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Equestrian Community in Brisbane

We bring the equestrian community closer to you! Explore the diverse equestrian life in Brisbane through the Bay Area Equestrian Network.

Equestrian Activities and Horse Riding in Brisbane

Brisbane, a hidden gem nestled at the southern border of San Francisco, presents a unique blend of urban accessibility and natural beauty, making it an attractive spot for equestrian enthusiasts. The city’s proximity to several natural preserves and parks offers a peaceful retreat for horseback riding and equestrian activities.

Landmarks and Attractions

Nestled against the backdrop of the San Bruno Mountain State Park, Brisbane provides riders with an idyllic setting for equestrian activities. The area’s numerous trails and scenic paths are perfect for leisurely rides, offering breathtaking views and tranquil settings that appeal to riders of all levels.

  • Ocean View Stables: Located along the Northern California coastline, Ocean View Stables combines the serenity of the sea with the spirit of horsemanship. They offer trail rides, lessons, kids’ camps, and other activities in a picturesque setting.
  • Park Pacifica Riding School: Specializing in English riding, hunter/jumper, and show jumping, Park Pacifica offers personalized lessons and full-service boarding. With over 30 years of experience, they also excel in horse training and rehabilitation.
  • Millwood Ranch: Known for its well-maintained trails and no-mud policy, Millwood Ranch offers oversized paddocks and comprehensive care. The facility prides itself on creating a beautiful, functional space for both horses and riders.


Bay Area Equestrian Network in Brisbane

Becoming a part of the Bay Area Equestrian Network means immersing yourself in Brisbane’s thriving horse culture. Our network simplifies the journey for horse enthusiasts, offering an array of resources and opportunities for connection and exploration.

Equestrian Network Near Me in Brisbane

The Bay Area Equestrian Network is your connection to the equestrian world in and around Brisbane. Whether you’re seeking tranquil riding trails, high-quality boarding, or a welcoming riding community, our network brings together the best of Brisbane’s equestrian offerings.


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