health in a holistic way.

22. American Quarter Horse Journal

This magazine exclusively focuses on the American Quarter Horse community. It features everything from competitive events to training and health care specific to the breed. 

Its comprehensive coverage and breed-specific information make it an essential reading for Quarter Horse owners and enthusiasts.

23. Your Horse

Here is a UK-based magazine that covers all aspects of horse care, riding tips, and equipment reviews. It’s designed for everyday riders looking to improve their skills and knowledge. 

The magazine’s practical advice and accessible content make it a popular choice for horse owners across all disciplines.

24. Paint Horse Journal

This journal caters to the American Paint Horse community. It highlights the unique attributes and versatility of the breed. 

It also provides insights into breeding, showing, and caring for Paint Horses. This comes with celebrating the achievements of notable horses and riders within the association.

25. Saddle & Bridle

Saddle & Bridle is a magazine for those involved in show horse disciplines. It focuses mostly on English riding styles, such as saddle seats and hunt seats. 

It features training advice, competition coverage, and profiles of leading horses and riders, serving as a key resource for competitive riders.

26. The Canadian Horse Journal

This Journal covers a wide range of topics relevant to the Canadian equestrian community, including health, training, and horse management. 

It also addresses issues unique to Canada, such as climate challenges and local equestrian events. If you are a Canadian horse owner, you need to get yourself this journal.

27. Racing Ahead

Racing Ahead is the go-to guide for horse racing enthusiasts. It features expert tips, race previews, and betting advice. 

This magazine dives deep into the world of horse racing, providing fans with the insights they need to stay ahead of the game. Whether a casual observer or a betting professional, Racing Ahead offers compelling content that keeps you in the loop.

28. Cowgirl

Cowgirl captures the spirit of the modern Western woman, blending style with equestrian passion. It features profiles of influential women, Western fashion trends, and horse care tips. 

This magazine isn’t just about riding. It’s about embracing a lifestyle that values freedom, strength, and grace in the saddle.

29. Horsemanship Journal

Horsemanship Journal focuses on the art of riding and the bond between horse and rider. It offers thoughtful articles on training techniques, rider well-being, and horse psychology. 

This magazine is for those who see horsemanship as a lifelong journey. It provides guidance that respects the horse’s perspective.

30. The Plaid Horse Magazine

This vibrant publication covers the hunter/jumper aspect of equestrian sport. It’s packed with show news, educational articles, and rider spotlights. 

It’s a favorite among competitive riders who appreciate its stylish presentation and informative content.

31. HQ Magazine

HQ Magazine is a comprehensive resource for horse owners in South Africa. It offers advice on health, training, and management. 

These articles help readers improve their riding techniques and ensure their horses are happy and healthy. HQ Magazine is a staple for the South African equestrian community, promoting better horse care practices.

32. The Carolinas Equestrian Magazine

This magazine celebrates equestrian life in the Carolinas. It features everything from local competitions to notable horsepeople in the region. 

It’s a regional treasure that helps riders connect with the broader community, providing a platform for sharing stories and experiences that resonate locally.

33. Equitrader Magazine

Equitrader Magazine serves the UK equestrian market. It offers sales information, product reviews, and event coverage. 

Make this magazine an essential read if you want to buy or sell horses, tack, or trailers.

34. Irish Sport Horse Magazine

Irish Sport Horse Magazine highlights the achievements and developments of Ireland’s sport horses. It includes breeding news, competition results, and profiles of top horses and riders. 

This magazine proudly celebrates Ireland’s contribution to the sport horse industry worldwide.

35. Heavy Horse World Magazine

Heavy Horse World Magazine is dedicated to draft horses and their enthusiasts. It covers everything from show results to breeding and preservation efforts. 

This magazine is a cornerstone for the draft horse community, committed to sharing the majesty and utility of these powerful, strong horse breeds.

36. Horse Times Magazines

This is an international publication focusing on the Middle East’s equestrian scene. It provides comprehensive coverage of competitions, equine health, and the equestrian lifestyle. 

Horse Times Magazine is a window into the vibrant equestrian culture of the region. It also offers insights and stories from a global perspective.

Tips for Choosing the Right Magazine

When picking the perfect horse magazine, start by thinking about what you love most about horses. 

Are you into competitive riding, or do you prefer leisurely trail rides? Maybe you’re all about horse care and health. Choose a magazine that focuses on your specific interests.

Consider your experience level too. Some magazines cater to seasoned professionals, while others are perfect for new riders. Find content that matches your skills and challenges you at the right level.

Think about the format as well. Do you like a traditional print magazine you can hold and flip through, or would a digital version you can read on your tablet be more convenient?

Also, don’t forget to check out a few sample articles or look at reviews. This can give you a feel for the writing style and content quality. It’s a great way to make sure the magazine speaks to you and can be a helpful companion in your equestrian journey.

Lastly, consider subscribing to a couple of magazines to see which one you really look forward to reading each month. Finding the right fit can enhance your enjoyment and knowledge of horses.

Benefits of Regular Reading

Regularly reading horse magazines can boost your knowledge and skills. Each issue brings new insights into horse care, training, and the latest trends, which can help you make better decisions for your horses.

Staying updated through these magazines keeps you connected to the wider equestrian community. You’ll find stories from other horse lovers and learn about events and opportunities you might want to explore.

Plus, reading about different approaches and successes can inspire and motivate you. Whether you’re facing a challenge with riding or looking for new ideas, these articles can offer solutions and fresh perspectives.

Finally, dedicating time to read can also be a great way to relax and unwind. It’s a peaceful break from the daily hustle, where you can immerse yourself in a world you love. 

So, picking up that magazine can educate you and give you a much-needed pause in your day.


Exploring the pages of a great horse magazine can be as thrilling as a gallop across an open field. Whether you’re a competitive rider or a weekend trail enthusiast, there’s a magazine out there that speaks to your heart. 

Dive into one that matches your passion and watch your knowledge, skills, and connection to the equestrian community flourish. 

So, grab a copy of your new favorite read and let it inspire your next equestrian adventure. Remember, every page holds the promise of a new discovery in the world of horses.

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Best Horse Magazines