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Category: Training

Apr 03
Horse excavation and grading for beginners

Introduction: Excavation and grading are crucial steps in creating a safe and functional area for your horses. Whether you’re planning to build a riding arena, a round pen, or simply leveling your horse pasture, proper excavation and grading are crucial for ensuring a stable and safe surface for your horses. 1. Factors to Consider for […]

Apr 02
This is why horses love music so much… AMAZING!

Introduction: Have you ever noticed your horse reacting to music? Maybe they start swaying their head or tapping their hoof to the beat? It’s not just your imagination – horses really do love music! In fact, recent studies have shown that music can have a positive impact on horses in various ways. In this blog, […]

Mar 24
Can Massage Therapy Improve Your Horse’s Performance?

Introduction: Welcome fellow equestrian enthusiasts! Today, we’re delving into the world of equine massage therapy, a holistic practice that can help your horse feel and perform at its best. We’ll explore the benefits, techniques, and tips for incorporating this healing art into your horse care routine. So, saddle up and let’s get started! 1. What […]

Sep 01
Clinton Anderson: Black or White?

I learned to ride English at age 7, and at age 11 learned to ride western. Since those early days, I have taken numerous lessons and classes, worked with many horses, worked with many people, read many books, viewed many videos, and entered many competitions from Dressage to Gymkhana. Never a famous champion, sometimes in […]

Aug 03
Overcoming Fear: Becoming A Confident Rider

I go to the barn, groom, lunge or turn-out my horse 3-4 times each week. But I never get on and ride. Every time my horse canters, I freak out. I’m afraid of getting hurt and not being able to work or care for my family. I want riding to be FUN – the way […]

Jun 22
Mom, Dad, I Want A Pony 

When is My Child Ready for a Pony? With the gift-giving season upon us, many parents will ask themselves this question and wonder when it’s appropriate to buy a pony. Maybe it’s a moment you’ve been expectantly waiting for, maybe it’s a moment you’ve been dreading. But, there are no two ways about it, at […]

Sep 04

When not in the saddle, Craig works as a consultant, specializing in Change Management for government and the private sector. Translated into English, this basically means that he coaches people in how to cope with organizational change, anything from implementing a new computer system to accepting new leadership. Apparently, getting people to handle change effectively […]

Jan 27
Trail Riding Etiquette

Pleasure trail riding like all aspects of equine use has its rules and regulations pertaining to trail use and manners. How a person rides a trail can determine not only his own enjoyment but the safety of himself, his own horse and other trail users too.With the high demand for trails throughout the nation, there […]

Jan 27

Isn’t it dandy to be riding a horse that you can open gates with? Not to mention being able to move him over to get your Coke off the fence, untie a horse you’re ponying, or smooch your honey on another horse. And, in fact, good leg control of a horse makes him much safer […]