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Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

Gifts for horse lovers? You’re in the right place. It’s all about the thrill of the ride, the love for those majestic creatures, and the lifestyle that comes with it. 

Whether they’re morning riders, sunset gallopers, or admirers from afar, finding that perfect gift can mean the world. Here, we dive into a treasure trove of ideas designed to celebrate the bond between humans and horses. 

From practical to heartwarming, let’s trot through the 30 best gifts that will make their hearts gallop with joy.

30 Best Gifts for Horse Lovers

Here’s the ultimate list of gifts for those who dream of hoofbeats and live for the saddle.

1. Good luck horseshoe pendant friendship chain necklace

Horseshoes are a universal symbol of good luck. Incorporating them into a pendant offers a daily reminder of this positive energy. 

It’s a blend of equestrian passion and a token of friendship, making it a cherished accessory for anyone who loves horses.

2. Cute horse paper clips

These aren’t just paper clips. They’re a way to bring a bit of horse love into everyday tasks. 

They are perfect for organizing horse show entries, vet records, or just keeping notes together. They also add a playful touch to paperwork.

3. Multi-colored horse hair ties

Beyond their practical use in keeping hair secure while riding or working in the stable, these horse hair ties serve as a fashionable statement of equestrian pride.

Available in a variety of colors, they can match riding outfits or barn gear. They allow horse lovers to subtly showcase their passion. 

They’re not just functional. They’re a fun and stylish accessory that ties (quite literally) their love for horses into every aspect of their life.

4. Wine tumbler with sliding lid

Wine tumblers combine functionality with equestrian charm. The sliding lid ensures that drinks stay at the right temperature and prevents spills.

It’s therefore ideal for use in both outdoor and indoor settings. Horse-themed designs on the tumbler celebrate the recipient’s love for these majestic creatures. 

Thus, every sip is a reminder of the joy and tranquility horses bring into lives.

5. Horse paint set and 3D SVG Designs

his paint set offers horse lovers a creative outlet to express their admiration and connection to horses, inviting them to explore their artistic side.

For those who love both painting and crafting, combining these scenes with intricate 3D SVG designs can elevate their creations, offering a new dimension of personalization.

Whether it’s painting or crafting with laser-cut files for 3D paper crafts, the possibilities are endless. This approach not only reflects the emotional bond between humans and horses but also introduces an innovative way to create personal artworks that stand out.

It’s a perfect gift for encouraging relaxation, creativity, and personal expression

6. Horse makeup bag

Elegantly designed with horse motifs, this makeup bag is a chic way for horse lovers to carry their essentials. It’s a daily reminder of their passion, compact and versatile for use at home, in the barn, or on the go. 

The thoughtful design shows an understanding of the recipient’s love for horses. It’s therefore a personal and practical gift that integrates into their lifestyle.

7. Primitives by Kathy square box sign

This decor item brings rustic charm and equestrian warmth to any space. Featuring heartfelt quotes or artistic representations of horses, it serves as a daily inspiration and a declaration of the owner’s equestrian lifestyle. 

It’s a versatile piece that fits perfectly in a living room, tack room, or stable, offering comfort and motivation through its simple, yet profound message.

8. The Horse encyclopedia

A horse encyclopedia is an essential tome for any horse lover’s library. This encyclopedia is a comprehensive resource covering a wide range of topics related to horses. 

It has details of different breeds, care, training, and health. It also offers a wealth of knowledge that deepens the reader’s understanding and appreciation of horses. 

So, it’s not just a book. It’s a gateway to exploring the vast world of equestrianism. This makes it an invaluable gift for both novices and seasoned horse enthusiasts.

9. Squishmallows 10″ Grady the horse

Grady The Horse is more than just a plush toy. It’s a soft, comforting companion that captures the essence of equine friendship. 

With its cuddly texture and adorable design, this Squishmallow offers solace and joy, reminiscent of the comfort horses provide. 

It’s therefore a perfect gift for horse lovers of all ages. This is because it offers a tangible piece of their passion to hug and hold whenever they need a little extra love.

10. Belniak fairy pony string lights

These string lights add an enchanting touch to any room, casting a soft, magical glow that evokes the whimsical side of horse love. 

The delicate pony silhouettes on the lights create a dreamy ambiance. The lights are perfect for horse-themed parties, bedroom decors, or creating a space to relax and dream about equine adventures. 

It’s a gift that transforms everyday environments into fairy-tale settings.

11. Horse care riding and training for kids

This thoughtful gift is an invitation for young horse enthusiasts to dive deep into the world of equestrianism. It offers practical advice, fun facts, and engaging activities that cover all aspects of horse care, riding, and training. 

It’s not just a book. It’s a starting gate for a lifelong journey of learning and passion for horses, making it an inspiring gift for budding equestrians.

12. Gzrlyf horse keychain

More than a simple accessory, this keychain is a daily reminder of the joy and freedom that horses bring into one’s life. Crafted with equestrian motifs, it’s a portable piece of their passion, always at their side.

It’s a small but meaningful gift that connects the practical need for a keychain with a personal love for horses. It’s therefore a cherished item for horse lovers.

13. Late for the sky horse-opoly board game

Horse-Opoly offers hours of entertainment for equestrian families and friends. It combines the classic fun of a property trading game with a horse-loving twist, 

It’s a unique way to engage with the equestrian world, learning about different horse breeds and care tips through gameplay. This board game is a perfect gift for bringing horse lovers together for a night of fun and bonding over their shared passion.

14. AOWDIAO horse stickers

These stickers allow horse lovers to personalize their belongings with flair and pride. They are ideal for decorating notebooks, laptops, water bottles, and more. 

They also serve as a creative outlet for expressing equestrian identity. Each sticker is a vibrant celebration of horse love, making them a fun and affordable gift that can brighten up everyday objects with an equine spirit.

15. OBSI horse blanket

Offering warmth and comfort, this horse-themed blanket is like a hug from a beloved steed. It’s perfect for cozy evenings at home or keeping warm at chilly outdoor events. 

The design reflects the elegance and beauty of horses, making it a stylish and functional addition to any horse lover’s home. It’s a gift that wraps the recipient in the comfort of their passion, embodying both utility and love.

16. Black and white Boho horse mug horse

Mornings start better with a coffee or tea served in a mug that speaks to the soul. This boho-inspired horse mug combines artistic design with everyday function. 

It makes each sip a reminder of the drinker’s equine affection. It’s a thoughtful gift that integrates seamlessly into daily routines, offering a moment of joy with every use.

17. Hot Sox horse socks

These socks are a cozy and quirky way to keep feet warm while showcasing a love for horses. Featuring fun and stylish horse designs, they’re perfect for wearing around the house, at the barn, or even making a statement in the office. 

They’re a practical gift that adds a playful touch to the wardrobe of any horse enthusiast.

18. Equestrian show journal

Designed for the competitive rider, this journal helps track training progress, show schedules, and results. It’s a valuable tool for setting goals, reflecting on performances, and planning future competitions. 

This gift is a thoughtful way to support a horse lover’s competitive journey. It also offers a structured space for personal and equestrian growth.

19. Children’s paddock boots

Quality paddock boots are essential for any young rider, providing safety, comfort, and style in the saddle. This gift shows a deep understanding of a young equestrian’s needs, offering them the foundation for confident riding. 

It’s a practical gift that underscores a commitment to nurturing their passion and development in the sport.

20. Horse stirrup necklace

This necklace brings a piece of the riding experience into everyday life. With a design inspired by the classic stirrup, it symbolizes the connection between rider and horse.

It also serves as a constant reminder of the love for riding. Needless to say, this is a gift that combines equestrian tradition with contemporary fashion, making it a perfect accessory for any horse lover.

21. Horse grooming kit

A comprehensive horse grooming kit includes all the tools needed to keep a horse clean, comfortable, and healthy. These kits contain brushes, combs, hoof picks, and more, neatly packaged for convenience and efficiency. 

Gifting a grooming kit shows a thoughtful consideration for the recipient’s daily routine with their horse. It also emphasizes the importance of bonding and care in the horse-human relationship. 

It’s a practical, yet meaningful gift that supports the well-being of both the horse and the rider.

22. Magnetic massage jelly curry comb

This grooming tool combines the functionality of a traditional curry comb with the therapeutic benefits of magnet therapy. 

It’s designed to massage the horse’s muscles while loosening dirt and shedding hair. It promotes relaxation and comfort, making grooming sessions a pleasurable experience. 

The magnetic aspect enhances circulation and aids in recovery. Therefore, this comb is a unique gift that shows a deep understanding of equine care and the desire to provide the best for a horse.

23. Tooled leather backpack

For the fashion-forward equestrian, a tooled leather backpack is both a practical and stylish accessory. Perfect for carrying essentials to the barn, shows, or anywhere, it combines functionality with a love for horses. 

The intricate leather tooling often reflects themes of nature, horses, and Western style. It’s a standout piece that any horse lover would be proud to wear. 

This gift is a nod to the recipient’s passion for horses and their appreciation for quality craftsmanship.

24. Tongue horse groomer

The tongue groomer mimics the natural sensation of being groomed by another horse’s tongue. It’s gentle and effective for removing dirt and loose hair, providing a comforting experience for the horse. 

This tool not only helps in maintaining the horse’s coat but also strengthens the bond between horse and groomer. It’s an innovative gift that showcases a thoughtful consideration for the horse’s comfort and the natural behaviors that promote well-being.

25. Treat ball feeder

This toy is designed to help reduce boredom for horses while promoting healthy eating habits. The feeder dispenses treats or feeds as the horse plays with it, encouraging movement and cognitive engagement. 

It’s useful for stabled horses, providing mental stimulation and preventing boredom. Gifting a treat ball feeder is a thoughtful way to contribute to a horse’s happiness and health.

26. Slow feed hay ball feeder

This innovative feeding solution is designed to mimic natural grazing patterns. It slows down the horse’s eating pace and promotes digestive health. 

The slow-feed hay ball feeder is a spherical device with holes. The horse can pull hay in small amounts, encouraging engagement and reducing boredom. 

It’s especially beneficial for horses confined to stalls, as it prolongs feeding time and encourages movement. Gifting this feeder shows a thoughtful concern for a horse’s physical and mental well-being. 

Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for horse owners focused on promoting a natural and healthy lifestyle.

27. Leather and cowhide duffle bag

A leather and cowhide duffle bag is a luxurious gift for the equestrian who likes accessories. It’s perfect for weekend shows, trips to the barn, or even as a stylish travel bag.

Its unique design combines functionality with equestrian flair. The use of genuine leather and cowhide not only ensures longevity but also pays homage to traditional equestrian materials.

28. Pumpkin spice horse treats

Tapping into the seasonal favorite flavor, pumpkin spice horse treats offer a festive and nutritious snack for horses. Made with natural ingredients, these treats are delicious and also provide a healthy supplement to a horse’s diet. 

They’re a wonderful way to reward and bond with a horse, showing care and affection through the joy of tasty treats. For horse owners who love to indulge their horses with special snacks, these pumpkin spice treats are a delightful gift.

29. Ladies luxe hoodie

A luxe hoodie designed with the equestrian in mind combines comfort, style, and practicality. You can wear them around the barn, during cool morning rides, or as a casual statement of equestrian passion. 

This hoodie offers warmth and softness without sacrificing elegance. It features a tailored fit, high-quality materials, and equestrian-themed details making it a fashionable and functional gift.

30. Victory ringside backpack

The Victory Ringside Backpack is the ultimate companion for horse shows, events, or everyday use. Its thoughtful design includes compartments for a helmet, boots, and other riding essentials. 

This backpack is a testament to the recipient’s active equestrian lifestyle. It’s a gift that combines practicality with the spirit of competition and the love of horses.


As we conclude our trot through these thoughtful gifts, remember that the best presents are those that reflect a deep understanding and respect for the recipient’s passion. 

Whether for a birthday, holiday or just because, each of these gifts stands as a testament to the love and care horse lovers devote to their equine companions. 

So, next time you’re looking to surprise a horse enthusiast in your life, consider one of these chosen items. They’re not just gifts. They’re a way to gallop straight into the heart of anyone who lives for the love of horses.

Dr. Noman Tariq

Dr. Noman Tariq

Dr. Noman Tariq, a seasoned veterinarian with a DVM from ARID University and an MPhil in Animal Nutrition from UVAS, specializes in equine health. His deep passion for horse nutrition and well-being drives his work, offering invaluable advice for horse owners. Dr. Tariq's expertise ensures horses lead vibrant, healthy lives.
You can read my full bio here

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Best Gifts for Horse Lovers