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Today's News - Tuesday, September 27, 2016
Enter's "Why Does My Horse Do That?" Contest
A video of your horse's behavior could win an evaluation by Dr. Sue McDonnell and a prize pack from Zylkene Equine.
Protecting Your Horse From Poisonous Fall Leaves
Is it okay for my horse to eat leaves that have fallen from trees in his pasture?
Stolen Georgia Thoroughbred Found
'Henry' was found in a North Georgia pasture, more than 140 miles away from where he was allegedly stolen.
BLM to Gather Sand Wash Wild Horses in October
Some mares will be treated with a contraceptive vaccine and released, while some young horses will be prepared for adoption.
Equine Rabies Refresher
Despite the fact that equine rabies is invariably fatal once contracted, it's a preventable disease if proper steps are taken. Proper vaccination and an owner's understanding of the disease can help keep horses and humans healthy.
10 Biosecurity Tips from Top Equine Health Experts
Protecting your horse from infectious disease needn't require storing him in a protective bubble. Here are 10 practical biosecurity tips you can use every day.
UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Parvathy Thampi
Parvathy Thampi is investigating the mechanisms that limit joint cartilage's ability to repair.
The Horse, Merck Partner for Rabies Education Week
World Rabies Day is Sept. 28. Look for articles and other content about rabies risk and learn how to protect your horses all week!
Levalbuterol Tested as Heaves Treatment
Levalbuterol is an effective bronchodilator, but its relatively short duration of action limits its potential use for long-term treatment.
Matt Koch Named 2016 Friend of UK Ag Equine Programs
Koch is a UK alum, an advisory committee member for the college’s equine programs, and a longtime supporter of the program’s educational mission.
UK Tour Displays Equine Industry Career Possibilities
The tour was designed to educate students about the broad variety of careers available in the equine industry.
The Grass Guide: Orchardgrass
Orchardgrass is a cool-season perennial and a desirable hay and pasture grass for horses.
Protect Your Horse From Leptospirosis
Leptospirosis is a serious bacterial disease that causes both recurrent uveitis ("moon blindness")—especially in Appaloosas, draft horses, and Warmbloods—and abortion in horses. But now there's a vaccine to prevent it. Is your horse is at risk?
UK Gluck Center Develops Novel EAV Test
The test is designed to identify which stallions are most likely to remain long-term carriers of the virus if infected.
New WNV Cases in California, Kentucky, Minnesota Horses
Two of the three newly confirmed horses were unvaccinated. The third has an unknown vaccination history.
Stolen Georgia Horse Recovered in South Carolina
A 23-year-old Thoroughbred taken with the recovered Quarter Horse remains missing.
All Drug Tests From Rio Para-Dressage Competitors Clean
This means back-to-back clean Paralympic games (London 2012 and Rio 2016) for para-equestrian participants.
Gluck Center, Hagyard to Host Mary Passenger Lecture
Topics will include the equine upper airways, lameness diagnosis, and preventing injuries in equine athletes.
Healthy Horse App Features More Horse Types, Uses
The smartphone app is designed to help owners better manage their horses' weights.
Mind the Gap: Feeding the Toothless Horse
If your horse has few to no teeth, he might not be chewing and digesting the nutrients he needs to maintain his health.
Kentucky Confirms Third Equine WNV Case for 2016
The unvaccinated 3-year-old Standardbred mare from Bourbon County is recovering at an area hospital.
Spontaneous Rearing and Food Aggression in Horses
One mare's rearing habit around her owner might be play initiation.
Leptospirosis Vaccine Licensed for Use in Pregnant Mares
The USDA has licensed a vaccine for use in pregnant mares to protect against leptospirosis, one cause of abortion in horses.
New Cases of EEE, PHF, WNV Confirmed Across the Country
Arizona reported a WNV case, Michigan confirmed two EEE cases, and West Virginia found WNV and PHF cases.
Kentucky Faces Difficulty With Alfalfa Establishment in 2016
Wet and humid weather resulted in a number of diseases popping up in alfalfa crops across the commonwealth.
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