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Today's News - Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Skin Issues That Affect Saddle Fit
Some sores, injuries, and infections can make saddling and riding a painful process for your horse. Here's what to watch for.
Pasture Management 101: Grass Species
In Part 1 of our series, learn which grasses can be used to populate horse pastures.
A Beer for Our Horses
With Oktoberfest in full swing, we started to wonder: Is the racetrack tradition of giving horses beer a good idea?
Dr. Jonathan Pycock Appointed New BEVA President
The equine reproduction specialist will serve as president of the British Equine Veterinary Association for 2017/18.
2017 BEVA Congress: Saturday's Top Tweets and Take-Homes
Tweets and take-homes from Saturday's educational sessions on topics such as equine dentistry, ultrasound and hoof care.
Study: Fat Ponies Will Work for Food
Researchers found that some ponies are willing to exercise themselves ... as long as there's food involved.
EVJ Calls for More Broodmare Reproduction Research
Equine reproduction is an important segment of equine veterinary medicine both in practical and commercial capacities.
TCA Provides Emergency Grant to Thoroughbreds in Caribbean
The grant will provide hay to Thoroughbreds living on the U.S. Virgin Islands recently devastated by Hurricane Irma.
Researchers Use GPS to Study Mare and Foal Movement
Scientists examined how the pairs' spatial distance evolve between each other, as well as between other herd members.
Ohio Confirms First Equine WNV Cases of 2017
Ohio also confirmed a case of EEE in an Ashtabula County horse on Aug. 24.
North Carolina Owners: Vaccinate Horses Against Rabies
Five cases of rabies have been confirmed in North Carolina livestock so far this year.
Could Horses Aid in Invasive Plant Control?
Researchers say horses could help control some invasive plant species in some brushland areas.
Understanding Rain Rot
Practicing good hygiene along with reducing environmental risk factors are the best ways to prevent your horse from getting rain rot.
2017 BEVA Congress: Friday's Top Tweets and Take-Homes
Tweets and take-homes from Friday's educational sessions on osteoarthritis, tendon injuries, strangles and more.
Texas Owners: Vaccinate Against Mosquito-Borne Illnesses
The Texas Animal Health Commission is encouraging owners to vaccinate horses against WNV and EEE.
Installing an Outdoor Riding Arena: Where to Start
A riding arena is a major financial investment. Here's what to ask before you begin construction.
British Vets Hope to Expand Equine Reproduction Research
An equine reproduction specialist shares tips for breeders to help them make the most of the latest research.
Concussion Awareness for Equestrians
Would you know if someone was suffering from a concussion? Here's what to watch for.
Equine Nutrition Counseling Services Have Positive Impact
Owners of horses with medical problems reported "good" results following nutritional consultation in 92% cases.
Surviving Natural Disasters With Your Horse
Do you have a plan in place for your horses if wildfires, tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes strike in your area? Learn how to prepare for the worst-case natural disaster scenarios during our live event.
2017 BEVA Congress: Thursday's Top Tweets and Take-Homes
Tweets and take-home messages from Day 1 educational sessions at the 2017 British Equine Veterinary Congress.
Are Horses Self-Aware?
Italian researchers used the mirror self-recognition test on horses. Here's a look at the results.
Horse Owners Take Stock After Hurricane Irma
Four days after Hurricane Irma swept through Florida horse owners from Miami to Tampa Bay are finally able to assess the damages left in the storm’s wake.
Two Additional WNV Cases Confirmed in Kentucky
The affected horses--a 7-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse gelding from Adair County and a 13-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare from Russell County--were not vaccinated.
Time-Saving Tips: Equine Veterinary and Farrier Visits
Veterinarians and farriers often have busy schedules. Here are some tips to help expedite their visit when they arrive.
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