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Today's News - Tuesday, July 25, 2017
Avoiding Dehydration in Sport Horses During Summer
Keeping competition horses well-hydrated isn't always easy. Our nutritionist offers tips to help prevent dehydration.
Do Horses Learn From Each Other?
Dr. Camie Heleski shares scientific information about how much horses might learn from watching each other.
What You Need to Know About Equine Stomach Acid
Common feeding practices could be causing your horse's stomach acid levels to rise.
Wildfire Near Yosemite Displace Horses
More than 100 horses were evacuated to several locations after Detweiler Fire destroyed their pastures and polluted the air.
Bug Off: Controlling Flies in Horse Barn
While flies might be a fact of life, we can limit population their numbers, allowing us to enjoy the time that we spend in the barn even more.
TCA Awards 2017 Grants
Seventy-one Thoroughbred industry-related nonprofits received grants totaling $462,139 in 2017.
Work-Life Balance Focus of 2017 AAEP Convention as Keynote
Nigel Marsh will explore how equine veterinarians can learn to balance their career, family time, personal time, and productivity to rediscover overall wellness and personal balance.
Sugars and Starches: They're Not All Bad!
Although we frequently warn against the consequences of feeding these carbohydrates, horses do need them in their diets.
Taking Care of the Mature Pony Club Mount
Join us live from the United States Pony Club 2017 Festival and learn how to take care of your experienced Pony Club mount!
BLM Wyoming Holds Hearing on Vehicle Use In Horse Management
Interested parties are invited to share comments regarding the use of helicopters and motorized vehicles in the management of wild horses throughout Wyoming.
Does Parade Participation Stress Horses?
Horses' stress levels remained within the range of stress levels often seen during routine work and management. For example, galloping, jumping, and short-term social isolation cause similar cardiac changes.
Fetlock Injuries in Racehorses
Learn about the signs, diagnosis, and management of repetitive stress-related fetlock injuries in racehorses.
West Nile Cases Confirmed in California, Wyoming Horses
The California horse died while the Wyoming horse is recovering.
Modern Przewalski's Horses Eat Different Diet Than Ancestors
Wild Przewalski's horses currently eat high-quality grass year-round. Previously, they ate less nutritious bushes along with grass.
Senate Committee Nixes Horsemeat Inspections
This comes after the House of Representatives declined forbid the USDA from using funds to conduct horsemeat inspections.
Top Tweets & Take-Homes from the AAEP Equine Colic Symposium
The AAEP Focus on Colic and International Equine Colic Symposium recently took place in Lexington, Kentucky. Here are some of the top tweets and take-home messages presented.
When the Herd Moves, Who Leads and Who Follows?
Contrary to conventional wisdom, horse herds are likely egalitarian and don't have a dominant stallion and "alpha" mare.
AHC Economic Impact Survey Deadline Extended
The horse owner and supplier survey in the National Economic Impact Study will remain open until Aug. 18.
New Grooms Working Group Meets with FEI President
The working group was created to improve communications and interaction with grooms about what the FEI can do to help them.
Swiss Barn Fires Kill More Than 20 Horses
Authorities believe the fires that incinerated two stables at the Swiss National Institute of Equitation could be arson-related.
Study Confirms Horses Read Other Horses' Facial Expressions
Researchers found horses reacted to facial expressions in the absence of any other cues, such as body movements, vocal sounds, or odors.
House Committee Passes BLM Funding Bill
The bill would allow the BLM to transfer horses and burros from holding facilities to other government agencies for use as work animals.
As Summer Heats Up, Keep Horses Cool
Keep your horse happy, healthy, and in the game with these health and management tips.
Study Confirms Diet Can Help Manage Equine Gastric Ulcers
A low-starch, fiber-based diet can help manage equine gastric ulcer syndrome after medical treatment is stopped.
Why Can't You Kill Equine Internal Parasites in the Field?
Are there any parasite-killing products I can apply to pastures after I rotate my horses to a different one?
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