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Today's News - Sunday, June 25, 2017
UK to Host Turf Research Field Day
Field day attendees can tour the research plots at UK’s A.J. Powell Jr. Turfgrass Research Center at Spindletop Research Farm.
Two Types of Horsepower Drive UK Researcher
Dr. Carl Mattacola heads UK's Equine Jockey/Rider Injury Prevention Initiative,
Caring For Horses in Extreme Heat
As nearly half the United States is battling extreme summer heat, horse owners are struggling to help their horses adjust, stay healthy, and remain comfortable. What are the most important things to consider when caring for horses in extreme heat?
Tips for Keeping Horses Safe During July 4th Festivities readers and staff share their top tips for preparing and keeping horses safe during 4th of July festivities.
European Commission Recognizes Working Equids' Role
The Commission said projects focusing on improving welfare conditions would be appropriate in EU programming.
Farm and Facilities Expo Provides Practical Information
Find tips on barn design, farm site planning, nutrition, and pasture management.
The Healthy-Backed Horse
Learn how the all-important equine back functions and how to prevent problems from developing.
What to Expect After Colic Surgery
Equally as important as knowing whether you should send a horse to surgery is understanding what to prepare for once he’s back in his own stall.
BI Requests Proposals for 2017 Equine Research Awards
Proposals must be submitted by Sept. 15 and will be reviewed by an independent equine research review board.
OIE to Establish U.S.-Based Liaison Office in Texas
The U.S. office will be located Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases in College Station, Texas.
Therapeutic Riding Program Operator Faces Charges
Aiyanna Callaway faces 15 animal cruelty counts for allegedly failing to provide care for more than 30 horses.
UK Summit Focuses on Developing Tomorrow's Equine Workforce
Faculty and staff from UK listened as invited panelists offered insights on how UK’s educational programs contribute to developing a relevant workforce and engaged in roundtable discussions identifying current industry needs and future trends.
Researchers Study Muzzled Horse Behavior
Although horses spent more time walking when muzzled, they also more than doubled the time they spent standing.
Clinical Signs of Internal Parasites in Horses
Dr. Martin Nielsen gives a basic overview of health issues that could indicate your horse has "worms."
Colic: To Refer or Not to Refer
Does your colicking horse need to go to a clinic? Here's how veterinarians determine the need for referral.
Research Reveals Way to Improve Legume Nitrogen Production
Through a symbiotic relationship with soil-borne bacteria, legumes can fulfill their own nitrogen needs and produce and leave enough in the soil for other plants to use.
Venograms and Laminitis
What is a venogram, and how is it used to help diagnose laminitis?
Keeping Your Equine Athlete at the Top of His Game
Our sources share nine ways to help your sport horse perform at his best.
Deworming a Horse With an Unknown Health History
Get parasite control advice for horses that haven't been dewormed recently from Dr. Kenton Morgan.
Mending Equine Tendons and Ligaments
Researchers are exploring improved ways to heal these notoriously complicated soft tissue structures.
Poll Recap: Training Across Riding Disciplines
Of the 305 respondents, 166 (54%) said they've cross-trained their horses by taking lessons outside their primary riding disciplines.
Agencies Conducting Aerial Survey of Wild Burros in Arizona
The survey is part of ongoing research studies to collect information to guide future management of wild burros in Arizona.
Collected, Medium, and Extended Trot Biomechanics Studied
Researchers hoped to better understand the effect of collected and lengthened paces and differences between young and mature dressage horses.
Anhidrosis in Horses
Our equine nutritionist and physiology expert offers advice on managing horses that have stopped sweating.
The Horse Media Group Receives 2017 Equine Media Awards
The Horse Media Group received four awards, including two first place honors.
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