Site Visitor Contract
Welcome! By accessing our web site you agree to the terms below:

1. World Wide Web Services . We operate a web site on the World Wide Web. When you visit our site, we will give you access to information, products, services and other people. Our current standard offerings include:

        Regional directory for equine businesses in California
        Classified Ads for products and services
        Event Calendar
        Bulletin and message boards
        News and articles
        Links to other sites
        Membership and web site services

We may change or discontinue certain services from time to time. When we can, we will try to let you know about such changes in advance. User registration is required for access to some services. User registration is free of charge and will not place you on a mailing list.

2. Price and Payment. We do not currently charge money for access to our site or to post basic text-only advertising. However, this could change in the future. We will try to give advance notice of any plans to start charging for access or basic advertising. We do charge fees for enhanced advertising and services such as photo ads, memberships, display advertising, etc.

3. Site Rules . You will find rules for using our site in three places: in this contract, in our Legal Disclaimer, and in notices or bulletins we may post at various points in the site. Here are some of the basic rules of behavior for our site:

        (a) Posters must be at least 13 years of age.

        (b) Respect other visitors and advertisers on this site. In particular, do not attack others, and do not burden the use of our site by others. We reserve the right to refuse to post or transmit information that we believe is abusive, erroneous, misleading, illegal, slanderous, or which otherwise violates our site rules and contract. Do not verbally abuse, attack, embarrass, or threaten anyone else using our web site.

        (c) Do not use our site for anything that might be illegal or dangerous. People sometimes have trouble figuring out whether certain activities are illegal. It's usually not too hard: If it's illegal out there, it's illegal in here. Examples include illegal drugs, gambling, sex abuse, pornography, prostitution, robbery, spreading computer viruses, cracking into private computer systems, infringement, stolen credit card codes, etc.

We expressly reserve the right to deny access to any person at any time, for any reason, as well as to delete in its entirety any post, user account or link to material which we, in our sole discretion, deem to be offensive to the sensibilities of ordinary persons, or which might subject us to legal liability.

        (d) If you commit an illegal act at this site, you expose this site and its other visitors to legal risks that should be yours alone. If you must test the limits, do it elsewhere.

        (e) Respect the security of our site. Do not try to gain access to system areas private to ourselves, or to other visitors. Some people try to crack system security just to show it can be done. Please don't do this on our site.

4. Privacy. Please read our Privacy Policy. BABN does not sell or share personal information with other companies, nor do we participate in direct marketing of advertising to Members and Visitors. However, BABN is a public web site and any contact information you choose to post can be accessed by anyone on the Internet at any time, including other marketing firms and spammers. When you properly designate information in your post or email message as private, such as phone numbers or email addresses, we will endeavor to keep it private, except:

        (a) We do read all posts and messages and will act if necessary to protect ourselves, our site or other visitors from injury or damage.

        (b) If we believe your posts or email messages may be connected with illegal or dangerous activities, we might disclose them to the authorities if we believe it is important for our own protection.

        (c) If the authorities ever search or seize our site, they may gain access to your contact information. In that case, we cannot prevent them from reviewing it.

        (d) While we will try to maintain privacy for your posts and email messages, we cannot guarantee the security of our site against intruders.

5. Ownership of Materials. We will not gain any property rights in any messages or files you may transmit through our site. Likewise, you must respect the property rights of others in your or their own messages and files. You may not send any messages or files through our site, nor copy or resend any information you receive through our site, unless you have first obtained full authority to do so from the owner. This includes but is not limited to copyrighted professional photographs.

We own many of the things you will find on this site, such as the "look and feel" of the site, the brand name of our site, the contents of all of the information and services originated by us, and our sets of links to other sites. You cannot copy or send any of our property to others without our permission.

6. Limitation of Liability and Indemnity. You agree and acknowledge that you are fully responsible for your own acts on our site, that if you are injured by any information or services here it was your choice alone to rely on that information or service, and that if you are injured by other visitors to this site, we are not to blame for those injuries. Accordingly:

        (a) You agree not to hold us responsible for any injuries or losses you may suffer from use of our site.

        (b) If anyone claims that you did (or failed to do) anything on our site that injured them, or violates any laws, you agree to protect us from any resulting problems. This protection includes defending us in any legal actions, making all necessary payments to others, and reimbursing us for all losses, costs and attorneys fees.

7. Law and Courts. Our site can be reached on the Internet from all fifty states and around the world, with many more laws and rules than we could ever keep up with. You agree that the law of our own state, California (but not its choice of law rules), will apply to all matters relating to this contract and our site. You also agree and consent that the courts of California State will have exclusive jurisdiction and venue for any legal actions between you and us.

8. Term. This contract begins the moment you visit our site and continues until you or we terminate it. If we terminate, it will take effect immediately. If you terminate, it will take effect when we receive your notice of termination. The provisions of Item 6 above will remain in effect after any termination of this contract.

9. General. This contract is the entire understanding between you and us regarding your relationship to our site. If either you or we fail to notify the other of any violations of this contract, this will not mean that you or we cannot notify the other of future violations of any part of this contract.