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Today's News - Wednesday, August 23, 2017
Collecting a Horse DNA Sample
Dr. Ernie Bailey explains how to collect a DNA sample from your horse and how the lab tests it.
Equine Farm Workers: Employees or Independent Contractors?
Learn the difference between an employee and independent contractor and what that could mean for your equine operation.
High-Tech Equine Research
Find out how equine researchers are using the latest gadgets and gizmos to diagnose lameness, collect data, and more.
Poll Recap: Rehabbing an Injured Horse
Of the 420 respondents, 349 people (83%) said they have rehabilitated an injured horse.
USEF Announces Effective Date, Process for MPA Reporting
As of Sept. 1, equestrians must submit disclosure forms if their horses receive medroxyprogesterone acetate (MPA).
Leptospira's Role in ERU in U.K. Horses
Researchers found that Leptospira didn't appear to be a common factor in ERU cases in U.K. horses.
Is a Probe Necessary to Test Horse Hay?
Find out why using a hay corer or probe offers the best sample collection for hay nutritional analysis.
Enhanced Horse Health Measures Put in Place at Saratoga
Seventeen horses have died or been euthanized after racing- and training-related incidents at the track this year.
Seventh California Horse Tests Positive for WNV
The unvaccinated yearling Warmblood filly from San Joaquin County was euthanized.
Kansas Horse Health Alert: Horses Test Positive for EIA, WNV
The six EIA-positive horses in will be euthanized. The WNV-positive horse has been euthanized.
Kentucky's 2017 Equine West Nile Case Count Rises to Five
The two newly diagnosed horses are reportedly recovering with veterinary care.
Digesting Different Hay Forms
Bales aren't the only hay option. In some cases owners might need to "think outside the bale" and pursue a different form of forage for their charges. Here's some information about different hay forms owners can consider.
California Rescue Operator Charged With Fraud
Susan Guillot is facing charges for allegedly selling unborn Friesian foals, but never delivering the animals to buyers.
Breeders Invited to Free Broodmare Health Seminar
The event will take place Sept. 9 at Hoosier Park Racing and Casino in Anderson, Indiana.
Inclines, Declines, and Horse Energy Exertion
Horses' oxygen consumption and cardiac output decreased by an average of 24% and 9%, respectively, when going downhill.
Healthy Teeth Make for a Happy Horse
Dental problems are common in horses and can lead to behavior changes, chronic pain, and reduced performance.
Przewalski's Horse Maja Dies
The 13-year-old mare was euthanized at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute after developing renal failure.
SIRS Scoring System Useful in Assessing Equine Emergencies
A recently developed scoring system can help veterinarians make treatment recommendations, researchers say.
Three Nevada Horses Test Positive for West Nile
None of the three affected horses were vaccinated against West Nile virus.
Vets Invited to Saddle Up for AAEP Convention in San Antonio
The 63rd Annual AAEP Convention will take place Nov. 17-21 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center.
AHCF Extends Economic Impact Survey Deadline
The American Horse Council Foundation extended the deadline to Sept. 4.
Virginia EHV-1 Update: Additional Horse Tests Positive
A third horse on the index farm developed a fever and subsequently tested positive for neurologic EHV-1.
Researchers Investigate Naked Foal Syndrome in Akhal-Tekes
Researchers say naked foal syndrome is related to a nonsense gene variant and appears to be unique to Akhal-Tekes.
Miniature Horses, Ponies Seized in Texas
Approximately 80 Miniature Horses and ponies are receiving rehabilitative care after being removed from a property near Houston.
Studying the Obvious
Why do researchers spend time studying basic equine behavior questions when the answers seems so obvious?
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