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Today's News - Tuesday, January 24, 2017
Jockey Club TIP Increases Shows and Offerings in 2017
The Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) will offer awards and classes at more than 1,000 shows in 42 states and six Canadian provinces.
Do Probiotics Help Prevent Foal Diarrhea?
The probiotic researchers tested had "disappointing" results, but not all studies have yielded negative results.
Deciphering Your Feed Tag: Performance Horse Feeds
Manufacturers have designed feeds to boost performance horses' calorie intake and meet additional nutrient needs that increase with work.
USDA APHIS Adds Korea to List of CEM-Affected Regions
Horses from Korea will be subject to import restrictions designed to reduce risk of CEM being brought to the United States.
FEI Announces Decision in Anti-Doping Case Involving Vet
The FEI Tribunal has suspended an Indian veterinarian involved in a 2012 doping case involving the endurance horse Glenmorgan.
Miami-Dade County Seeks Custody of Allegedly Abused Horse
A man was charged with animal cruelty after riding the allegedly underweight horse 700 miles from South Carolina to Florida.
Tips for Rehabbing Soft Tissue Injuries in Horses
Successful treatment depends on an accurate diagnosis and good knowledge of the therapeutic options available.
Horses' Physiologic Responses to Exercise
Physiologic and anatomic systems coordinate to allow a horse to reach his maximum athletic potential. Several factors can limit performance, but an understanding of these issues can help owners get the most from their equine athletes.
EEE Confirmed in Jefferson County, Florida, Horse
The 6-year-old Quarter Horse mare, a recent rescue with an unknown vaccination history, was euthanized.
Fair Grounds EHV: Some Horses Could be Released Soon
The quarantine will phase out starting with the 42 barns where horses never showed clinical signs of disease.
The Veterinarian's Role in Equine Abuse Investigations
How a veterinarian goes about examining and treating allegedly abused horses can mean the difference between a successful or unsuccessful case against the owner.
Life After Laminitis
Your laminitis survivor's true prognosis depends on how you mange him after the worst is over.
Hay: Does Fertilization Matter?
Should I look for hay that comes from a fertilized or unfertilized field? In what ways would the nutrition be affected? Does fertilizing the field increase the protein content of the hay? What are appropriate questions to ask regarding the hay?
AHF Funds Arabian Horse Research Projects
The Arabian Horse Foundation is funding research on juvenile idiopathic epilepsy and occipitoatlantoaxial malformation.
SAFE Act Reintroduced in Congress
The bill is the latest attempt to outlaw the purchase and transport of U.S. horses for slaughter.
Walking Horse Group to Challenge USDA Rule
The legal team for FAST is preparing a response to the new rule which bans the use of action devices and pads or stacks.
Scientists Find Genes Behind Crooked Legs in Shetland Ponies
A hereditary disease--skeletal atavism--leads to disturbed skeletal development and usually requires euthanasia.
Poll Recap: Winter Horse Care Concerns
Of the 556 respondents, 190 (34%) said their biggest concern is keeping horses' water sources from freezing.
Kentucky EHV: Additional Cases Confirmed at One Facility
While two premises in Oldham County remain under quarantine, the outbreaks are unrelated as different strains of the virus were detected at the two facilities.
Seeking Relief: Current Directions in Equine Pain Management
Learn what veterinarians are doing to improve how they control equine pain.
Fair Grounds EHV: Entire Facility Quarantined
The EDCC reports that at least 38 horses have tested positive for non-neuropathogenic EHV-1 and two have tested positive for neuropathogenic EHV-1.
Chains, Stacks Banned in Walking Horse Training, Exhibition
The new rule prohibits the use of action devices, pads, and wedges, except for those used for therapeutic or protection purposes.
How Much Grain Should I Feed My Colic-Prone Horse?
An owner with a colicky horse is worried that grain could be the culprit and wants to know how much to feed.
BLM to Begin Sulphur Wild Horse Gather, PZP Treatment
About 400 horses, including 100-150 mares treated with the contraceptive vaccine, will be released back onto the Sulphur HMA.
Is an Equine IBH Vaccine on the Horizon?
A recently tested vaccine induced high IgG antibody levels and Th1/Treg immune responses (strong signs of immunity) in naive horses.
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