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Today's News - Thursday, January 18, 2018
Watching the Herd
I've read several articles that suggest watching your horse in the pasture to learn more about the herd's social structure and horse behavior in general. What are some specific things I should watch for?
What Makes Some Stallion Semen Subpar?
Learn about 14 factors that can affect your stallion's fertility.
Penn Vet's New Bolton Center Under EHV Quarantine
On Jan. 16 a horse recently admitted to the hospital for non-neurologic signs tested positive for EHV-1 and ultimately displayed signs compatible with EHM.
Horses' Eye Blink Rate Could Reveal Stress Levels
Full and half blinks decreased significantly during stressful situations, researchers found.
My Horse Lost a 'Baby Tooth.' Should I Be Concerned?
My long yearling Dutch Warmblood mare knocked her tooth out so severely that it had to be removed by my vet. What is the long-term prognosis for a young horse losing a tooth prematurely?
Colorado Horse Found Butchered
Although similar incidents have occurred in recent years in Florida, this killing is the first of its kind reported in Pueblo County, authorities say.
Hard to Stomach: Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome
Learn to read the vast and varied signs of equine gastric ulcer syndrome.
Diagnosing Cardiac Arrhythmias in Horses on the Farm
Vets can use a smartphone-based heart monitor to identify arrhythmias that are difficult to diagnose in the field.
Diagnosing Equine Neurologic Diseases
Diagnostic evaluation begins with a neurologic exam to localize the lesion and continues with more focused testing.
International Equine Disease Report, Third Quarter 2017
Diagnosed diseases included strangles, EHV-1, equine influenza, rabies, tetanus, and Potomac horse fever, among others.
Poll Recap: Winter Water Sources for Horses
Of the 838 respondents, 290 (35%) said they keep thawed water available to their horses in a stock tank or trough with a heating element.
Top Lameness and Surgery Studies of 2017
Dr. Elizabeth Santschi recaps research on hock injections, nerve blocks, castration, osteochondral lesions, and more.
Is Sugar Beet Pulp Too High in Sugar for Horses?
Is the sugar content in beet pulp too high for some horses? Read an equine nutritionist's answer.
Feeding the Ulcer-Prone Horse
Learn how to craft a diet for the horse with painful lesions in his stomach.
Safe and Sensible Stallion Housing
Read about the latest research on housing stallions and tips for maximizing your stallion's health, security, and well-being.
Top Reproduction Studies of 2017
Dr. Regina Turner recaps research on endometritis, factors affecting pregnancy rates, treating placentitis, and more.
Jockey Club TIP Increases 2018 Shows and Offerings
The TIP also announced its 12 participants in the its 2018 Youth Ambassador Program.
2018 TAA Accreditation Application Available Online
Thoroughbred aftercare organizations interested in applying for TAA accreditation must do so by 6:00 p.m. EST on Apr. 15.
Post-Colic-Surgery Salmonellosis and Long-Term Prognosis
Horses that developed salmonellosis following colic surgery and survived to discharge did as well as those that did not develop salmonellosis.
UHC Announces New 'Operation Chip' Program
The UHC has partnered with MicrochipID Equine to provide the microchips for Operation Gelding participants.
Equine Welfare Advocates Sue Over Ft. Polk Horses
The advocates hope to prevent the U.S. Army from gathering and selling horses residing near Ft. Polk until a lawsuit regarding the animals is resolved.
Two European Slow Feeders for Horses Compared
On average it took horses about 30% longer to eat from both slow feeders compared to the ground, researchers found.
Remains of More Than 20 Horses Found in Florida
The remains of more than 20 horses apparently slaughtered for meat have been discovered near a roadside in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
BLM Conducting Triple B Complex Wild Horse Gather
The BLM plans to gather and remove up to 1,000 wild horses; they will treat approximately 250 mares with fertility control and release them, along with about 250 stallions, back into the complex.
Topical Atropine Not Likely Linked to Colic Development
Oral atropine has been associated with slowed gastrointestinal movement, but researchers found no evidence of this with topical application.
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