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Best Horse Breeds for Jumping

Best Horse Breeds for Jumping

There’s something magical about horse jumping, isn’t there? It’s not just a sport; it’s a ballet of power, grace, and courage, where horse and rider become one in their dance over hurdles.

But what makes a horse great at this awe-inspiring dance? It’s not just about having four legs and a tail.

No, it takes a special blend of agility, athleticism, and a heart as big as their jump. 

We’re going to find the best horse breeds for jumping. So, saddle up as we embark on this thrilling ride.

Best Horse Jumping Breeds

  • Dutch warmblood
  • Oldenburger
  • Arabian Thoroughbred
  • Hanoverian
  • Trakehner
  • Irish Sport Horse
  • Selle Francais
  • American Quarter Horse
  • Anglo-Arabian
  • Belgian Warmblood
  • Connemara
  • Holsteiner
  • Morgan
  • Draft Crosses
  • Westphalian
  • Mule

Characteristics of Good Horse Breeds for Jumping

When talking about what makes a horse great for jumping, think of them almost like athletes in their own right. They need a mix of agility, athleticism, power, and speed. Agility lets them manoeuvre courses easily, darting and weaving like pros. 

Athleticism is about their overall fitness and ability to perform. They’ve got to have the muscle and the grace, a real combination of strength and elegance.

Then, there’s power. This is what propels them over those high jumps. It’s like watching a basketball player dunk; that explosive strength is key. 

Speed, of course, keeps them swift on their feet, making sure they can cover ground quickly and keep the momentum going.

But it’s not just about physical traits. Bravery and courage are huge. A jumping horse faces daunting obstacles; they need the heart to tackle them without hesitation. They’re the daredevils of the equestrian world, fearless in the face of challenge.

Surefootedness is another must-have. It’s about being steady and reliable, no matter the terrain. These horses know exactly where to place their feet, keeping both themselves and their riders safe.

And let’s not forget a good temperament. A horse that’s calm, cooperative, and willing makes training easier and the jumping experience better for everyone involved. They’re the ones that work with their riders as a team, forming a bond that’s both powerful and inspiring.

So, when you sum it up, a top-notch jumping horse is more than just their ability to leap. It’s about a blend of physical prowess, mental strength, and a personality that makes them a joy to work with.

Characteristics of Good Horse Breeds for Jumping

The Best Horse Breeds for Jumping

The best horse breeds for show jumping include:

1. Dutch warmblood

The Dutch Warmblood, a star in the jumping arena, shines bright with its power and grace. Specialized in show jumping, this breed takes the spotlight with its ability to clear high obstacles and its agility in turning tight corners. 

Imagine it soaring over jumps as high as 6 feet with ease, all while moving at a pace that keeps the crowd on the edge of their seats. 

It’s not just their athleticism that sets them apart. Their cool, composed temperament, make them reliable partners in the heat of competition. Truly, Dutch Warmbloods are the acrobats of the equestrian world.

Dutch Warmblood

2. Oldenburger

The Oldenburg horse is a true powerhouse in the jumping world, especially favored in show jumping circles. This breed brings to the table a blend of strength and agility, making it capable of handling the demanding courses with finesse. 

Oldenburgs can leap with the best of them, tackling jumps around 6 feet high. They showcase not just their physical prowess but also a level of speed that keeps competitions exciting. 

Their standout feature? A temperament that’s as steady as their jump is high, ensuring they’re always a solid bet for riders aiming to dazzle in the show jumping arena.


3. Arabian Thoroughbred

The Arabian Thoroughbred, known for its endurance, also shines in the jumping world. This breed excels in show jumping, bringing speed and grace to the course. 

They can leap impressively, clearing obstacles up to 5 feet high. Their agility makes them swift, navigating courses with ease. 

What sets them apart is their spirit. They’re not just fast; they’re smart, making quick decisions mid-air. This combo of speed, smarts, and skill offers an exceptional value for the Arabian breed price.

Arabian Thoroughbred

4. Hanoverian

The Hanoverian horse is a star in show jumping. It’s known for power and elegance. These horses can soar over jumps up to 6 feet high. 

They’re fast, making every course look easy. Hanoverians are built for this sport. They have the strength to jump high and the agility to do it quickly. 

Their success comes from a mix of muscle and mind. They’re smart, working well with their riders. This breed is not just about speed or height. 

It’s about making tough jumps look smooth and effortless. In the jumping world, Hanoverians are true athletes, always ready to impress.


5. Trakehner

The Trakehner horse excels in eventing, which includes jumping. They are agile and can jump high. Think jumps around 5 feet or more. 

They move with speed and grace. Trakehners are known for their endurance too. This makes them perfect for the variety in eventing. 

They have a special blend of strength and elegance. This breed is smart, making quick decisions during courses. Their ability to work closely with riders sets them apart. 

In the world of jumping, Trakehners are versatile athletes. They tackle every challenge with heart and finesse, showing just what they’re capable of.


6. Irish Sport Horse

The Irish Sport Horse shines in eventing and show jumping. They’re tall and strong, built to leap. Picture them clearing jumps over 6 feet high. They move fast, with power and grace. 

This breed is known for its calm nature and intelligence. It’s this mix that makes them excel. They’re not just about height. They’re about agility too. 

Irish Sport Horses can navigate complex courses swiftly. They work well with riders, showing bravery and smarts. In the jumping world, they’re all-rounders, tackling every challenge with ease. 

They’re the type that makes tough jumps look effortless, every time.

Irish Sport Horse

7. Selle Francais

The Selle Francais is a standout in show jumping. They’re tall and well-built, with a powerful frame. These horses are known for their athleticism and agility. 

They can jump high, easily clearing obstacles over 6 feet. They’re quick on their feet, making them fast around courses. 

What makes them special? Their bravery and intelligence. They approach jumps with confidence. Their smooth coordination with riders is key. 

The Selle Francais is not just strong; it’s smart. This breed tackles courses with ease, making difficult jumps look simple. They’re true athletes, always ready to impress in the jumping arena.

Selle Francais

8. American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse is the sprinter of the horse world, celebrated for its incredible speed over short distances. It holds the title as one of the most popular horse breeds in the United States. 

This breed stands out with its compact, muscular build, making it a powerhouse of strength and agility. Though not known for high jumping, the American Quarter Horse excels in reining, cutting, and barrel racing. 

Its low center of gravity and powerful hindquarters allow for quick starts, stops, and turns. What truly sets the American Quarter Horse apart is its speed in the quarter mile—hence the name. 

It can outpace other breeds in races up to a quarter mile, reaching speeds up to 55 mph. While it may not be the typical jumping horse, its speed, intelligence, and docility make it a beloved all-rounder, capable of performing in various equestrian disciplines with grace and power.

American Quarter Horse

9. Anglo-Arabian

The Anglo-Arabian horse is a striking blend of the best traits from the Thoroughbred and Arabian breeds. Known for its elegance, stamina, and agility, this horse combines the speed and height of the Thoroughbred.

In terms of jumping, the Anglo-Arabian makes its mark in eventing. This discipline demands the ability to jump well and to endure the long distances and varied challenges of cross-country courses. 

The Anglo-Arabian excels here, bringing its natural stamina and agility to the forefront. It can jump high and move fast, navigating obstacles with the grace of its Arabian heritage and the powerful leap of its Thoroughbred side.


10. Belgian Warmblood

The Belgian Warmblood is a star in show jumping. It’s big and strong, built to leap.

They stand tall, with a powerful build ideal for jumping. They excel at soaring over high jumps, easily clearing obstacles over 6 feet. 

Speed? They’ve got it, moving quickly across courses.

What’s special about them? They’re calm and smart. This makes them great partners in competition.

They handle jumps with ease and grace. The Belgian Warmblood is known for its jumping skill and cooperative nature. It’s a breed that shines in the arena, making tough courses look easy. They’re born to jump.

Belgian Warmblood

11. Connemara

The Connemara pony is a gem in the jumping world. Smaller than horses, they stand proud and sturdy. 

They’re built tough, with a compact body and strong legs. They specialize in show jumping and eventing, perfect for their size. 

Despite their stature, they can jump high, easily clearing obstacles. They’re quick and agile, making tight turns look easy. 

Connemaras are known for their good nature, bravery, and intelligence. They face jumps with heart, and their calm and willing attitude makes training a breeze. 

The Connemara shows that great jumpers come in all sizes. They’re small but mighty, proving size isn’t everything.


12. Holsteiner

The Holsteiner is a top pick in show jumping. They’re tall, strong, and built for power. Known for their impressive jumps, they can clear high obstacles with ease. 

They’re fast, moving smoothly and swiftly. Holsteiners are calm and smart, making them great competition partners. 

They excel in jumping because of their strength and agility. This breed has a natural talent for soaring over jumps, making tough courses seem simple. 

Their cooperative nature and jumping ability make them favorites in the arena. Holsteiners are born to jump, showcasing their skills in every leap.


13. Morgan

Morgans are strong, and lively horses. They are not just for jumping. But, they can jump well when trained. 

They do great in many sports. This includes lower jumping events. Morgans learn fast and like to make their riders happy. 

They have lots of energy and can do many kinds of horse sports. People of all ages love Morgans. They are friendly and work well with their riders.

Morgan Horse

14. Draft Crosses

Draft Crosses mix draft horses with other breeds. They’re big and strong. These horses are taller and heavier than many. They mix power with agility. 

Draft Crosses can do many things. They are not just for pulling. Many are good at lower jumping events.

They can jump, but not the highest. They’re not the fastest but move well. 

These horses are calm and smart. They learn quickly and like to work.

Draft Crosses are great for riders who want a big, gentle horse. They can jump and do sports, showing off their mixed heritage with pride.

Draft Crosses

15. Westphalian

The Westphalian horse comes from the Westphalia region of Germany, and it’s quite the athlete of the horse world. Known for a strong build, this breed stands out with its elegant appearance and muscular frame. 

They shine in dressage and show jumping, thanks to their agility and the power behind their jumps. In dressage, their ability to perform complex movements with ease makes them top contenders. 

When it comes to jumping, they can clear significant heights with the precision and speed that judges and spectators love.

What sets Westphalians apart is their temperament. They’re known for being both willing and intelligent, traits that make them a joy to train and work with. 

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16. Mule

Mules, the offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, are quite the interesting characters in the animal world. They inherit the best of both parents: the strength, endurance, and patience of a donkey, and the speed, agility, and body size of a horse. 

While not typically associated with jumping in a competitive sense, mules can jump. They often surprise with their ability to clear obstacles when needed. 

Their agility can be quite impressive, and they’ve been known to participate in trail and pleasure riding. (Read more: Best Hoof Boots for Trail Riding)

In summary, while mules might not be the first choice for traditional jumping competitions, their ability to handle obstacles, showcases their unique and valuable place in the world of animal athletes.


Categories of Horse Jumping

Let’s break down the world of horse jumping into four main flavors, each with its zest and flair.

Cross country 

Think of it as the ultimate outdoor adventure on horseback. Horses and riders navigate a course peppered with natural obstacles. Think logs, ditches, and water jumps—spread out over fields and woods. 

It’s not just about leaping over barriers. It’s a test of endurance, speed, and the bond between horse and rider as they tackle the challenges mother nature throws their way.


This one’s all about style and grace. It’s like the horse version of a high fashion show. 

Horses leap over a series of obstacles that mimic natural hurdles you might find in the countryside. Judges keep an eye out for how elegantly the horse moves and jumps, scoring them on their form and the smoothness of their ride. 

It’s less about speed and more about beauty and precision.


Then, there’s racing. Now, when most folks think of horse racing, they picture the Kentucky Derby—fast horses thundering down a track. 

But in races that include jumping, like steeplechase, it’s a whole different ball game. Here, horses gallop at high speeds but also jump over fences and hurdles. 

It’s thrilling, heart-pounding action where agility and speed are the names of the game.


Lastly, show jumping. This is the acrobatics of the equestrian world. 

Horses and riders zip around an arena, jumping over a course of colorful, man-made obstacles. Each jump is a test of the horse’s power and precision, and the aim is to clear the course without knocking any bars down, all while beating the clock. 

It’s fast-paced, exciting, and demands top-notch teamwork.

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Worst Horse Breeds for Jumping

While “worst” is a strong term, remember individual horses within any breed can defy the norm. Some horse breeds are not considered ideal for jumping due to their physical characteristics, traditional uses, or temperament. 

These breeds might not excel in high-level competitive jumping environments like show jumping or eventing but can still participate in lower levels or for recreational purposes. 

Here are a few examples:

  • Shire
  • Clydesdale
  • Fjord
  • Percheron
  • Haflinger

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What is the Best Horse for Jumping? FAQs

Is the bascule important in a jumping horse breed?

Yes, the bascule is a key element in the jumping technique of a horse. It refers to the horse’s ability to arch its back, lifting both the front and hind legs symmetrically as it clears an obstacle. This not only ensures a safer and more effective jump but also demonstrates the horse’s athletic ability and training quality. A good bascule helps clear higher jumps more efficiently and is a sign of a well-trained jumping horse.

Can any horse be a good jumping horse?

In theory, many horses can be trained to jump, but not all horses will excel at it. The success of a horse in jumping disciplines often depends on its physical characteristics, breed, temperament, and training. Some breeds are naturally more suited to jumping due to their build, agility, and power.

What is the hardest horse jump?

The Puissance wall is often considered the hardest and most challenging jump in show jumping competitions. It’s a high jump competition where the wall gets progressively taller after each round, sometimes exceeding 7 feet (about 2.13 meters). 

Best Horse Breeds for Show Jumping: Conclusion

And there you have it—the crème de la crème of the jumping world. Dutch Warmbloods, Holsteiners, Selle Français, and more. 

These breeds soar above the rest, quite literally. They’re the athletes of the equine world, with power, grace, and hearts as big as their jumps. 

Whether it’s the agility of a Selle Français or the sheer power of a Holsteiner, each breed brings its own magic to the arena. Remember, it’s not just about the ribbons or the height. It’s about the thrill, the partnership, and the love of the leap. 

So, saddle up, aim high, and let’s jump into the adventure together. Here’s to finding your perfect jumping partner among these stars of the show. 

Happy jumping!

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Best Horse Breeds for Jumping