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"The horse is the best judge of a good rider, not the spectator. If the horse has a high opinion of the rider, he will let himself be guided, if not, he will resist". Nuno Oliveira
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Today's News - Tuesday, May 23, 2017
How to Introduce and Use a Grazing Muzzle for Horses
An equine nutritionist offers tips for reducing your horse's pasture intake with a grazing muzzle.
Cushing's Horses' Long-Term Response to Pergolide
Researchers determined that owners and veterinarians can manage PPID for a long time without a progressive increase in pergolide dose.
Pintos, Paints, and Eye Pigmentation
Dr. Nicole Scherrer explains how natural pigmentation can help protect a horse's eyes from sunburn.
Additional Colorado Horses Test Positive for EIA
Three of nine horses exposed to an EIA-positive horse have also tested positive.
Hoof Abscesses in Horses
This common problem can cause sudden, severe lameness but often resolves quickly with the proper treatment.
BEVA Issues New Guidelines on Managing Equine Risks
The guides are designed to help equine veterinarians assess and manage risks with horses.
Interpreting Endocrine Diagnostics for Subfertile Mares
Careful interpretation of hormone concentrations can help diagnose reproductive problems, determine pregnancy status, and indicate the optimum time for conception.
Cloud Computing Conquers Classic Empire in Preakness Stakes
The lightly raced colt edged 2-1 second betting choice Classic Empire by a head in the race's last strides.
Maine Bill Could Wave Animal Surrender Fees
The bill would also allow cases to not be sent to the state's attorney, providing the subject of the investigation has voluntarily surrendered the animals and has not previously been charged with animal cruelty or neglect
Common Dewormers: Still Effective Against Small Strongyles?
New study results revealed that some commercially available dewormers showed poor efficacy on the majority of farms sampled.
An Inside Look at the Equine GI Microbiome
Researchers are learning more about how microbes within the gut influence horse health.
How to Prevent Sunburn on a Horse's Nose and Lips
Dr. Nicole Scherrer offers recommendations to protect a horse's sensitive muzzle from UV light.
Does Equine PPID Affect Immune Responses to Vaccination?
Horses with PPID had lessened antibody titers following vaccination for rhinopneumonitis and West Nile virus.
Equine Massage Therapists can now Practice in Tennessee
The state's House and Senate passed an amendment making it lawful for animal massage therapists to practice.
Advocates Stress Responsibility at Racehorse Aftercare Forum
Advocates emphasized owner responsibility and humane treatment and shared insights on racehorse retirement programs.
How Broodmare Nutrition Affects Her Foal
Researchers found that maternal over- and underfeeding can affect foals' bone growth, metabolism, and testicular development.
Sunburn vs. Photosensitivity: What's the Difference?
Dr. Rose Nolen-Walston helps distinguish painful sunburn from potentially fatal photosensitivity.
Cargill Investigates California Horse Deaths
Two horses that consumed Nutrena SafeChoice Senior died three days apart. Cargill's investigation is ongoing.
AQHA Executive Committee Approves Welfare Recommendations
Recommendations include adding specific medications to the forbidden drugs or substances, creating educational efforts for specific animal-handling procedures, to use drug- and animal welfare-related fines to support the steward program, and more.
From Sterilization to Stitches: Handling Horse Wounds
Veterinarians weigh in on the do's and don'ts of wound care, from discovery to recovery.
2017 UK Equine Farm, Facilities Expo to be Held June 8
Attendees can receive instruction about practical aspects of management for equine operations including barn design, farm site planning, nutrient intake regulation, and horse pasture management.
Study: Wood Chips Can Improve Paddock Soil Quality
Scientists say using absorbent, biodegradable materials in paddocks can keep water sources cleaner and favor grass production.
Study Confirms Kicks From Shod Horses Can Damage Bone
Metal shoes have a greater risk of damaging bone during a kick than polyurethane shoes or barefoot feet.
Rehabilitating the Foundered Horse: Case Study
Follow Tess, a 16-year-old mare, step-by-step as she rehabs from a bought of pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction-related laminitis.
The Science Behind Equine Boots and Bandages
What purpose does equine legwear really serve? Here's what you need to know.
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