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Today's News - Friday, October 28, 2016
Managing and Maintaining the Older Equine Athlete
Do you have a mature or senior horse? Find out how to keep him comfortable and competitive as he ages!
Two Very Different Racehorses
Stephanie shares the stories of two off-track Thoroughbreds in her life. Who is your favorite OTTB, and why? If the horse is/was yours, what have you done together?
Making it Legal: Equine Lease, Sales, and Boarding Contracts
Getting any horse agreement in writing can help you avoid a trip to court. Here's what you should know.
Yoho Urges Soring Rule Approval Before Administration Change
Representative Ted Yoho (R-FL) is the primary sponsor of the Prevent All Soring Tactics (PAST) Act in the current Congress.
Equine Guelph Conducting Ontario Racing Industry Survey
The survey is focused on racehorse health and well-being to direct future research and programs for the industry.
BLM to Gather Horses at Owyhee Complex Starting Nov. 1
The BLM will gather horses from the Owyhee, Little Owyhee, and Rock Creek herd management areas.
Making Winter Manageable on the Farm
Don't wait for the first snowflakes to prepare your horse property for the cold, dark, and wet months ahead.
Horse of the Year Charismatic Returning to United States
The 20-year-old stallion will return from the JBBA Shizunai Stallion Station in Japan, where he has stood since 2002, in November.
Oklahoma Confirms Four New WNV Cases
The new cases were identified in horses and ponies from the following counties: Choctaw, Payne, Beckham, and Atoka.
My Horse Lost a 'Baby Tooth.' Should I Be Concerned?
My long yearling Dutch Warmblood mare knocked her tooth out so severely that it had to be removed by my vet. What is the long-term prognosis for a young horse losing a tooth prematurely?
Innovation Group to Update AHC 2017 Economic Impact Study
The last study revealed that the horse industry had a $102 billion effect on the U.S. economy, involved 9.2 million horses, and supported 1.4 million full-time jobs.
Deputies Seek Shooter of Salt River Foal
Authorities found that a foal belonging to the Salt River herd, which is protected under state law, was shot and killed.
Study: Some Supplements Can Reduce Equine Joint Inflammation
Researchers believe the tested supplements could help reduce the joint inflammation that can lead to osteoarthritis.
Poll Recap: Horse Bedding Choices
Of the 1,087 respondents, 559 (51%) said they use wood shavings or chips to bed their horses' stalls.
Trailer Crash in Knoxville Kills 10 Horses
A veterinarian treated several surviving horses for superficial wounds.
Donkey Tests Positive for WNV in Florida
The donkey, which was recently brought to Florida from a Louisiana auction, is recovering.
University of Maryland Extension Hosting Farriery Workshop
Lectures will cover hoof anatomy and physiology, the basics of trimming, determining when shoes are necessary, and more.
Tips for Preparing Horses for Cold Weather
Use these 10 veterinarian-approved tips for keeping your horse healthy and comfortable as winter approaches.
Fish Oil as an Omega-3 Source for Horses
Omega-3 fatty acids offer horses health benefits, but are fish sources okay for horses to eat?
NTRA Approves Safety, Integrity Code of Standards Updates
Updates include a January 2019 deadline for total compliance with the National Uniform Medication Program.
Church Honored as Averett University Distinguished Alumnus
Stephanie L. Church, editor-in-chief for The Horse and, graduated from Averett in 1999.
Minimizing Laminitis Risk in EMS Horses
While there's no cure for EMS, owners can take steps to reduce the risk of laminitis development, including combating obesity, reducing pasture and NSC intake, and discussing the use of a medication with a veterinarian.
Exercise Benefits Senior Horses
Unsoundness and other frailties of old age often call for horses to be relieved of day-to-day performance requirements, but regular exercise remains important for older horses.
Safe Horse Handling for Vet Techs
As a handler, the veterinary technician plays an important role in whether a procedure is performed safely. Here's what to remember when handling horses for procedures to keep the veterinarian, patient, and yourself safe.
Trail Horse Hoof Care
Learn about the best trimming and shoeing practices to ensure your horse stays sound while traveling the trails.
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