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How listings are displayed on Bay Area Equestrian Network

It is important to consider the type of listing you purchase on BAEN, because it effects the order it will appear on the site (this applies to all listing types and all categories).

We encourage you to become a member here at BAEN, because this also effects your listing placement. For a nominal amount ($20 for individual, $96 for commercial), you can always ensure your listings are at the top.

We display listings in the following order:

  1. Everyone has the ability to “promote” a listing for 30 days. this pushing your listing to the top.
  2. Next, listings posted by Members are displayed. Becoming a member (either commercial or individual) ensures your listings will always be at or near the top of all categories.
  3. Third, we display listings with photos & videos. Why? Because these listings are more likely to attract buyers… as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.
  4. Finally, we display all text, or Basic, listings.

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