SOLD!  Selling Tips for a Challenging Market

by Rebecca Bentley and Bay Area Equestrian Network

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The following are tips and suggestions from successful sellers of horses, trailers, tack, and other equine-related goods and services on the Bay Area Equestrian Network. 

Even in tough times, good strategies can lead to continuing sales. BAEN wants to help everyone succeed in their horse-related ventures. If you have tips to add, please email them to with the words "selling tips" in the subject.  If we use your tip here, we'll say thanks with a free photo ad. 


The traditional 4 P's of marketing are product, place, price, and promotion.  When we asked our advertisers what works, your answers lined right up with these business principles. We continue to see good sales on BAEN; here are precise strategies to help you mark your ads SOLD

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Your "product" is whatever you're advertising for sale.  Whether you're moving a horse trailer you've had for a while, selling a saddle that doesn't fit, or training horses for sale, what really counts is *PREPARATION* of that product.  Here are some things to consider:


Especially important with vehicles, trailers, and real estate, this is essential to take care of before advertising horses.  We've all heard the old, tired tales of registration papers pending or lost.  It's always worth a bit of time and a few dollars to make sure a transaction (and the reputation of the seller) is not derailed by paperwork problems.

Assess condition

Tack - A thorough inspection and replacement of worn straps, girths, rigging, etc. is always wise.  If corrections aren't made, full disclosure of any needed repairs suggests honesty on the part of the seller, and avoids potential liability issues.

Trailers and vehicles - Again, a thorough going-over and attention to any problems will pay off in the long run.  There is a market for "as-is" products, but the price received will be much less than for a well-maintained truck or trailer.

Horses - If a horse is in training, his or her appearance is improving along with abilities.  BAEN's successful sellers make sure their horses' muscling, coat condition, and way of going are as good as they can be.  This is absolutely essential when first standing a stallion, and valuable in presenting almost any horse for sale.  Calculating the costs of some training and conditioning time into the larger picture is nearly always worthwhile.  Consulting with a successful trainer for advice on costs/benefits can be a big help in making a decision whether to invest the money and time before offering a horse for sale.

Training is nearly always of value in selling horses.  BAEN sees continued strong sales of horses trained and showing well in their disciplines.  Whenever possible, bringing a horse up to its inherited abilities is going to pay dividends for the seller.  Miles and hours under saddle are going to let more be known about the horse, and make a safer and more suitable horse for any potential buyer.


Product      Place      Price     Promotion      Tips from BAEN Advertisers