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BriteAngle LED Safety Triangles keep your horses safe in a disabled trailer!

BriteAngle Design – BriteAngle LED Warning Triangles have revolutionized roadside safety.
They are the most reliable warning triangle available for all road users. Conventional reflective
warning triangles depend on the headlights of oncoming traffic to highlight a roadside emergency. BriteAngle LED flashing lights can be seen 300 yards day or night.

BriteAngles can be assembled in seconds. A compact rugged storage case doubles as the deployment stand. Traffic cone mounting brackets are also available to secure BriteAngles to cones. 4 AA batteries are included to provide 20+ hours of flashing LED visibility. BriteAngles are a “must carry” safety product especially in Fog, Smoke, Rain or Snow. They are also 35 – 40% cheaper than flares plus eliminate fire, pollution and fume danger.

Who we are - Road Safety Supplies Company (RSS) is the U.S. distributor for BriteAngle
LED Emergency Warning Triangles. They are manufactured by Road Safety Designs in the UK and are popular with people who trailer their horses. Road Safety Supplies Company is a veteran owned small business with headquarters in Medford, Oregon. We ship throughout the U.S.

Our Mission - To provide extra visibility for disabled vehicles, trailers, and workers in traffic situations. We truly hope you will never have to use our products in an emergency. But, in the event you do, we want your BriteAngles to warn oncoming traffic to SLOW DOWN and MOVE OVER. Our highest priority is preventing the agony of people or broken down vehicles and trailers being hit by oncoming traffic.

List Price - $55.00 each
2 to 4 - $49.00 each
5 or more - $47.00 each

Shipping: FREE

>>> Click here to purchase BriteAngles today <<<

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