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Bay Area Equestrian classified ads work!!  I placed ads on your site as well as Craigslist and other equestrian web pages.  I immediately began getting inquiries about my ad from your site, and never from the others.  These are tough times and trying to link serious buyers with sellers is even more critical.  Many thanks for such a wonderful service. Steve Ramsey

I just sold a horse today through BAEN and I've actually found and/or sold every previous horse I've owned since 8 through you! I also have BAEN to thank for connecting me with a competitive local job straight out of college, so it has been a part of some very important events in my life. BAEN has become a real hot spot for the greater Bay Area and makes it easy to post one ad on one site and get so much local interest and exposure. Everyone seems to have heard about it, so I don't have to post on multiple sites and pay multiple fees only to weed through ads from too far away. I wish BAEN had affiliates across the country- I moving out of state and would hate to have to sell another horse without it. Thanks for the great service, upgrades, and community features; keep up the good work! Heather Wilson, Morgan Hill

Thank you Debbie Smith and BAEN for helping me find a lease for my horse Reiner. I had quite a few responses from the ad and love the way I could customize it. I've spent a lot on unsuccessful ads on other sites, now I go straight to BAEN when I want to sell something horsey. BAEN always gets the biggest response rate from local buyers. I recently sold a Saddle on BAEN that went to the East Coast, it just works for me. Ruth Lake

I needed to know how to give my horse a shot, but I searched & searched with no results, until low & behold, I found your
Horse Lover's 2-Minute How To Video , it's "GREAT". It was so helpful, now you're on my favorites!!! Again , THANKS-THANKS-THANKS.  Kerry Combs

Thank you for your help.  Thank you for your positive internet presence.  I appreciate the subtle ways in which you use the huge forum of BAEN to encourage people to think and act morally and ethically. Cornelia Lovett

Your site is great.. you guys have really done a good job figuring out how to service the biz! Karan Ericksson

Thank you so much for all your help. Don't know what we would do if we didn't have such a great resource for horse info!!! How did we get along before Bayequest? Suzanne Contreras

You guys are the best! I was just reading the Horse Evacuation in case of Fire sites and information. You certainly do a great service for the equine community. Thanks again. Janet Glenn

I just got your email congratulating me on the sale of my saddle. I received many, many responses to the ad for my saddle. However, the more important thing was the people I met!  At the same time that I was selling my saddle I was purchasing  a "coolmedics" vest through Bay Equest, It was  a fun way to form new friendships. Maybe we will never come in contact again, but I think we all had fun buying and selling!  Trish MacDonald

I wanted to thank you for responding to me last week when I wrote to you about a mare I was looking for who had been sold at a sale in Turlock. Through an amazing network of people, I was able to find her and bring her home. Thank you so much for taking the time to help! H. Blackmore

Your ad found a wonderful home for this pretty sweet mare. The new owners & I & the mare are all very happy with the outcome. I'm glad you're there & doing a great job. Mary Hogan Winfield

Thank you very much for the speedy service. I appreciate being treated fairly by bayequest, which I think is a great website and visit almost daily.  Juliette Ald, Richmond

I have decided that if the world were run by you and the other fantastic people at Bay Area Equestrian Network...well, the world would just be a much better place. There would always be great customer service; you could depend on getting help with technical issues in a timely manner; everyone would be interested in helping each other out instead of just taking the money and running; you would always feel you were getting great "bang" for your hard-earned "buck (no horse pun intended here); and the end result is that you either find the horse of your dreams, or end up with a dreamy new home for your special four-legged friend. Thanks for helping me match my boy, Paragon, to his wonderful new "girl," Olivia. I am soooo pleased! Anastasia Burke

Just to give you guys some feedback on posting a for horse sale ad- I was certain that I was being too choosy when I laid out several specific criteria when looking for a new home for my gelding. I figured that at least I would have to wait a long time to find the right person. Boy was I wrong! Within a week I had about 5 potentially great homes and ended up finding him a fantastic new place to live. Selling a horse you love is always such an emotional process, I am so thankful your site was able to connect me to the perfect new home. M. Arnold

The first day my ad for pipe stalls/shelters and stall fronts was posted (Thursday) I received over 6 responses. The next day I received several more inquiries. I made several appointments with prospective purchasers for Saturday morning and by 9:00 a.m. the entire lot was sold. They went to their new home on Sunday and LIFE IS GOOD! Even after I posted "sale pending" I continued to get more contacts regarding the item. How many hits per day do the classifieds get????? This was an incredible response - better than Craig's List! Georgia Langsam

My horse was bought by the first person who looked at her! And she was bought by a wonderful lady who will be boarding her where she is so I will still be able to see Annie often. The best of all worlds. Your web site is terrific!! S. Cloran

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my experience using your site. I bought a trailer a year ago, recently sold it and bought another one, all on Bayequest. All 3 transactions were seamless. I had lots of response on my ad and sold it within days. You obviously have a wide base of members and users. In comparison, I had limited response to the same ad that was posted on Craigs List. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Nancy Phillips

Wow, I got tons of emails and calls, even after the ad was marked Sale Pending. I sold my TB gelding for the asking price, and he went to a wonderful home! BAEN Classifieds are the best! And you can quote me on that Thanks so much. Barbara Cook

My horse trailer sold 30 minutes after it was posted! Amazing!! I've had wonderful success with BAEN. They are the first company I go to for serious advertising. Danielle Browning

Sold my endurance gelding on BAEN in about a week! The ad was on longer than that with sort of "boring" photos, but the day I put an action photo on it the inquiries poured in. I had him on Dreamhorse as well and got only three (out-of-state) inquiries. A big difference, and I wonder why, maybe the way the BAEN search functions work? was that the Dreamhorse responses were in the first day or two the ad came out, and the BAEN responses kept coming even after the ad wasn't new any more. Thanks for your great service. Rebecca Bentley, Williams, OR

I want to thank you for helping me sell Jake. I reached far more people than I would have otherwise and I think I found the "dream owner" for him. You system is easy to use and VERY effective. It felt great to put the SOLD notation on the ad. L. Landon

I could not have asked for a better, more rapid response to my ad! Nine inquires within 12 hours, first person who looked at the trailer purchased it. When the time comes to sell something again I'll be back! Thank you! D. Charbonnet

I will say that BAEN was the best site for honest responses to my ad. I had my horse posted on a couple of other sites and got nothing but spam email gdss from people phishing for my personal information! Not from your site though, only honestly interested people and the couple who purchased him found him on BAEN. Great site, easy to navigate and thanks for filtering out the unwanted. I would use BAEN in a heartbeat, exclusively, if I ever have another horse for sale and/or look for one myself. Thank you. Cathy Weymouth

I could not be happier!!!! I have listed 3 things in the past few weeks, My Horse is pending sale, my Horse Trailer sold in about 30mins, my saddle I have had responses too!!! This is a WONDERFUL Website and more than efficient for selling Equine related items. Thank you for Fantastic communication and all your help. You are wonderful to work with. Heather Kinamon

I have always bought and sold through bayequest. All my horses, including my very first one, were bought on bayequest. I have ran an ad and within one week, sold horses. It's the biggest selection and best source around. Never tried anything else. Thank bayequest!!! Sincerely, Kat

Even though I live outside the Bay Area this was one of the sites where I received the most inquiries. Uploading the photo was well worth it and made all the difference. Thanks. Amy

Thank you all for your time and help with my horse. I know that in the future we will be online with you all again. Our family has bought our horses through your online ads. As a matter a fact, our most recent horse was purchased via your Classified Ads. He is proving to be our son's best friend and show pal. The Bettencourts

Even though I live outside the Bay Area this was one of the sites where I received the most inquiries. Uploading the photo was well worth it and made all the difference. Thanks. Amy Bromelow

You are doing a fantastic job with the website, and the bulletin board and chat room have been such a wonderful resource for me since we brought our two horses home last summer! Thanks so much. Teresa Coleman

WOW... Posted my ad for my trailer at 10:30 at night and the next morning at 8:30 a.m. it was sold. I received 11 responses to this ad within 24 hours. WOW! People are crazy not to post to this site. Incredible responses and met some really nice people that I hope to stay in touch with. Kathleen

Many thanks to you and the team of BAEN. Through my recent classified listing, I was able to find the perfect fit and home for my very special gelding. This match is not my first BAEN success story. I sold my two-horse slant trailer within two days of posting. Originally, I had listed it in the classifieds of the Contra Costa Times with zero response. I have listed and sold five saddles, (two mine, three a friends) through the BAEN classifieds. I appreciate your helpful support with downloading of photos as well as the ease of navigating your terrific website! With Much Gratitude, Marie Larum

I have bought two horses found on your web site, that are now a part of my family and one of which has been for a year now. I decided since I had such an easy time finding the perfect horses for my own personal use, that I would try and sell a horse using your site again. This horse was given to me to find a good loving home. I take horses and their care very seriously. In saying that, I placed the ad with you and sold the horse to a wonderful home within 3 days of running the ad. I had many hits and spoke to many people interested. I actually had a choice of a few good homes. I chose the best one and owe it to BAEN in helping me find that wonderful family for a very loving horse. I want to add that the web site was very user friendly. There was another web site I tried to run an additional ad on and could not figure out for the life of me, where to start. I just said, "forget it". With as many hits as I was getting, I really didn't need any help from other web sites. Besides it cost less with BAEN. Thank you again. Katherine Chambers-Gorman

I just wanted to drop a line to tell you that I would definitely recommend BAEN to anyone that is selling a horse. It is very user friendly to post/modify ads and the customer service is great and very responsive and answered all my questions very quickly. The response to the ad was awesome, within 2 hours of the ad being posted I was getting emails and phone calls. I can't believe how quickly (in one week) I sold my horse and am very happy that he is going to a good home. Thanks for having a great service. Stacey Freitas

Thank you for running such a top notch web-site. Your customer service is so prompt & professional. I just sold my gelding from your site. I chose not to list him anywhere else but BAEN & we went pending in 6 weeks. Last week I sold my saddle on your site after just a couple days from listing it. BAEN is where we found both of our horses in the first place. Keep up the wonderful work! Amie, Livermore

I would just like to say that I am very impressed with BAEN. I have bought and sold horses and tack from this site before. This last time, I placed an ad on BAEN and received good, qualified hits almost immediately. The ad I placed on a competitor's site got one lonely hit. I would also like to compliment the staff at BAEN. They have been very friendly and AVAILABLE. I would (and have) recommended BAEN to many people. Rachelle Lightfoot

I absolutely love BAEN and the community of horse lovers it serves. Selling my trailer was so easy and opened the door to meet several people I can now call friends. I spend many evenings browsing your site, for fun, for relaxation, for knowledge and information. Thanks again for serving the horse community so well. Always, Pamela Doheny

I listed my mare on Tuesday, and by Wednesday morning, I had 10 emails requesting information. She was picked up for her new home on Thursday. From ad to sold in two days, and she has the perfect new home! Thanks for the great service! Elizabeth Kamerin

Thank you for providing a terrific service. The ad was placed, and within a day, I had a tremendous response and a sale was made the very next day. Best of all, every ad respondent was legitimate, no sleazy flakes. Good job and thank you for a great service. Susan

Just wanted to thank you for such a nice service. We had our AQHA mare sold in less than 18 hours due to your ad. Because of the nice response to her ad, we have listed two more horses. Thanks so much, Misty Tracy

I was amazed at how quickly our ad reached potential buyers. We got so many inquiries about our Welsh pony within the first few days. The first couple that called ended up being the family to purchase her. Thank you so much for the opportunity to place a free, text-only ad. Susan Condon, Fair Oaks

Our trailer sold the first day you displayed our ad on your website. WOW!! We did not place an ad anywhere else. I usually refer everyone to Bay Equestrian. I have sold two horses here with ease. I consider the Bay Equestrian website to be the Apex for Northern California. Great site. We sold our last horse to a little actress who plays in 7th Heaven in Los Angeles due to our horse being on the your website. You guys are great! Dawn Akel, Elk Grove

I just wanted to thank you and your staff, my gelding sold in one day using Bayequest. He had been on Equine.com for 3 weeks! I had more responses in an 8 hr. period with your site than the entire 3 weeks on the other site! Keep up the great work. Thanks again, Genevieve Ghilotti

BAEN was great! I had an unbelievable response to the sale of my trailer. I tell everyone looking for anything horse related to check out this website. Thanks again! Tricia McCarthy

Thanks again for such great service.  Do you work 24/7 ?!  Anne Sands

I love your web site. I have sold my Arab gelding, trailer and I am selling now a saddle. Thanks for the great work. Lynelle Robertson

This is to inform you that my saddle sold...to a gal in Maine. Don't know how she saw it, but you certainly have readers from far and near. Than you again. Jean Ragland

Thanks, the ad looks great!  I appreciate your excellent customer service.  Laurie Lord

Please mark as SOLD! Sold in one day! Thanks for everything. K. Personius

Your service is absolutely TOPS. Thanks again. Kerri Porter

WOW! Thank you! Appreciate your 'extra effort'...and I thought customer service was dead. Liz Dain

Wow, thank you so much, Debbie! Customer service at its best. D. Notzon

You are awesome...so easy to work with. Thank you. P.J. Peralta

You guys are incredible with your dedication and great service!!! Thanks. I just bought a horse thru your site. Judy Goode

I put my ad for goats for sale in on Friday evening and sold them at 9sm the next day. Boy, you guys are fast. Thanks so much for creating such an effective web site. D. Cook

Thanks so much for your wonderful Internet service! We bought our mare through an ad on BAEN last March. We have loved her and had a blast owning her, but our needs changed significantly. With great reluctance, we decided to list her for sale, which we did last Thursday. We got four responses the same day, and made plans with a couple to come meet her two days later, on Saturday. They came over and rode her, loved what they saw and felt, and by today, Monday, they made the final arrangements to buy her and pick her up. They had been perusing your ads every day for a horse like ours, and when it showed up, they acted. I had to put up a SOLD! notice today because of all the additional inquiries we've been receiving. BAEN was the facilitator for all of us, providing a service that was efficient, free of mistakes, and free of cost (since I used a text-only ad). I know that our fast sale was probably the exception, and we feel especially lucky. But clearly, you have a huge audience of interested horse buyers and sellers for every category. For reasonably priced pleasure horses such as we own, I can't imagine using any other approach to buying or selling a horse in the Bay Area! J.Dommer

My item listed in minutes. I got several responses within minutes. AND it SOLD within 24 hours. Thanks Bay Area Equestrian Network! Amy

Thank you! Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site! I have sold many things, and always remain in contact with the new owners of the critters. I have never had a bad experience! Melissa

This is three horses sold out of four ads total that I have placed on BAEN. All three sales were directly taken from responses to this website. The longest sale took three weeks and the shortest was twenty four hours. Thanks for such a useful resource....Misty Tracy

I thank YOU for the amazing job you do! How DO you do it all??? You are ALWAYS so helpful and responsive! Need a thank you from a satisfied customer??? You got it! THANK YOU! Jean Hayes

I want to thank you for all the wonderful service your website provides horse owners and horse businesses! I will continue to use your site often as a horse owner. Angel Lance

Fast and easy. A great way to reach equine friends. Thanks. W. Moe

Thank you Debbie. I will tell people to advertise on your site you are so helpful! Mimi

Hello thanks to the awesome web site had tons of inquires.. I sold my paint mare. You offer a great and informational web site keep up the great work. Danielle

Thanks for responding to my email. I thought this was a scam but I wasn't sure. I'm kinda new to this selling stuff on the internet. Thanks for your quick response. I love the BAEN site and in glad they have people like you around to help people like me. Thanks again. Melanie Gavan

Just want to thank you for letting people use your website to buy and sell. I recently placed an ad for an old saddle and bridle after learning about BAEN from a local tack shop, and had a sale within two weeks. Also, you answer questions really fast. I am totally pleased with the service and the results! Loretta, San Francisco

Sold my horse trailer. Put my add on in the evening of the 16th had my first of 15 calls by 8:00 am the morning of the 17th, and received 11 e-mails the 1st day. TRAILER SOLD BY 7:30 pm ON THE 17TH...LESS THAN 24HRS.....GREAT! M.Stalcup, Clayton

Your classifieds are the best. This is the second time I have sold something through you, the first was my mule, and now the corral panels. Both times I had a response before I could log off the computer, and both times the first response bought my "item". Thanks! S. Robbins

Not only did my saddle sell but also, I am having success placing my rescued pigs. I was't sure how well BayEquest would work for these items, but I got great response almost immediately after placing my ads. My saddle actually sold locally to someone who would have never known it was available if I hadn't posted on BayEquest. Thanks again, Suzanne Reed

I recently placed my '01 Trails West GN trailer for sale on your website. I was amazed at how fast it sold and I had several additional interested parties. I placed my ad on July 4th and on the 5th I had a deposit and the buyer was so excited to find exactly what she was looking for. Thanks for making it so easy to get the information out to people. Rose Bishop, Granite Bay

Just a thank you for having such a wonderful site! I just sold my 1993 Circle J Royale Spirit Horse Trailer (2-Horse) on your classified section and it was sold in one week! I had many inquiries but since this trailer was very special to me and held so many wonderful memories I wanted it to go to a special home as the horses that rode in it. This surely happened! A very special woman who had so much in common and was returning to horses after a break; just as I hope to do in the near future. Some people do not get attached to the "solid" material things but the trailer kept my horses safe and delivered them comfortably to their destinations. So thank you and thanks for the great horsey place to visit on the web! Valene

Thanks for helping me sell my trailer. I had expected it would take 24 hours to see the ad on-line but within 4 hours of placing it, I had an inquiry and by the afternoon the trailer was tentatively sold. Twenty four hours later I had a check for the asking price. Seven people responded to my ad within that period of time. Placing the ad couldn't have been any easier. I also must add that I bought my horse off of BAEN two years ago. I had looked at horses all around the Bay Area but found my guy only about 20 minutes from home. He has been all that I could have hoped for and more. Thanks, BAEN! P. McReynolds

Thanks, I have always had good luck selling a horse or equipment on your site. This particular horse was sold from the ad and a short conversation with the buyer on the phone . he bought the horse site unseen. Thanks again. Ray

I just placed my pony for sale with a photo and had a buyer within a week. Thank you also for the quick response to a access problem I was having. You responded and fixed my problem very quickly. Thank you. Tammy

Thank you for enabling me to sell this trailer in such a quick time period. Your site is one of the best to advertise in. I have found that I get more calls when I post ads w/your website. Thank you, Thank you, for having such a great website. Z. Lovett

Thank you once again for caring about people you've never met and meeting their needs. C. Lahti

I listed a 3 horse slant load 1994 trailer and within an hour I had a response and within 3 days I had NUMEROUS responses and offers and sold the trailer for my asking price. THANK YOU. Great service. C. Cady

We sold our truck in a week on BAEN and have had many inquiries for it because of the ad. We advertised it in other online sites but only got replies from BAEN. I never have any problem selling anything we have for sale on BAEN. It is a great site. Thanks, Susan Fontaine

I placed my ad with bayequest.com on 1/5/07. By Monday I had 9 responses of which 2 of the prospects were perfect. One family called from Redding and the other from Valley Springs and I am in Sebastopol. Today, Montana is on his way to his new home in Redding. Thank you for the medium to advertise our horses and to reach such a broad range of people. Thanks again and GREAT JOB on the web site. Mark Garner

BAEN is a great site. I bought a trailer and a horse through the site. I also think it's the best place to shop for equestrian properties. Keep up the great work. K. Nicholson

I love your BAEN site. I sold my cart and harness in less than a day. Thanks for giving horsepeople such a wonderful site and so much info. Wendy

Thanks for helping me sell my horse. I received lots of responses and it was nice to be able to update the add (moving it closer to the front) with only minor changes. I think this helped sell him. I wouldn't have had nearly as much show time as I got on BAEN and it was very cost efficient. Richard

I really like Bayequest so that I can focus on people in the area. That way I can keep in touch with our horses. Bayequest is one of my favorite sites to keep in touch, see what is going on in the area and read about local issues. You are very responsive and get back to questions very quickly and that is really appreciated for challenged folks like me. Thanks again for all the hard work and wonderful site. I really do like it. Lesley-Ann

Thank you for your excellent service. I received a response from the advertiser. I think you have put together buyer/seller for another successful transaction. Thank you, Floyd Reid

Just wanted to let you know that I sold my horse through your website, and actually received a lot more interest from BAEN than I did from Dreamhorse which is a national website. I was very pleased with the response I received through my posting on BAEN, and I wouldn't have found the perfect owner for my special guy without your website. I will be sure to use BAEN in the future should the opportunity arise! Thanks for providing such a great website that is so user friendly. A. Mullica, Roseville

Thank you. I just rented my trailer and pasture for $200 more than the advertised amount to someone who answered the BAEN ad! D. Benton

You guys are so great - such a quick response and I love this website! I even found a place to live with my horses on a ranch in Herald, CA! M. Francis

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide to all facets of the equestrian community. We will keep our finger on the pulse of activities in your area. M. Baccala

I had over 20 calls & emails. I could not have been more pleased. D. Foster

I decided to "go for it" and upgrade to a photo ad... it made an immediate difference in the responses I received. Not only did I receive more email and calls from interested buyers, but the quality of the prospective buyers was also very different. Thank you very much for your site. Today I sold my horse to someone who was exactly what I was looking for, and will provide my horse with a great home. I am very glad I upgraded to a photo ad, it made all the difference in the world. I will definitely use BAEN next time I am looking to buy or sell a horse. Thank you again. R. Daily

Hello, Just wanted you to know that I placed a text ad for Peaches and got only one response in a week. This week I added a picture and within minutes of you posting the picture I was flooded with e-mails and phone calls. In fact I was having trouble managing all the inquires. She sold the next morning to the first person that came to look at her. So a good picture is worth a thousand words !! Thank you. G. Davis

I love that BAEN has been such a great resource over these years. Not only in finding horses and livestock but also in sharing information so we can provide the best care possible. You are always quick to respond to peoples' emails and do a fantastic job managing the forums. I really appreciate all you do! Cheryl Markham

Wanted you to know that I found the perfect saddle through BAEN. I had been checking the "Used Dressage Saddle" listings for a few weeks, then decided to post my own "Wanted" ad, and eventually was contacted by someone who sold me a saddle that is just what I was needed! H. Mehan

I want to say that the results were amazing on selling my horse. I had two people call and try him and he was sold to the best place. They took him to a schooling show and he was covered in ribbons. Thank you so much for making my and the new owners dreams come true. You are the best! M. Jacobs, Moss Beach

Thank you for your wonderful website. When I decided to sell my horse, a friend told me about your website and I was so excited because I was living in the dark ages of the newspaper classifieds and feed store bulletin boards! I sold my horse in just 4 weeks. Posting the ad was easy and, since I plan to buy a new horse, I now have so much to choose from. You are the BEST! Diane

Thank you SO much... No wonder your site is SO popular! Only wish the National sites were as customer orientated! Many high-fives! Kimberly Outen

It is truly refreshing dealing with individuals who obviously care greatly about providing genuine customer service. Chris

I think BAEN is a great site and very reasonable. I had over 20 responses to my ad. Of course it helps to have a great item and a fair price! But for only $16 I sold the trailer. I also like how easy it is to make changes to the ad. You do a great job and a wonderful service. Margaret Elizabeth Leighton

Thanks for your great website! Once I put my requirements in the "wanted" section -- I had almost immediate results. I now have the trailer I've always wanted at a price I can afford! Thanks for having such a great website! L. Thomas, La Honda

Thanks to Bayequest I was able to get back into riding and owning horses again after a 17 year absence. It all started when I found your website and an employment ad for a working student. Then I bought my horses through ads on Bayequest. You have the best site and I log on almost everyday. Thanks. Carrie, Livermore

I have sold 2 horses and bought 1 horse on BAEN this year. I love having a website that is local horses and that is so popular there's a huge selection to choose from. Thank You! Kimber Thompson

I advertised my trailer on BAEN and sold it with in 24hrs!!! I have been trying to sell it for a month. I even spent $84.00 on one ad alone. Thank You BAEN. I will spread the word. Marie Wayt

Just like always, I sell my horse items quickly after I list on your board. I found a wonderful loving home for my horse, and they found her here at BAEN. Thanks again for a great and effective service. C. Garrity, Boulder Creek

I've always had great success through your web site.  I've bought and sold 3 horse trailers and 2 horses as well as numerous other ranch animals using BAEN.  Thanks for everything. Megan
Your site is really a godsend for people like me, and those who follow the "who is this horse" ads are real horsewomen. Marisa Tinsel

I sold my horse trailer using Bayequest and thought it was great!! I wasted A LOT of money using our local newspaper to run an ad but actually ended up selling my trailer through Bayequest. I wish I hadn't even run that ad in the newspaper - it was a total waste of money! I received inquiries almost daily from Bayequest and enjoyed "chatting" with people from all over. Cynthia, Turlock

This is the 3rd horse that I have sold on BAEN. I love the website and the economical ad space. Keep up the good work. I tell all my friends that this is the way to do it! It's also fun to "window shop" even when I am not in the market. Toni, Brentwood

I am really happy with your site...I am getting phone calls from great horse people...thanks for your help. C. Comegys, Reno, NV

I am so happy I listed my trailer on BAEN. I not only sold it, I purchased another you had listed!! I wanted to upgrade to a unit with larger living quarters and I called a party down south regarding their trailer and they were interested in mine. We made a deal and are both quite happy. Thanks so much, Janice Casey, Napa

I have used your sight to sell 2 horses, my trunk and now my trailer. It has been very successful for me. I was overwhelmed with the response I received from all the ads. Thanks again, Lynda Hansen

I have been extremely happy with all of the inquiries I am receiving on my Classified Ads. I sold my trailer in less than a week. Thanks BAEN for this great, free service to the horse community. Carolyn

Thank you, I sold my saddle within 24 hours with a free text ad! I even had other interested parties but the saddle sold before I even had a chance to get back to them. Also, I just sent in a Paypal payment for membership. Julie Ridley

I just wanted to let you know that I posted my photo ad for my '79 Miley 2-Horse trailer on Monday and we sold it for our asking price last night. So that was basically a three-day deal! I know you already know that BAEN works, but I'd thought I'd let you know that the secret is out! Thanks, again, for letting me modify my ad to say "SOLD!" Anastasia Burke

Thank you so much for your site and it's services. I am truly blessed with the results. I have sold all three of my horses in under a week. Pam Harris

I just wanted to say that your site is awesome. We put our trailer out for sale and sold it in like a week after it had been running in the paper for 2 weeks. We sold our horses through you too. Just wanted to say thanks. Jess

When I decided to sell my truck & trailer as a package deal I told my husband that I was going to try your site & your sister site SCEN first, as I have had great success with you. I had several people inquire, but one certain person in Nevada e-mailed and called me after searching your site. Well needless to say we sold her the package (thanks to your site) and even delivered it to her house. You not only sold my truck & trailer, but you brought two strangers together who will keep in touch as we formed a friendship. Thanks so much. Gayla Bennick

I recently sold my horse through Bay Area Equestrian Network. I had ads on several other sites and I think I received about 4 responses from all of them combined. I finally decided to place a photo ad. I was very surprised at the number of responses I received in just the first day. I was getting about 6 responses a day, for a week straight! I had her sold in 2 weeks! Thank you very much! Keep up the great work! Amanda

I just wanted to thank you for such a great service you provide to the horse community. I recently had to sell several horses, even though they were great horses, trained and were all from several different disciplines, I was able to market them affectively and in a short amount of time I was able to sell them. I couldn't have done it with out you! K. Kind, Gilroy

My trailer sold in less than 24 hours! The response was terrific. Bobbie Head

This website works well, and has a lot more responses than some others used. I used 2 other popular sites, and this site is where I made my sale. W. Gray, Manteca

Thank you, so very much, for your wonderful web site. I believe we have our facility leased. Cheryl Locey, San Ramon

Wanted to thank you, my trailer sold IN THREE HOURS!! Great service you all offer! Cathy Carr, Linden

Thank you- your site is great! Everyone that contacted me was a pleasure-how refreshing!! Alyssa Lehr, Gilroy

Do you guys ever sleep? You get a 10 for service. P. Andrews

WOW you're fast ! I love bayequest ! it's the best site around. Andrew

You have one great website. Easy to access and maneuver. Thanks BAEN for being there. :) B. Manning

I have bought and sold many items on BAEN. Our family has benefited so much from your service, that we would trust our future sales and purchases with you. For everything that relates to horses, you are truly the first stop! Thanks. Tim, Sebastopol

I absolutely love everything about your site. I have sold my dogs, a horse and a couple of horse trailers thanks to you! Your site is easy to navigate and it's great that it covers Northern California. I recently purchased a horse trailer through your site located close by in Willows and I am delighted with it. Please keep up the good work, you have a great business! P.Tholin, Chico

I just wanted to say that Bayequest is a wonderful site. Whoever is responsible for the creation and upkeep of this site has done a great job and as a horse owner, I greatly value having such an informative equestrian site! Thanks for keeping us equestrians linked together!! Lucinda Romero

This is the second job I've gotten from your site. The previous one was great and I only left because I moved across country. I spread the great reviews on to all my clients, we all love the site. Thank you so much for making it available to the public! Crystal Petralli

Thanks Debbie! I found Leba a great home. Thanks to BAEN, the reader drove 2 1/2 hours down from Reno to see her. I don't think I would have ever gotten the amount of responses I did (over 30) wihtout the held of BAEN! Thanks again. J. Burns, Placerville

Thank you so much for providing such an excellent service. My results were excellent...found my "dream home" for my two "babies". I will continue to refer your site to anyone that will listen!! With deep appreciation, Nikki, Capitola

My horse sold to the first email contact on the first day the ad came out!!! You have a wonderful and affordable service - wish I'd known about you last year! Thank you. Gay Sherman, Texas

My trailer sold within 112 hours of your ad appearing. I amazed at the effectiveness of your site! Thank you so much! Sharon Votaw

Thank you so much for this service. I get more responses from you website than anywhere else. Pat, Petaluma

I just wanted to say what a pleasure it is working with you. It amazes me how you personally answer any questions I have had, and you are so prompt! I like to recognize a professional like yourself when I see one! As always,. thank you for your help. I will update my membership tomorrow. Joline Meyer

Thanks -- you guys are great at BAEN. The response time is the very best! Liz Thomas

Sold on BAEN in one week and I got LOTS of responses! Thanks! This is the ONLY advertising I did-I did not even put a FOR SALE sign on the trailer! Jenni, Rio Linda

Thank you to your company for offering such an awesome service. I had tons of responses and appreciate being able to sell my mare through you. In fact I actually made double what I was originally asking by posting silly for sale signs on local feed stores and riding facilities! Oakley

Thanks for the ad - this trailer sold in one day to the first looker - I had approximately 15 emails in less that 12 hours of it being posted!!! Great work!!! Lara Meyer, San Jose

You helped my barn Golden Gate Park Stables rescue five horses. One of the five, Bramble, was my favorite horse and I really loved her. I just wanted to say thank you. D. Jefferies, San Francisco

Thanks so much for your quick response. Once again, we really appreciate the terrific service your website provides for California horse owners. Marta Shed Paras, Stockton

I really appreciated being able to send out information about my pony and pictures so that I didn't have to say the same thing over and over on the phone. People could ask questions and I could answer them with only a few words and a few moments. It also saved time in deciding if the home where right for my pony. Thank You. Kristi

I've found products and lessors on your classifieds site, sold and exchanged items on the barter barn and participated fully in the message boards.It's time for me to ante up and show my support for the terrific resource and community that you've established. E. Schumacher, Mountain View.

I don't know what we'd all do without you and your wonderful site! It is a big part of my everyday life! I have bought, and sold, and rescued, and placed horses with BAEN for about the last 2 years. I will have you know, I was completely computer illiterate until I discovered the wonderful world of horses on the computer. It is my love of horses that inspired me to learn! Now it is as normal to turn on my computer and BAEN as it is to have my morning cup of tea! Once again, thank you! From, a devoted horse lover and friend. Elsie, Galt

Your website is such a wonderful release for me every night. I write my friends about it, find equipment, hay, etc. We all absolutely love it. It is a standout website compared to ANY field or interest. I hope you keep it going forever! Susan Ragan, San Francisco

I just wanted to thank you for putting examples of lease documents up on your site, accessible to all for free!! I am in the process of leasing a horse and have been searching all over the Internet for a sample document. All I found until I got to your site were companies wanting to sell me thousands of lease documents! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. Christine H.

Thank you so much for your services. It made selling the saddle so easy!!!! Many folks at our barn are going to your site for buying and selling saddles!!! THANK YOU! J. Newman, Pinole

I just wanted to express my thanks for your wonderful website! When I put the word out that I was looking for another horse for my husband, two different people referred me to your website. After just a couple of months, we found exactly what we were looking for; an 8 year old buckskin gelding! We couldnt be happier. Thank you for your website; it is an awesome resource for anyone looking for anything that has to do with horses. J. Walker, Lafayette

Just wanted you to know that I found my "dream horse" on your web site - and I live in the Pacific Northwest! I purchased a Connemara/TB mare who was advertised on your site. I looked and looked and looked for a Connemara on all the local web sites and in the magazines up here and just couldn't find anything! She was in Northern California and I found her on your web site. K. O'Neill

I just wanted to say thanks for creating your websites. I put my horse on the BAEN network last Saturday. I've had a HUGE response rate! All my horses that I've sold (since you've created your website) have been sold on the BAEN. That's how I bought one of my horses and my horse trailer was on your site. Keep up the good work. Marisa
I had my horse trailer listed one month on Bayequest and finally decided to attach a picture after receiving just one call. Pictures work wonders because the calls and email came rolling in. I had the trailer sold in two weeks! Thanks Bayequest! M. Marovich, Morgan Hill

I listed my gelding on BAEN, and the same afternoon I received an email from a family who wanted to come see him. They came out the next day and bought him. He couldn't be going to a better home. Thanks BAEN! Chris

My trailer sold within the first week it was advertised. You guys provide a great service for all of us at exceptionally reasonable prices. Plus what great exposure and very helpful to work with! Thank you so much :) Nice to have something work so smoothly as these ads do! Pam Gagliardo

Mark it SOLD! I visit your site daily. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to access and use it. It's great! Chuck Lahr, Penngrove

Please remove our lease ad for __. He's happily leased! You have a great advertising service. Keep up the good work. Brad Zehring

Thank You for excellent service! Your web site was SO MUCH EASIER than DreamHorse.com. I will recommend yours over theirs to all my equestrian friends. Johanna

Sold my saddle in one day! Stacy Berger, Folsom

It's all sold! Thank you for letting me use your wonderful classifieds! Cindy, Fallon, NV

Wow! Sold in 24 hours. Thank you!!! Bonnie Tanner, Lincoln

We got 7 email inquiries the first ay the ad was posted. The trailer was sold to the first person that looked at it. Thanks for the great service. Steve, Union City

Thank you for providing this forum to sell equestrian related equipment. It provided great exposure and I received many inquiries. Janelle Frazer

Thank you Debbie for being there and for performing such a fine service to sellers and buyers! Clint Mathews

Thank you bayequest for helping me find the perfect horse!! Erica Earle, Greenbrae

Thank you so much, I'm sending you some new customers. This is a very valuable site for a low price. Janet, Lodi

I found my guy a good home through your website, and had a TON of responses to the ad. C. Williams, Rough And Ready

THANK YOU! I got a job within a day of posting this ad! SUPER website, thanks again! H. Deger, Gilroy

[My horse] sold lst day. Thanks. I had put her in the local paper with no calls, I'm getting mail on her like crazy, Thanks for the great site. Ellen Caulfield, Vacaville

I hit the jackpot with this ad. My daughter found the most wonderful horse and owner. She's riding the greatest western pleasure horse she could have dreamed of. Thank you for having this great opportunity for people to match up. T. Warner, Santa Rosa

I just had to let you know that I found the greatest farrier through your website! He is so professional and caring when it comes to shoeing. I am going to try to continue to spread the word on this great find!! Many thanks to BAEN. Sarah Hay

I must thank you once again for advertising...I was able to rent my cottage out immediately! Bay Area Equestrian is such a super site for anything horse related. Many thanks and if you ever need a good word, please feel free to contact me! D. Siedentopf, Santa Rosa

I just wanted to send a note of thanks as I have sales pending on both my appy mares you so kindly listed for me, even though we live in Nevada. The ads were only on for one day! Thanks Bayequest! Cindyann, Fallon, NV

Thank you for all you do. I have sold lots of horses off your site. Your site is fantastic. Marie Bunker

We all love BAEN, and trust in its integrity. Thanks for making it a great site. Annie Agah

You guys are the height of efficiency...congratulations it's a rare quality! Susan, Discovery Bay

Thank you! Now that is what I call great service! Tami

You are providing a wonderful service to the horse community. Kari Ann Owen

Thanks so much! Bayequest really works! Chris Williams, Rough And Ready

Thank you very much. I really like your website and appreciate your service. Kathy Hunt, Tracy.

Thanks for your dedication and consistent performance in managing this site. I think it's one of the best! Robin, Monterey

You do a lot of work to maintain this message board as well as everything else BAEN offers us. I get so much help and information from people on this board and a lot of that is due to you. So, with that, I just wanted to say: Thanks. Jillian

I love the site and have checked it daily for the last month or so. Just trying to get back to horses and this has been a wonderful stepping stone for that. I found a lesson stable from one of the posts, so just want to thank you for the wonderful site, it is appreciated. Roxann Brink

Wow--you can't argue with these prices! Thanks, as always, for a great service at unbelievable prices.... Jenny Meyer

I just love Bay Area Equestrian Network. It has helped me so much. I'm new in the horse world and anything I need to know, I just post a message and get the answers I need. It has been so supportive to me. I have found everything I need on your website from boarding to trainers to educated suggestions. Thank you Bay Equestrian Network!!!! Patti, San Francisco

Thanks for running such a great site. I've been able to consistently sell my horses in just a few weeks, usually to the first person to come out and look at them. Christin Holmes, Vacaville

Thank you for your service. This is the 6th horse I have sold through your web site. GREAT WORK!!! Pamela Malcolm, San Jose

HORSE WAS SOLD IN 1 Week. THANK YOU! Great web site! Tia, Burlingame

Thank you...we already sold the trailer from the text ad. AMAZING response. Thanks for being there. I have bought 2 horses through BEN and now sold the trailer. I DO recommend you a lot. Thanks again!!

I just wanted to thank you for your website. We listed our horse on July 4, got tons of e-mail responses and just sold him today. I deleted the ad. I also had listed him on other sites, but got only one or two responses. Your site is the best! Thanks.

I cannot tell you how many wonderful responses I got through your BAEN site. It was amazing. Thanks for having such a great resource for horse owners. Dori McKay, Coarsegold

My ad for the TB mare needs to be pulled, as she was sold this morning to a wonderful woman. It took me just four weeks to sell each of the TBs I have advertised with you. So thank you! A Burke, Novato.

I just wanted to say thank you for providing such a great web service. Your Classified Ads are extremely well-organized, and the wealth of information available through the site and links will keep me coming back long after I find the right horse for me. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work! M. Vishoot, Nevada City.

Thanks to you, the first person who drove out to see my mare as a result of your site bought her!! L. Redfearn, Turlock

I advertised my trailer on BAEN and sold it with in 24hrs!!! I have been trying to sell it for a month. I even spent $84.00 on one ad alone. Thank You BAEN. I will spread the word.

Thank YOU! Rapid positive response! V. Paschke, Yuba City

Thank you for everything. We tell people about your site daily. Warner, Danville

I have had really good luck with your website and I enjoy going there.....I try to buy from your sponsors whenever possible. A. Cone, Auburn.

Thanks for your dedication and consistent performance in managing this site. I think it's one of the best! Robin, Monterey

I love your site and I've found wonderful homes for lots of ex-racehorses that were injured or were too slow and didn't make it. Thanks again for everything. Brenda Bacon, Manteca

You have a great site, and I have recommended it to a lot of my horsey friends who now are regulars to this fantastic web site. B. Miller, San Jose

Thank you so much -- yours is a fabulous (and fabulously run) service! Jenny Meyer, Shingle Springs

Debbie thank you for your quick response. Great reference site for the Bay Area! N. Pasiuk, Fremont

I just wanted to let you know how wonderful your web site is. I have received more response from the ad I placed with you than any other source. I log on to the site at least once a week just to browse around. I think I may have a buyer at this moment. Through Bayequest of course. Thanks! Laurie Daniel-Smith, Hercules

Your website is far reaching .. [the buyer] found my ad last month and flew out from New York over the weekend. I also advertise in the "hunter and sporthorse magazine" and don't get near the results that I get from BAEN. Pretty cool! Kathryn, Portola Valley

We have had wonderful results from your web site. Last year, we sold our daughter's horse for the full price we asked in less than three days. We had received more than 20 responses and had our pick of folks who wanted this great horse. We could not even had expected that kind of quick sale from a newspaper ad or a posted picture in the feed store. Thank you for providing this site. J. Belanger

Thanks for your service, this is the 3rd horse I have sold from this site in 1 yr. Becky, Pt. Reyes

This is about the 7th or 8th horse I have sold through your advertising. This one sold so fast it made my head spin. I got over 70 emails in 24 hours!! This has to be the best site on the web for Bay Area horse people! Thank you for your service. Pamela Malcolm, San Jose

Thanks for the help - I got about 20 replies and showed [my mule] to 2 people. The second person loved him and it was a sale. M. Borden, Davis

Thanks to Bay Area Equestrian Network's classifieds, I was able to list and sell my 2001 Circle J trailer in ONE DAY! I had it listed on 3 other sites and had a few inquiries, but nothing serious. Sue Panchenko

I sold my Logan trailer in less then 24 hours! I had not even had time to post a photo. Thanks so much. You guys are awesome. Melinda

Hi, I sold this adorable mare through BAEN!! A trainer printed out the ad and gave it to her student, and they both came up to see her, and the rest is history. Thanks!!! Marti Langley

I just wanted to let you know what a great service Bayequest is. I put my horse up for sale on it and got so many more responses in the few days I had him up there than in the couple months I had trying to do it myself. I found my horse a wonderful home with a great new mom, and couldn't be happier. The site is easy to use and navigate and makes selling a horse MUCH more convenient and less stressful. Thank you so much and keep up the great work! Rebecca Naeve

Another great BAEN success story. I found a wonderful home for my Appy that was advertised on your site. Thanks so much for helping me to match up special horse to a special girl! Courtney, Clayton

Thank you for a great web site!! I have found answers and horses and solutions and hay all through BAEN. BAEN is definitely bookmarked on my computer! Thanks again! Kellie George Vincent, Tracy

I found a terrific home for my horse and I thank you for the service you provide here on BAEN. I have had many responses, whereas my local newspaper and publications have failed miserably. In the future I will tell friends and anyone wanting to sell anything to put it on your classifieds!! They really do work..Thanks again. M. Gowan, Santa Rosa

Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I cannot believe how quickly we sold our horses. I will recommend you site to my friends. Thank you again. M. Rogers, Sebastopol

Please mark the following ad with "Sold". We placed a photo ad, and the first person who came to see him, thanks to this ad, purchased him. He's going to a wonderful home. D. Martin, Wilton

Your site is wonderful I sold my horse to a wonderful home in two days! Thank you for creating such a great resource in the Bay area horse world! C. Kefaliotis, Redwood City

It actually sold in less than 3 days! You have a great service to Horse People. Thank you. J. Belanger, Morgan Hill

Thanks so much! Just to let you know, I've already received a call on the horse. Now that's effective advertising! G. Wright, Fremont

Thanks for the second sale of a horse, can you believe only 3 days, this being the only ad I placed, to sell a horse with a bone chip? Thanks so much! H. Wilson, Morgan Hill

The ranch has been rented. Thanks. Your sight brought good candidates from far and near. Steve, Orland

I thought you might like to know... I found out the reason my horse was returned was because of my ad in BAEN!!! A friend of the woman who had purchased my mare, saw the ad, called her, and she in turn, called me!!! Thank you for your web site!!! Lynn, Marin

You can remove this ad placed just yesterday from your Bulletin Board. I have already received many many helpful answers. Once again, BAEN has come to my rescue by connecting me with fellow horse owners!! Thanks! J. Mahoney, Palo Alto

Thank You. If there is a place to submit testamonials to your site, I will. With all the horse ads I've placed in newspapers over the years, I've never had as great a response as I did from the ad placed with you. J. Savelli, Sacramento

I sold my Sharon Saare endurance saddle listed for sale in 2 days! S. Olsen, Shingle Springs

THANK YOU Horse sold in first 3 days! Had excellent response from my ad. L. Rougeau, Aromas

Thank you! Fastest sale I have ever made!!! S. Berger, Shingle Springs

I have found a horse that I am going to lease thanks to your great web site. Thanks! Nicole Jacobson

I just wanted to say thanks for your CLASSIFIED ADS services. I have a Sooner trailer advertised on your site. 99% of all the info. requests I get about my trailer are from your site.

I really enjoy scrolling through the horses for sale. Not only is it fun but it helped me to know how to price my filly that just sold. Thank you B.A.E.N. Chad Hale

Wanted to say a special thanks to you for offering this great place to find a horse.. I have not had a horse in years and it has been my dream to have another. I was able to find my wonderful buddy "Jack" here at BAEN...it is a dream come true!! Laurie

Thank you to baen, I got lots of wonderful feedback and suggestions for a good shipper and my boys are all lined up for the big trip. I am so grateful this site is available. Thanks to all who keep it up and running! Ariel Howard, Santa Cruz

Dear BAEN...I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for putting together such an incredible and cohesive website. It's a lifesaver..I have 2 kids, a dog, 2 horses, a husband, and work....and so your website saves me TIME, energy, and money! Thank you! Islena Faircrest

You sure run a nice site. In fact, I've just turned a real estate gal onto it. We live in the foothills where there's some nice horse property and I told her she ought to advertise some of them on your site. I've bought both the mare I have now and my last one from your site (ironically, from people I already knew) and also sold a mare to a nice woman up here through bayequest. Katie Orlopp

What a wonderful job you did on the real estate ad, it's really nice. I'm confident I'lll get a lot of inquiries from this one. D. Hartleb

You are doing such a great job with the BAEN. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy it and how useful it has been to me recently. Thanks for all the good stufff that comes off BAEN. Makes me proud to be a part of the Bay Area horse community! Martha McNiel

I am just getting a huge amount of email and it only took [my horse] one day to sell. Wow that was so fast. I love your web site! Thank You. Christina Burdios.

I love your website - it only gets better and better as time goes on!! Robin Miller, Morgan Hill

Terrific service all the way around!  Kerri Kor

Thank you for your efficiency. I appreciate your professionalism. Lili-Earline Schafer

Wow, best eq site on the web! Ray Cannon, OR

I love this site. This site is the only reason I sell horses. Thank you for such a great service. D. Hansen

I love your site and have referred many people to it, including out of state people looking for quality horses! You have a great service! Keep up the good work! Mary

Thank you so much for offering this service, as well as the bulletin board and all the other wonderful features. Your website has enriched my life and I have formed wonderful relationships begun with contacts through your site. Robyn Beagle

First I would like to say thank you for having such a GREAT Website. I have sold a few items on this site and they all sold very fast. This website by far is my favorite not just for selling it also is a great place to find all the information you need whether it be events, stallions, businesses, houses for sale/rent etc. I look forward to posting more items here. Thanks again. Tanya

I love the website! Because of it we ended up in the town we love 5 1/2 years ago! We move from Colorado and into a rental with horses sight unseen off your ad. Patrice

Thanks for the service on this website!. Angela Moore, Davis

Thank you very much! I sold the reining saddle today! I appreciate the opportunity to advertise on your very fine horsie website! J.L. Tower

Thanks for the fast response. Good customer service is hard to find these days. :) Savannah Lamb

Thanks, Debbie! What a great website. Nancy Zemblidge, San Francisco.

Everything looks fantastic, I am very impressed. Thank you. Sheryl Lemke, OC Flash Gordon

I successfully found a great place with great folks in exactly the right location for my needs. This forum enabled us to hook up, and we never would have connected any other way! Thanks! Stacy Berger-Olsen, Gilroy

Dear BAEN, Once again, yours ads reach the right people. This horse is sold. Thank-you very much. Susan Champlin, Carmel Valley

Thanks so much for checking on this so quickly. My friends were right - yours is a quality site! Thanks again. Lee

I sold this saddle yesterday. Thank you for your service. I have never sold anything quite so fast. Eileen Fowler

Thanks very much for setting up the BEST site on the whole internet!! Maggie

I received quite a few inquires from our ad with BAEN. I have the site bookmarked and its the first I go to when I am just shopping around. It's easy to get around and I really like the way I can look at the classifieds and not worry whether the article is out of state! Thanks! Gina Warren

I have now sold a pair of boots and bought a saddle using your classifieds!! Thanks!!!! Nancy Lanz, Santa Rosa

Your service is wonderful, I found a leasor through here within two weeks! I recommend your site to anyone! Kara, Newcastle

Thank you Thank You Thank YOU!!!! I am the proud owner of a PERFECT trailer! It was just what I wanted and from really NICE people too! Janet Riley

Thanks to my post on your site I had a seller call me and it was the EXACT trailer I described in my want ad :) Will definitely post/search with this site again! K. Keller, San Luis Obispo

By the way, I have just received my first call on the ad [within 4 hours of posting] ! WOW! J. Laurie

My mom bought me a horse I tried out a while ago as a surprise. The horse I tried out was one of the horses I found on your website. Thanks for posting my ad!!! Genevieve, Malibu

We bought the most wonderful horse who was listed on BAEN. Thank you so much for this wonderful service that you provide. C. Williams, Rough and Ready

I was delightfully overwhelmed by the responses I got! Thank you for providing this service. Debbie Gee-Merkle, Pleasant Hill.

Thank you, your site is the greatest. This is the first time I used it and my horses went quick. I will definitely use you again, thanks for the tremendous results! L. Lopez

Hello, just thought I'd say thanks to your web site, the following ad for this mare has been SOLD to ME! I bought her, and three days ago she arrived......Thanks, Shannon D. Cusey, Las Vegas, NV

I've found arrangements for my two horses. Thank you for a great site!!! Paula-Anne Westgaard, Concord.

I had several responses and sold my trailer without having to advertise it anywhere else. I also bought a trailer which is advertised on BAEN to replace my old one. Mia Macphail

I wish every company out there provided the customer service you guys do!!  Bobbi Tilton

You handled my email very professionally and with great respect. Your email back to me has filled me with admiration to you and your BAEN!! Holly Sichel

I couldn't believe the response I got from the ad. Yikes! I got over 40 inquiries within 1 week. Very successful. Betsy Kallander

BAEN is my home page!!! You're doing a great job. Laura McGillicuddy, Campbell

Just wanted to let you know that we sold our 1977 Circle J trailer through our BAEN ad. I had put an ad in our local newspaper for 12 days and only got 2 calls on it, while my ad on BAEN generated 6 emails.

Thank you so much!! I found the most wonderful pony using you services. He has become part of our family. We were looking for quite some time. I spent two days on your web site and found our little wonder! Rachael Doxee, Santa Cruz

Love your site. Just discovered the message boards & it's great talking with people that want to do right by their horses. Keep up the great work. M. Dukes

Thank you, the photo ad is the best - I will use it every time now! I got so many responses so fast. S. Kolstrup, Lincoln

I placed a 10 day newspaper ad, hung flyers and posted my ad on your site (only internet site I did!) . I received NO calls from the ad or flyers. All of the interest was solely from this one ad! I am impressed. Thanks. M. Fisher. Woodland

Thank You bayequest.com !! I posted my roadcart on your site, had tons of responses and sold it last night !! Wow that was quick !! Suzy

You guys are always so pleasant and easy to deal with, thank you for making life that much easier!! P. Roy, Santa Rosa

Please mark this trailer "sold." I advertised it in three places - and it was the photo ad on BAEN which sold it. Thanks so much for your help, and for getting the ad up so quickly! Tamara Meier

Wanted you to know that I put in a text ad earlier and recieved maybe 5 or 6 inquiries then put in a PHOTO ad and recieved over 46 emails on this one horse!! It certainly paid off to have a PHOTO ad and will remember to do it next time. I'm thinking of doing it for the saddle I have for sale too! Thank you again for your wonderful web site. I certainly enjoy it! It serves such a fantastic purpose for a lot of equestrians. P. Malcolm, San Jose

I must say that I reference your web site often. It is easy to navigate and attractively laid out. In fact, we just bought a horse yesterday that had been advertised in your classifieds. Sandy Currier

I just wanted to say "congratulations and thank you" for BAEN. This is such a great place, I found a lease person for my horse, I found a temporary retirement place for my 19 year old horse that was diagnosed with cataracts, and I found my new riding horse through you also. Now I am trying to sell our horse trailer there and I am sure it will also be successful. Your website is very structured and easy to navigate! THANKS SO MUCH! Sabine McCowen

Once again, your site has helped me to sell a horse. This time, my wonderful 22 year old Trakehner mare. She is going to a fantastic new home. I am so grateful for your internet site! Warner Castillo

Could you please cancel the ad on the 1995 Morgan 3 horse slant. Sold really quick...the response was terrific! Your classified are great!..Thank you. Susan Hawkins, Hayward

I just wanted to say how wonderful your site has been! I recently moved to the bay area and have been going crazy trying to find places to board my horse. Finding this site was a true gift! Thank you and keep up the good work! Irene Laird

Hi I posted a wanted ad last week for a TWH or fox trotter, Well today I'm the happy owner of the prettiest 5 yo filly that is just incredibly well trained. Thanks so much for the wonderful service. I've been looking for several months, and 2 days on your posting.... well thanks much! Trish Nelson, San Mateo

Your ad service worked! My Trailer Ad was hit on 6 times with two people driving 3 hour driving distance. Keith Torgerson

I'm still in shock. Your website was WONDERFUL. The responses started coming immediately, I was still e-mailing people tonight informing them that we had sold [our trailer in less than 24 hours] through BAEN. You have a great thing going, keep up the good work. Thanks again. Trish Vergos

Thank you for your service. Thanks to you I found nice homes for all these nice horses! Pamela Malcolm, San Jose

Thanks very much for the fantastic web site. I've spent hours looking for "the" place for Bay Area equine ads, and BAEN is the one! Robin King

Thank you again for the free space to advertise. It's been of great value in my search for a trailer to purchase. I was able to sell the one I had for sell within one week. Kathy Hunt, Tracy

You sure are doing a great service for horsepeople with your wonderful website. Thanks so much for being here, even our horses can appreciate good communication! Thanks again for your help. Joan Sheehan, New Hampshire

This web page got a lot of response; I was very impressed with it. Thanks much. Anne Fisher

Your site is a real resource for horse lovers! Tracy Murray

I really love your web site. It is the perfect connection in the horse world. I use no one else. Rachel, Santa Cruz

Thank you so much. I also want to thank you for the incredible job you do with the forum. Couldn't be better! Martha Merriam

I purchased a trailer listed in your classifieds. I am very happy with your service and prompt replies. I will be looking to purchase a horse in 4-6 months and I will definitely go to your pages for help. L. Wharff, Brentwood

Ran an ad in our local paper for two weeks and didn't get one call. I decided to list it for free on your website and it sold in two weeks to a local family that we already knew. Thank you, BAEN! Jon Covell, Santa Cruz

Thanks for helping me sell my saddle so quickly!! Your site has been most successful for me in clearing out my tack room since I moved - thanks again!! S. Olsen, Shingle Springs

I'm very impressed with the results from your website. I sold my horse trailer quickly--within two weeks of listing with you. Kay Hitch, Palo Alto

Thank you - the site is wonderful. I sold my pony almost immediately to a wonderful new home! Christine Kefaliotis, Morgan Hill

Smooth red head has found a new home. We sold her the very next day! Thank you Bay Area Equestrian. Pati
Thanks to BAEN we received three offers for EXCELLENT homes for this horse the first day the ad was out. Lisa Marshall, Castro Valley

I just love your site! I have to tell you I look on it almost every night. I have found three of my friends' horses, plus mine on BAEN. Kimberly Scott, Livermore

Thanks BAEN! I appreciate all of your service and hard work.... I love my website... Andrea Papararo, Fairview Farm

I am thrilled with your site as I recently relocated to Bay and was in need of information regarding horses. Thanks. Cathy Crair, Fremont.

Would you please mark this one sold as well? Thanks again. Your website works wonders! Chris, Rough And Ready

I was just writing to let you know I've sold 2 out of 3 horses I have listed on your site. Thank you for your help. I also bought a horse off of your site, so keep up the good work. Thanks again. Susan Brooks

I have had horses for 38 years and rarely sale but needed to down size so that I can provide the attention to the few I have left. I first ran an ad in our local news paper, it was the only horse ad listed and I didn't get a response. Next I tried the Press Democrat and got a couple calls but nothing serious. My sons girlfriend ran an ad on Craig's List and again a few calls but no sale. Only 3 weeks on BAEN and they sold. I had enough calls that I was able to be selective in who they went to and am confident that both horses went to an excellent home. I thank you for your services and if I ever sale another horse I will list them through you. If or when, I go to purchase another horse down the road I know where I will look, BAEN, you're the best! D. Weakley, Napa

I just want to take a moment to show my appreciation for your CLASSIFIED ADS web site. I sold my horse yesterday, and most of my inquiries were from my ad with you including the proud new owner of my horse. It took only a month! I think this service you have is far superior to magazine ads which I did for a year with not nearly as much of a productive response. Out of the five I placed my ad with on the internet, your site is by far the best. It is easy to get around in and that saves time. Also being that I can place an ad for free is a real help on the budget. Thank you so very much for this service. K. Hernandez

First of all, let me tell you that BAEN is responsible for all of my happiness I now find in my life?Ysee a short 2 years ago, I posted an ad on BAEN looking for a horse & a trainer willing to work with an East Coast Greenhorn and turn his lifelong dream of owning a horse & riding like the wind?into reality. After only a day, a wonderful gal in Woodside answered my adand here I am now, two years later in January 2004, partners with a great Appaloosa named Tobie and more trails than I could ever hope to ride!! SO THANK YOU FOR THAT!!! Its a dream come truethanks to BAEN!!! Shell Manion, Burlingame

Please delete the following ad due to the fact that I've gotten tons of e-mail and lots of feeding suggestions. I'm going to try them all! My mare will be better in no time! Thanks Bayequest! You're a lifesaver to me and Myst!!! Meg, Orcutt

I have used Bayequest twice this year and have had great success. I sold a trailer and bought a larger one from an ad and sold a Quarter horse. The response is very good. This is an excellent way to get the word out. The site is very easy to use. Thanks. Laura, Sacramento

I love your website and think it is the best place to advertise sale horses, services, etc. Keep up the good work! Lee

I had listed my cart on Ebay two weeks ago for $299 with no reserve and couldn't get a single bid, but when I listed it with BAEN it sold right away! Thank you so much! Karen May

Thanks, the response to your web site and my ads have been terrific! Made the sales on the first day of showing to my first two interested buyers. Joe, San Francisco

Thanks, Debbie! You are always so helpful, I'm really impressed that you have the time to reply so quickly. N. Holmes

I wish the rest of the equine world was as organized and well put together as your site! Lorna Love

I'm a Web designer and student of IA. I just received your [automated] reminder and had to say ... "You guys rock!" Thanks. Lorie Yusem

Thanks for taking the time to ask to get through the Spamblocker. We appreciate your wonderful website, it is an invaluable resource for the equestrian community. The Davises

Thank you guys sooooo much for all your e-mails of information and renewal letters! I love the site and because of BAEN I have been able to meet new trail and show friends and get to travel out more! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and my horses! Maggie Caudillo

To make a long story short, for the last 20 years I have tried off & on to contact an old friend. So two weeks ago was the first time I heard of BAEN. I saw the message board and said what can I lose by posting a message. Well, the friend I was looking for saw the ad and I will see her today for the first time in 20 years. Two weeks ago was also the first time she had ever heard of BEAN. So I just want to say thank you for being there and involved with the equestrian world. Thanks for helping me find an old friend from the past. Susan Chenore

Who would have ever know that so many people had such a big heart for a 30 year old pony that was night blind? She went to her new home today after many inquiries and offers to place her. Thank you for such a wonderful service! Your website has become a daily visit for me... Kathy Sanchez

Just wanted to say that a friend recently pointed me to your web site. I find it extremely useful, timely and easy to navigate. And great relevant content. Thanks! Richard

Thank you to all who responded to my need for a trainer for my Arabian Stallion. Everyone had great advice, and BAEN really works great. A. Lamberson, San Jose.

Thank you so very much for the advertising you allowed me. I sold both my appy, my pony and my trailer - I received the amount I requested and all in a very short time. Thank you so very much. Joanie, Rescue

I got lots of responses from advertising with you ....I would definitely use Bayequest again. Kim Pribble

Just a word of thanks to your site, I can tell you I spend too much time (not really!) just loving the things on here. Many areas have helped me, chat room, ads for horses, vehicles. Please let your users know if there's something we can do to keep this happening, it's very, very enjoyable. Ann Kirby

Thank you so much for your wonderful web site. I have sold more horses off of your site than any other. Thank you! Ingrid Smith, Forest Ranch.

Unbelievable! We sold our horse IN 13 DAYS thanks to bayequest.com! The wonderful buyer was checking your site everyday! I have told all my horsey friends about you! Thanks for the great site! Julie Belanger, Morgan Hill.

Thanks for providing such a terrific website. I listed my mare last night and have sold her because of your ad this afternoon. What a way to reach so many different shoppers. Money well spent in my book. Misty

Just listed another item on the BAEN site and as usual, I sold it right away. I got a response within hours and sold the item to the first person that came. I never have a problem selling anything on BAEN. Thanks for the great site. Susan Fontaine, Placerville

I did get a very good response from my ad. I will highly recommend the use of the BAEN to people in the future. Thank You for providing such a good service at a very reasonable cost. Richard Fogel

Thank you very much...this is immensely helpful. Great service that you are providing!!! Karla Kaley

Thanks to BAEN, I sold my trailer to the first lady who came out. She drove for 4 hours to buy it! I received over 10 inquiries in less than 24 hours. Thanks!!! Sharon

Thanks for such a wonderful site! I sold my truck within days of posting it, to the first person who came to see it, great truck, great buyer, great website! Sue

BAEN is the best place to buy and sell trailers. I had fifteen inquiries on the trailer in one day, and it sold last night for full asking price. Julie Nelson, San Ramon

Thank you so very much for assisting me in the sale of my trailer, After only 6 days and several e-mails later to a variety of inquires, I successfully sold my trailer to the 2nd person who looked at it, for the asking price!. Your web sight is terrific. Thanks again for being there for all of us!!!!! Dayle Kuhn

I'm not much on chat rooms (in fact, never been in one) but your message board is great fun and very informative. Thank you for your kind and timely reply. It is indeed rare to receive a human response when inquiries are made these days. Thank you again, you've established a satisfied and loyal visitor. Carolyn Chapman

I think you have the best-run website this side of Amazon.com! I wouldn't visit nearly so often if it weren't such a well organized, easy to navigate site. And I can't tell you all the things that have come from visiting your site. I've found a couple of old friends, one of whom gave me my wonderful mare and the other who managed to buy back her old mare that was not being properly "revered" in her new home - all because we were able to "chat" online! I found another friend/former employer through your site too - so that's three friends that I hadn't seen in over ten years. I just placed a note on one of the boards and voila I had a response in a day or so from someone who knew where each person went. Amazing. And very few (if any) horses for sale in Idaho or Missouri. I hate that. When I was looking for a horse trailer, all those websites led me to "deals" 1000 miles away! And may I say that you are flippin' amazing. You had time to answer my somewhat trivial email in minutes. Have you thought about running for office? We could use some efficiency out there!!! Thanks again. Katie.

You guys do a phenomenal job with the BAEN website, and that compliment is coming from someone who does website design and knows what a challenge it is to maintain a well-functioning, well-organized and user friendly website. Lucy

Bayequest was a wonderful pipeline to get my horse advertised. He did sale to a bayequest user and not only did I find an amazing home for Tyson, I also made some new friends to ride with. This is a wonderful website for horse lovers. Thanks!

I have sold many horses thanks to your website. I have told so many friends that use you and are now members. If I ever want to sell or advertise anything you website is always the first I go to. Melanie, Oakdale

Got a reply right away. Thanks, BAEN. Great service. Sandy Hayes

Although I live in Texas, your website looked like one I wanted to post mine on. Thank you! Melissa Park

This is the third horse I have sold through BAEN in the last four years and I have also bought several horses through BAEN. Your service has revolutionized horse sales for the benefit of both buyers and sellers. All the legitimate responders to my ads have been great people and the people I have purchased horses from have been very honest and caring. I know my horses have gotten wonderful and responsible new owners. BAEN has made it possible for skilled amateurs like me to reach a wider market formerly only available to professionals. Thanks again for providing such a great service. Joellen Oslund, Castro Valley

I just wanted to say thank you for running my ad for employment on your board. We are located in Arizona, but are getting a really good response from people all over the world not to mention the USA. This board really works! Keep up the good work. John Edmonds.

Wow, I appreciate your quick action. Thanks again for running a quality web site and for your service. Teri Crowhurst

Thanks BAEN. I'm a first time user, non-member. I went through the exercise of filling out my ad application and was down to the point of paying for the ad when the computer advised me that the page had expired!!!! I am a stubby pencil /note paper guy in a cyberspace world. Lo and behold, you came through with an email advising I had made the grade but just needed to pay. You guys have your act together, Thanks, and I will let everyone in my network know you are professionals. Keep up the good work. Dave Gaskins

It's been such a pleasure working with you, and I appreciate your easy blend of heart and professionalism. Kerri Lake

I just want to thank you for posting possible email scams. I almost bought a car from California and I live in St Louis. The email the scammer sent me was almost word-for-word to the one you posted about a horse trailer! So, thank you, thank you, thank you! You saved me $4,000 bucks! Rick

I think you do a wonderful job. I go to other equine sites sometimes when I can't find something, but they are never as good so I return "home" to BayEquest. You're VERY user oriented and we appreciate it! Diane Davis

Although we have never met personally, I wanted to wish you a very happy vacation. When I, or we the general public, look at BAEN or SCEN, I think we might loose site of the personal nature of what you have built. BAEN and SCEN provide a very integral community service to all of us. I thank you for all your hard work, many hours and the vision you have been guided by to provide us with BAEN!! Christine Amber

I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks for your prompt response and exceptional professionalism. Customer service isn't what it used to be and your kindness and information has given me encouragement. Thanks to your email, I will remain a faithful user and promoter of your website. With respect and appreciation, C. Ortiz

Your response was impressively fast, and the information has completely addresses my concern. If you are the owner, I am sure this business will thrive. If you are an employee, they ought to triple (at least!) your salary and bonuses. Kamran

I would like to renew my membership. My initial impulse was that I have been trying to drop unneeded monies I have been paying for things I do not utilize -- so as memberships, etc come up for renew, I have been sending similar emails stating I am not interested in renewal. After thinking about your site - and everything it has to offer for horse lovers - for free - I realized that this truly is a wonderful website - and even if I am not interesting in selling anything at this time -- I most certainly do feel that this is an extremely worthwhile source of information and support for horse enthusiasts , which I would like to support. Please DO renew my annual membership - it is a small bit of thanks that I can offer to this wonderful site. Thanks, C. Bonsack

I don't know how often you hear about this, so I thought I'd share ... I just finished reading the note you forwarded about stolen saddles and wanted to tell you how much what YOU have created has come to mean to me... the whole "larger riding community" ... it's fantastic. Someone at my barn was checking out my trailer and asking general trailer-purchasing questions. She asked where I got mine, and I said "Bay Ar ..." and she finished "ea Equestrian Network" :) ... EVERYONE knows about it, and everyone knows to go check there first. Most of the websites I do, of course, are horse-business related (cuz that's what I wanna do!), and I recommend to ALL of them that they should get a business membership with BAEN. Some of them actually listen to me :)... Anyway, I know that I only see a sliver of what you do cuz I get overwhelmed when I peruse your whole "site" too long, but wanted to make sure you knew that more than one person really appreciates what you have created. What fantastic vision and courageous implementation. Ellyn Schumacher, Mountain View


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