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Today's News - Wednesday, March 29, 2017
Feeding Horses with Endocrine Disorders
Nutritional management revolves around weight loss and low-sugar and -starch diets.
Quarantine at FEI World Cup Finals Lifted After Retest
A horse arriving from Europe produced.a "questionable" blood test result, but tested negative on a retest.
Poll Recap: Horse Hoof Care Schedules
Of the 1,743 respondents, 841 (48%) said their horses' hooves are trimmed and/or shod every six to seven weeks.
Managing "Broken" Horses in Emergency Situations
Proper sedation and emergency bandaging can help buy time for a thorough examination and a thoughtful decision regarding the horse's future.
EHV Clinical Signs
Dr. Stephen Reed shares the clinical signs a horse infected with equine herpesvirus might exhibit.
Proposed West Virginia Bill Would Tax Veterinary Services
The legislation levy an 8% sales tax on a range of goods and services, including fees charged by veterinarians for any treatment of small and large animals.
Choosing Hay for a Yearling Horse
Our nutrition expert considers grain hays, grass hay, and alfalfa for feeding growing horses.
Supplementation Strategies for Performance Horses
Many pleasure horses can easily survive and prosper off hay alone. Elite athletic horses, however, need their diets customized to meet their specific dietary requirements, as hay alone often does not provide enough energy (calories).
Marion County, Oregon, Horse Tests Positive for EHV
The horse showed acute neurologic signs and was euthanized after his condition deteriorated.
Tips for Producing High-Quality Alfalfa Hay for Horses
When harvested correctly, alfalfa is a high-quality source of protein and calcium for horses.
FEI Rules on 2016 Prohibited Substance Cases
An endurance rider received a 30-month suspension while a para-equestrian's provisional suspension was lifted.
UK Graduate Student Spotlight: Victoria Taylor
Taylor is studying Kentucky 31 tall fescue, a novel endophyte tall fescue, and how they affect grazing nonpregnant and pregnant mares.
Arena Surface Impacts Fetlock Kinematics in Extended Trot
Researchers confirmed that footing properties could impact dressage horses' risk for suspensory ligament injury.
Sunland Park Reaccredited by NTRA Safety, Integrity Alliance
The alliance is designed to establish standards and practices to promote safety and integrity in horse racing.
UK to Host Second Equine Nutrition Short Course
Presentation topics include feeding through a horse's life cycle, evaluating body condition, nutrition myths, and more.
New Perspectives on Foal Nutrition
Dr. Laurie Lawrence shares results of studies on mare milk composition and foals' GI microbial colonization.
Broodmares' Nutritional Needs During Late Gestation
Late-pregnancy mares need to be fed adequately so they are not undernourished, because the last few months of fetal development see the most growth, tissue accumulation, and weight gain.
Michigan Man Held in Horse Shootings
Luke Wool is accused of shooting two draft horses in the same pasture at separate times.
Alabama Horse Shooter Sought
Authorities are hoping the public can help identify who shot two horses in the Punkin Center community of Morgan County.
UK to Host Second 3-MT Competition for Doctoral Students
The three-minute thesis (3-MT) competition helps students with communicating about their research in a concise, efficient manner.
Senior Horse Care Strategies
Aging is a natural process. But that doesn't mean it's easy. In horses strength and flexibility diminish. So does the body's ability to handle stress and infection.
Horse Grains and Feeds
Take a look at feeds and pelleted forages commonly found in the equine diet.
Clear and Present Danger: Reduce Your Horse's Disease Risk
Use this four-step plan to keep equine infectious diseases in check.
UKVDL Map of the Month: Lawsonia in Kentucky Equids
L. intracellularis can cause segments of small intestines and sometimes large intestines to thicken.
Scientists Revisit Historic Exercise Research in Racehorses
Scientists are highlighting early 20th century studies and Japanese researchers who were well ahead of their time.
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