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Today's News - Tuesday, July 26, 2016
New Insight on How Surfaces Impact Horses' Limbs
Researchers found that hard surfaces, shallow footing depths, and compacted footing could increase horses' injury risk.
Is It Okay to Ride an Ulcer-Prone Horse After She's Eaten?
Old wisdom tells us not to feed horses before exercise. But this outdated belief might be hurting your horse.
Fat in the Equine Diet
Fat is an energy powerhouse that is a horse's most abundant energy source.
Virginia Confirms Third Equine EEE Case of 2016
The affected horse--a mare from Chesapeake with an unknown vaccination history--died the day after contracting the disease.
Karen Donley and Royal Patron Take 2016 Tevis Cup
Additionally, Lisa Ford and GE Cyclone received the Haggin Cup, which recognizes the horse in the most superior condition and recognizes the rider's sportsmanship and horsemanship.
What Does a Horse Need in His Diet?
Take a tour through the horse's innards and learn about the links between his physiology and what he needs in his diet.
Horse Castration: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
There are health risks for horses being castrated, but vets and owners can work together to manage them.
Practicing Science-Based Horse Husbandry
Practical ways to improve your horse's welfare, based on discoveries from the growing field of equitation science.
What's New in Equine Standing Surgery?
One equine surgeon reviews the growing trend toward surgery in the standing horse rather than in anesthetized patients.
BLM Colorado to Hold Hearing on Motorized Equipment Use
The public hearing will focus on discuss the use of motorized vehicles in managing wild horses in Colorado.
Promoting Lifelong Equine Joint Health
Balanced nutrition, sensible exercise, and prompt treatment can help a horse's joints function comfortable past their prime.
Help! How to Manage Equine Emergencies
Your horse is wounded, bleeding, or critically ill: What should you do? Get advice from our expert!
Horse Health Research Continues at 2016 Tevis Cup
Researchers will again be studying horses' hydration status and how it relates to ride completion or noncompletion.
Kentucky Agriculture Officials to Study Equine Welfare Laws
The Kentucky Department of Agriculture will explore ways it can help counties expedite how they carry out equine cruelty investigations.
Bromont, Canada, Will Not Host 2018 World Equestrian Games
The FEI and the organizing committee for the games in Bromont have terminated the contract to host the event due to ongoing financial issues.
Knowing When to Retire an Arthritic Horse
Dr. Dave Frisbie of Colorado State University shares his thoughts on retiring horses due to arthritis.
Hyperinsulinemia in Horses: What to Watch For
Researchers identified several disease predictors, including advancing age, laminitis, and a cresty neck, among others.
California Confirms Second Equine WNV Case for 2016
The unvaccinated filly from Sacramento County is recovering.
Florida Confirms New EEE Case in Washington County Horse
The adult pony, which had no known vaccine history and no recent travel history, was euthanized July 9.
Lightning Strike Kills Horse at North Carolina Trailhead
A lightning strike is being blamed for death of a horse tied to a trailer at a popular trail riding destination.
Investigation to Prosecution: Making an Equine Cruelty Case
Proving an animal cruelty case is legitimate, then levying charges and prosecuting those responsible takes time and involves lots of cooperative casework.
Vale District BLM Postpones Wild Horse Gather
The Oregon gather was expected to start on July 26, but has been postponed to a tentative date of Aug. 23.
Common Senior Horse Behavior Problems
What is the most common behavior problem or case you see in aging horses?
15 is the New 10: Keeping the Middle-Aged Horse Healthy
Find out how to keep your middle-aged horse's teeth, feet, joints, and more healthy.
Hearing on BLM Helicopter, Motor Vehicle Use Scheduled
The BLM Wyoming will host its annual statewide hearing on Aug. 4 in Rock Springs.
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