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The 5 Horse Podcasts You Didn’t Know You Needed

For those of us who can’t get enough of the equestrian world, there’s a world of content waiting in the podcast universe.But with so many horse-related podcasts out there, where do you even start? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here are the six horse podcasts that you absolutely need in your life, even if you didn’t know it until now.

1. Horses in the Morning

With listeners in over 90 countries, this podcast promises to turn your ordinary mornings into extraordinary equine adventures. Grab your favorite brew of coffee or tea, and dive into a wide variety of horse-related topics. One day, you could be exploring the latest trends in horse grooming and care; the next, you might find yourself captivated by tales of legendary horse races or unraveling the secrets of successful horse training.

Why You’ll Be Hooked:

  • -A fresh dose of equestrian content every day to satisfy your horse-loving soul.
  • -Engaging listener call-ins and exciting giveaways to keep you coming back for more.
  • -A diverse range of topics that explore every nook and cranny of the equestrian world.

Listen to it On:  Spotify, Audible, Apple Podcasts.

2. Wildish

Are you drawn to the untamed spirit and majesty of wild horses? Ever wondered about the intricate dynamics of wild horse management in America? This is your podcast.

Presented with an investigative flair that digs into the past, navigates the present, and peers into the future, “Wildish” is your gateway to the enigmatic world of wild horses in the US. Across its six well-crafted episodes, this podcast explores a spectrum of perspectives, creating an insightful panorama that neither shies away from complexities nor overwhelms the listener.

Why You’ll Be Hooked:

  • -If you’re a fan of compelling storytelling akin to popular series like “Making a Murderer” or “The Shrink Next Door”
  • -If you’re curious about the survival, struggles, and splendors of wild horses in the US
  • -You don’t need to be an equestrian expert to appreciate this finely-tuned symphony of sounds and stories.

Listen to it on: Apple Podcasts, Spotify, High Country News and patch.

3. Buck Off Banter

Ready for some equine laughs and insights? Dive into the delightful chaos of the horse world with Katie and Karla on “Buck Off Banter.” Whether you’re knee-deep in mucking out stalls or enduring a solo schooling session, this bimonthly podcast promises to bring a spark of joy and plenty of chortles.

Taking an upbeat and cheeky spin on all things equestrian, these charismatic hosts tackle everything from show jumping to eventing, weaving in their unique experiences of juggling home, work, children, and horses. “Buck Off Banter” is more than just equestrian chatter—it’s a community of horse enthusiasts sharing laughs and wisdom.

Why You’ll Be Hooked:

  • -Relatable and honest barn banter that brings you the horse-induced giggles.
  • -A good blend of humor, real-life antics, and professional insights from both the Show Jumping and Eventing worlds.
  • -Listeners rave about the extra hilarity and two-thumbs-up (Sir Mark Todd style) content that Katie and Karla bring to the microphone.

Listen to it on: Apple Podcasts, Buck Off Banter website and Spotify.

4. Train your Horse with Stacy Westfall

With a lifetime’s worth of wisdom, Stacy Westfall’s podcast is an essential listen for horse lovers wanting to forge a deeper connection with their equine companions.

Through clear and insightful episodes, Stacy Westfall doesn’t just teach you about horses; she helps you explore the mental challenges and personal growth opportunities that arise in your relationship with them. Her understanding of horses and her expertise in training are conveyed with a compassionate touch, making each episode a source of inspiration, knowledge, and encouragement.

Why You’ll Be Hooked:

  • -If you’re seeking a mentor to guide you in understanding, enjoying, and training your horse.
  • -If you want to explore the psychological aspects of riding and leadership, both for you and your horse.
  • -If you’re looking for practical tips on becoming not just a better rider but a wiser horseperson.

Listen to It On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Stacy Westfall website

5. Horse and Rider’s The Ride

Are you in search of something that offers both education and entertainment about the Western horse world? “Horse&Rider’s The Ride” might just be your next podcast favorite.

Hosted by Horse&Rider magazine Editor Nichole Chirico, this bi-weekly podcast lets you in on chats with industry experts, top trainers, and experienced clinicians. They dive into a variety of subjects, not just presenting success stories but also sharing training methods and delving into the essence of Western horse life.

Why You’ll Be Hooked:

  • -A Fresh Perspective: Whether it’s a tale from Horse&Rider’s archives or a conversation with a trailblazing trainer, each episode opens up new horizons in the world of horses.
  • -Wide Appeal: Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a 13-year-old just getting into English riding, you’ll find episodes that resonate.
  • -Community Engagement: This isn’t just a one-way conversation. Listeners have requested specific topics and guests, and who knows? Your suggestion might be next!

Listen to It On: Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Horse and Rider website.

The power of podcasts lies in their ability to bring us together, no matter where we are in the world. They offer an audio gateway to different perspectives, a sneak peek into the minds of industry experts, and a chance to hear stories that inspire and challenge us.

So, next time you’re commuting, cleaning the stable, or just sipping your morning coffee, why not tune into one of these shows? You might just find your new favorite podcast among them.

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The 5 Horse Podcasts You Didn’t Know You Needed