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Equestrian Community in Brentwood

We bring the equestrian community closer to you! Dive into the exceptional equestrian network in Brentwood offered by the Bay Area Equestrian Network.

Equestrian Activities and Horse Riding in Brentwood

Brentwood, nestled in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area, is a city that cherishes its agricultural roots while embracing a growing equestrian culture. With its ample open spaces, agricultural parks, and community trails, Brentwood offers a serene and bucolic setting perfect for horse enthusiasts of all levels.

Landmarks and Attractions

Brentwood is surrounded by picturesque landscapes ripe for equestrian adventures. The city is adjacent to several regional preserves and parks, such as the Round Valley Regional Preserve, which provides riders with a variety of trails through diverse terrains, from rolling hills to expansive valleys.

The Best Horse Boarding Near Brentwood

The area’s boarding facilities stand out for their care, community, and comprehensive equestrian services:

  • The Dingle Family Farm and Stables: This charming family-operated farm specializes in horse boarding and hosting children’s equestrian parties, complete with a petting zoo and pony rides, plus classes in animal husbandry.
  • Brentwood Oaks Equestrian Center: A serene 10-acre facility offering boarding services, trailer parking, and a history of excellence in managing and training show-winning horses.
  • Lehmann Stables: With four decades of horsemanship, Eline Lehmann’s stable is a beacon for high-quality horse care and riding lessons, emphasizing a tradition of good horsemanship and safety.

Equestrian Network Near Me in Brentwood

As a member of the Bay Area Equestrian Network, you’ll be connected with the vibrant equestrian scene in Brentwood. Whether you’re seeking to improve your riding skills or find community events, our network ensures you have access to the best equestrian resources and expertise.

Bay Area Equestrian Network in Brentwood

Joining our network means becoming part of a larger family that shares your passion for equestrian life. The Brentwood area’s rich agricultural legacy and growing equestrian presence offer a unique and fulfilling equestrian experience.


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