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Service to customers and the community...

We maintain our presence on BAEN as the cornerstone of all our promotions here in California. What a resource! Eric Thomas, Thomas Ranch

I've been slowly building my business, and my facility, over the last few years and am finally at a point where I am ready to start advertising! BAEN has been such an integral part of my experience for so long, it was the first place I wanted to be listed. Thank you for providing such an amazing service to our community!  Dana De Frates, De Frates Horsemanship

We experienced remarkable exposure for our guest ranch in Arizona through Bay Area Equestrian Network. Our Goolge Analytics measured a significant increase in web site visits within the first 2 days! It is an excellent option for small to medium sized companies to gain exposure they otherwise could not afford - and BAEN is a responsive, valuable market for all things Equestrian! Susanne Walsh, Marketing Director; White Stallion Ranch

We want to renew our Commercial membership.  You are the best advertising dollar we spend, plus I refer so many callers to your site! Thanks for all you do. Marie Roehm, American Canyon Training Center

Thank you for always taking care of everything.  Irene Höflich-Wiederhold,  HorseSales LLC

Thank you so much! I joined as a commercial member and created a spotlight ad for a saddle. Thank you for the wonderful service that BAEN is to the community!  Marija Vulfs

Thanks for all the help over the years, you were the main way I ever got new clients!  Jane Mesics, Lone Willow Ranch

The ad was great and brought in many qualified applicants. Thank you! Melissa Gottshall, Menlo Circus Club

Your speed in replies is such a wonderful and refreshing treat. Annie Boulet,
Rose Rock Ranch

You have been a big help! It is nice to be able to email someone directly to get things done!  Christy Wood, Author/Trainer/ Judge

I just wanted to thank Kim Cipro (BAEN ad sales representative) for her inexhaustible attitude of helpfulness in getting me linked up with BAEN. As a result, the traffic of inquiries on MY website doubled in the first 2 weeks. I will recommend your services to my co-workers. Thanks Again. Pam Anderson, Ranch Specialist, Coldwell Banker.

I just have to once again tell you how much I appreciate your service. BAEN has served as the advertising source that made our ranch a success. So often we deal with people and businesses that are unresponsive and unprofessional. This has not been the case with BAEN. You have been so good to us over the last two years. I can't tell you how grateful we are. The site is wonderful and helpful to all the equine community. I recommend it to anyone who wishes to advertise equine services as well as those searching for services in the Bay Area. Thanks again. Steve and Tasha Miles, Miles Ranch

I am totally impressed with your level of customer service and response time, what a delightful surprise. SierraScape Vacation Rentals

We have had many hits in just ONE day!! I have been a "reader" of your site for 3 years and am very happy you are doing well and present so much needed information to the Equine Community of Northern California and Beyond.... You and your services are far and wide the best I have come across on the net with regard to any Equine Service, and I really appreciate your hard work!! Thanks again. Pam Rosen, Down Under Horse Wear

Thanks you very much for the professionalism that you have shown me. It is rare to find someone who handles their clients with the dedication of a company owner as you do and I do not want that to go unappreciated. Steve Kosterman, Northwest Horse Transportation

Thank you. This is what I call 5-star customer service. Thank you again for excellent attention to a great website! Your credibility and clout within the equine industry is second-to-none. Best wishes for much continued success!!! - btw, love the online magazine - very cool - very cutting edge! Thom Reinstein, Reinstein Ranch

Thanks so much for the professional attitude of you and your staff! It is always a pleasure to see a nice horse go to a great home, and the BAEN site has never let us down with supplying these buyers. A very classy website that never disappoints! You have drawn on the best owners in California, and they trust the BAEN, because you strive for excellence. Walt Burnham, Farrier

Bay Area Equine network is my favorite website. I have it as my home page because I do so much of my horse related business via BAEN! I am probably your biggest asset because I tell everyone I meet to log on. I really do not know how we managed to stay connect before BAEN came along. Thanks for an informational-honest-fun place to connect with other horsemen and women. Barbara Glenn, President, Martinez Horsemen's Association

By the way my compliments on the BAEN website, it's really FANTASTIC. You've done a GREAT JOB!!!! We all appreciate your hard work keeping it continually updated and current. Marilynn Terstegge, CSHA Region 5 Secretary

I regard BAEN as THE main horse site on the net... keep up the great work! The entire horse world revolves around BAEN nowadays. MarilynnTerstegge, CSHA Region 5

I had a customer type in 'Hossmoor' from the Olympics and the links popped him in [to our site]. As a computer person (that's what his firm was doing there) he was impressed. He will contact you about hosting a web site that he is designing. Thanks for such an awesome service. Hetty Dutra, Cowgirl Inc.

Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed this month's newsletter!  My inbox is often clogged with ad-related stuff I really don't want to read, but your newsletter is useful -- I'll definitely try the homemade fly sprays and the horse treats! Chris Finlay, Jackalope Ranch, Sonoma

Your service is known to most any horse owner that I meet, so you are doing a great job. Tina Hutton, Trainer/Clinician

I tell ALL my clients to list their horses on BAEN, it really is effective, and gets the job done---even horses owned by folks across the country, I tell the m about BAEN, and they say "WHAT? Bay what..", but invariably they give it a try, and it works! Janna Goldman, Black Sterling Friesians

Wow! If I had people like you in my organization, I'd own the world! That was a quick response! Mateo Lettunich, Superior Foods

I have to be honest, your customer service will keep me coming back, and I'll continue to suggest your website to all my customers for advertising. Christine Boehle

I was very impressed with your testing. You are one top notch Internet company! When is the IPO? Tropicali Web Designs

Best of luck with the new addition for Southern Calif. If anyone has doubts of great results they should not. I get more response form your site than all others combined. Thanks and keep up the great job. Wanda Wright, Old West Tack Company

I want to congratulate you on creating a web site that is so widely know in the San Francisco Bay Area that nearly all my clients know about it and use it. That is a great accomplishment. Douglas Novick, DVM

You are always so timely and helpful. Thank you. Margie Brisco, Out To Pasture

Thanks a ton!!! I wish every company out there provided the customer service you guys do!!  Bobbi Tilton, Goodell, Porter, Sanchez & Bright, LLP

Congratulations on your expanding success. I am amazed each time I look at BAEN and see the continuing growth. Confirms my impression of you in our brief meeting. Thanks. Jack Hammonds, The Horse Holdup

I'd like to thank you for offering this service. Being new to the web and very new to having a web site, we very much appreciate the value of your directory. We have already made use of it ourselves in looking up tack and feed sources. Wishing you success. John Ray, Big Oak Ranch

I have to say, I think you are pretty brilliant with this whole BAEN site. As a former dot.com person, you really have something here, and career changers like myself appreciate the affordable targeted audience we get with your site. Thanks again. Rebecca Thomas, Equine Body Work

I think your site is a fabulous service to the bay area. Beth Rounsevell, Horse-Websites.com

I really think this is the greatest web site for us horse lovers. Thanks again. Diane Olson, Standford University.

We do rely on BAEN as the foremost equestrian website in California. Annie, San Francisco Horsemen's Association

You are always so quick to reply!!!  I LOVE THAT. Gina Duran, Topline Training

You are so efficient! Also, I would like to become a member, something I should have done a LONG time ago. AJ Owen, AA Training Stables

Wanted to say that your public service announcements regarding missing horses, saddles, etc., are wonderful. I can't think of many others who contribute their time and efforts to do such a thing for the sheer kindness and consideration of it all. A noble, seemingly extinct quality in this day and age, so to you I say, 'Well done!!!' Patti Ansuini, Rocking A Ranch

Just got off the phone with Debbie... What a wealth of knowledge and help! I sure do appreciate her taking the time with me over the phone. Her explanations of your web site services were very helpful and easy to understand. I am looking forward to expanding our visibility and working with you in this area very soon. Scott Trotter, Trotter Family Ranch

I just wanted to less you what a great job you are doing! You are a goldmine for resources and information. I see new listings all the time. You have great coverage of the Bay Area, but also other areas also. Good Job! Norma Harris, Orchards & Andalusians

Left Livermore for 14 years and then came back with the goal of buying my own land and getting back into horses, but soon found out that I had lost all my horse contacts and local info on horse related industries (shoers, vets, chiropractors, hay growers, etc etc etc). Well luckily I ran across your web site and it has saved me over the last couple years. I have sold and bought many items on your classified listings, plus adopted and leased horses off your other listings, found chiropractors, trainers, hay growers, etc and most importantly - met and networked with fellow horse lovers thru your bulletin board section (people helping with my postings, and me answering other people's, etc). The bottom line best equestrian site I have found - made even better because it is LOCAL !!! Keep up the great work - you probably don't realize the hundreds or thousands of people that go to it daily (I am a daily person... ha ha...). So thank you so much for providing such a valuable resource for horse people - especially those of us who are starting out with our own land and need to make local contacts again. Thanks. Cheryl Rittmann, Windmill Arabians

I'd like to compliment you folks on your wonderful web site and free advertising. I've gotten a number of students who got my name from your web pages. You folks are a great resource not only for those of us in the horse business, but for potential clients as well. From what I'm being told, your website seems to be one of the first resources newcomers to the Bay Area are going for when they're trying to get wired into the local horse community, as well as people just trying to get more information than the typical "yellow pages" contains. Martha Gregory, Martha Gregory Dressage

The other day on the Martha Stewart Show she had a guy on talking about computers and how to use the Internet. He was talking about search engines and mentioned one that he liked the best, because it will find the sites that have the most hits - most popular - when you are looking for something: Google.com. So, I decided to test it out and see what happened; I typed in 'arabian sport horses' and it came up with MY site first!! That was a nice surprise. I also typed in 'equestrian' and BAEN was list about 3rd or 4th! Beverly Stevens, Rivers West Arabian Sport Hroses & Jack Russell Terriers

We at Renaissance Ranch are extremely happy with our association with BAEN. Your response to our needs exceeds expectations and the professionalism shown by your staff is refreshing. The superior site management and unmatched customer service is adding new clients and contacts to our business, daily. Thank you and keep up the good work! Jodi Jones, Renaissnace Ranch

I just want to thank BAEN for helping me build a successful miniature horse business by designing my website and posting my free ads! I would recommend this service to anyone who needs to build their equine business. I have not advertised elsewhere except for on the internet and all my customers seem to find me through your website. I also just sold a mare in record time in your classifieds! I'm a member for life! Thanks BAEN! Bonnie Rosales, H Bar D Stables

I really appreciate your quick responses to all my inquiries, very impressive customer service! Thank you. Ruth Lake, Lake Web Design

I t is really nice that you send out these alerts as to stolen tack, horses and the like. What a wonderful service you offer. Cheryl Chandler, Custom Covers By Cheryl

Your site is very easy to use and I appreciate that!! Bonner Murphy, Shady Oaks Events

I always suggest to my clients that they go as business members on your site. I meant it when I said "the most useful horse people site" ---- Amazing the amount of hits you get! Really good horse site. Becky Hayes, Pacific Equestrian Center

Your site is important not only to the bay area but to California and even a good many other states. I have received e-mails from all over about how someone found something they wanted or needed on your site! D.P. Parker, Sierra Woodland Farms & Kennels

Thanks for your help - we love your site and feel you all do a very valuable service to the horse world. H. Woods, Roughing It Day Camp.

Thank you, you are always so prompt, it is a pleasure working with you!!! Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, 1st Realty

Thank you so much for your prompt response! It's truly a pleasure to work with professionals. Susanne, Galligan Performance Horses

Thank you for your always wonderful web pages/service, and the incredibly useful layout! Nikki Holmes & Craig Rosenaur, Stage Stop Ranch

The Bay Area Equestrian Network site is a WONDERFUL resource for Bay Area horse lovers -- THANKS! Pam Ashford, Rosebank Equestrian Center

Thanks...you have always been great to work with. I started with BAEN about 8 years ago when I started my carriage business "Fancy Wheelin'". I've met friends, sold and bought, and will continue to see BAEN at the top of my list for favorite web sites. Marianne Reinmuth.

Thanks for the best web site serving equestrians everywhere! Warren Vail, D.C., Healing Hands For Horse and Rider, Corte Madera

I love it! You always have such good information! Thanks so very much and keep up the good work! Christina Roeske, Horsin' Around Photography

Thank you for your fantastic services. We recommend your site frequently to our friends and clients. Kathy Rairden, Red Fox Stable

I've always enjoyed communicating with you. Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it. Jan Curry, Arabian Horse Association of Northern California

Really love your personal service and attention to detail. Giovanni Zapetta, Castleberry Saddlery

Thank you, Debbie. I will do business with you often with this kind of service. Barbara Molland, Far Field Farms

Thanks so much for providing those FREE boarding agreements and other legal forms. I'm very impressed with your fast response. Nice to know I can count on your quick customer service. Kelly O'Neill, Greengate Farm

Thanks for the excellent (as usual) newsletter with lots of timely information and thought provoking items. Keep up the great work! Madeline Zook, Mane Design

Thanks for the [Member] newsletter and I am sure that your presence makes a huge difference! 90% of the success of BAEN is YOU - you do a great job and I appreciate you very very much. Ursula Lanz, Valhalla Equestrian Center

Thank you for providing a central point of Bay Area Equine information. Tonja Dausend, Angel Creek Equestrian Center

Keep up the good work. I love your site! Liz Jenner, Gateway Farm

Thanks so much for your wonderful and very efficient network. Linda Ostman, Ostman Realty

Thank you for providing your wonderful and unique service. Cynthia Mason, Gymkhana Rider On-Line

Thanks again! I love Bayequest and I am constantly telling people to check out your site since it is so thorough and informative! Michelle Clein, Prudential California Realty

You site is absolutely "fantastic" and the best part is everyone continually mentions it to me. Doing wonderful, Go! Annette Rains, ECHO

Thank you so very much for your wonderful service. We appreciate the opportunity to advertise, buy, sell and communicate. You have a fantastic website. Marie Larum, Castlerock Farm

Thank you so much for all you do for us on this website!!...We are proud to be a part of it! Thanks again for all your assistance....it is very much appreciated! Judy Faust, Faust Arabians

Just wanted to write to give you high marks for your info-packed, interesting newsletter. Thanks! Patti Newton, Newcourse Jumps

I want to thank you for the great job and professionalism you have always shown. We continue to be a huge fan and supporter of BAEN. We will absolutely to continue to partner with you. You have a great organization! Kathy Crooymans, Morningstar Insurance Brokers Inc.

My name is Sandi Woods and I live in Gilbert AZ. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated for very informative website. I am going to board a horse at my farm, which I have never done before, and your legal forms were just what I needed. Just wanted to tell you thanks!! Keep up the great work!

Thank you for having such a wonderful website. It is such a great place for people to get together LOCALLY and get information, buy, sell, locate a trainer, board their horse, etc... I manage a tack shop in Modesto (The Tack Room) and we give your website out to people on average of once a day!!! People looking to buy or sell horses/tack. We have also placed ads in the current events and been happy with the response! Thanks again, Alek Majtenyi

BAEN has a great following OUT of California. Met a guy from Texas at HorsExpo (he and his wife had flown out for vacation including Expo) and he said they check BAEN "daily". Plus those folks from North (or South?) Carolina who use BAEN. You've got a great site and so others look at too when they build their sites. Bonnie Davis, Two Horse Enterprises

I wanted to let you know how much I like my commercial site upgrade. It looks nice and represents my business in a positive way. I would like to know how to get placed statewide. I have also joined the Southern Calif group, Nevada, Rogue River, Arizona and the Southeastern group. Janice Kelber, LookWhatYouFound.Com

Thanks SO much for this GREAT website. We routinely get calls from people who have seen the ranch listed here. You are THE BEST website for the region (and being regional is one reason you are so appropriate!). I am always referring people to your site. I am on the Internet all the time (I'm an engineer, and sit in front of it all day), and I can say from much experience that BAEN is THE MOST well organized and well-planned site I have found, and I have found many! Nikki Holmes & Craig Rosenaur, Stage Stop Ranch, Auburn

We would be honored to have such a prominent link on your site! Hillary Vars, EquiSearch

Just wanted to say we have had and are keeping your banner on our link page and just thought I would personally cruise your site. Which leads me to say impressive! Probably the best site I have ever seen. Thank you and keep up the good work. Miki Cohen, Producer, Western States HorsExpo

Let me take a minute to say that I was impressed by your site. I will add a link to your site with the next update, which will be soon. Carolyn Baker, Equine Affaire, Inc.

Thank you so much Debbie. I just love your website and your services you provide. Christina Maldonado , Home & Ranch Realtors

Thank you so much for the good service ALWAYS... Believe me, you will be thrilled with Debbie & BAEN... Denise & Kirk Siedentopf, Scenic Stables

Thank you so much for your quick response and posting. I really appreciate your efforts and dedication. The website is one of the best I've seen and it is only made possible by people such as yourself. Keep up the great work! Anna Levinger. Thunderbird Ranch

Great job. You should be in fundraising. Jeff, Reflective Safety Kits

I absolutely love BAEN...We get lots of calls about riding, stabling...its wonderful that I can refer folks to your topnotch site. Barbara Weitz, Bay Area Barns & Trails

Thanks for being so responsive. Wish every horse website I work with was half as good as you have always been about everything. Barbara Molland, Far Field Farm

Thanks for the tip! You are a veritable font of info! Patricia Newton, Newcourse Jumps, San Marcos

Thank you very much as always. Your quickness is super appreciated. Paul Paladini, Equine Sports Massage

Keep up the good work, and thanks for the site! Christie McAtee-Beld, Wagon Wheel Ranch

Just a huge thank you for all that the BayEquest site is and has become. It works wonderfully for us. Susan Powell-Shonfeld, Palomar Stables

This message was very nicely done! Extremely useful to those of us who use your site. Our hats are off to you for keeping us informed. Once again, thank you! Steve Myers, Busted Flat Ranch

I just wanted to say thank you for doing such a great job on my [banner] ad. I saw that it is up and I couldn't be happier with the way it looks and the placement. Brigitte Scholl, Monarch Stables

I spoke at the Savvy Players of the Bay Area last week and almost everyone there (30 people) had seen [my article]. Your site is really awesome and you have done a great service to the equestrian community. Garry Stauber, Dream Adventures

I do know that Bay Area Equestrian is at the forefront of our horse industry media coverage. . Consequently, I am VERY happy with all that Bay Area Equestrian Network has and is doing!! Elizabeth Kaye McCall, Horse Industry Liaison for CAVALIA

Thanks again for considering our needs first!!! A great business model, indeed... David Lichman, Parelli Instructor

Thank you very much for your help with posting the add. As of today, I have three messages at my desk from victims of saddle theft from the city of Martinez. Though I haven't spoken with the victims yet, they are pretty sure the saddles are theirs that were stolen. Once again, thank you being a valuable resource in theft prevention. Detective Robert Rangel, San Mateo County Sheriff's Office.

I will continue to use BAEN as I am very happy with your service and the quality of the site. Mary Jensen, Auffinger Farms

Thanks so much Debbie. You must have a monumental job keeping up with all of this and you always do things so timely and professionally. Brigitte Scholl, Monarch Stables

I'm always increasingly impressed by the BAEN site itself, and now its sisters. Being an actual Rogue River, Oregon, native, I am very happy to see a site dedicated to our valley. Next time I make a trip up there, I will be sure to spread the word about the Rogue River Equestrian Network to the people and barns I know. As always, keep up the fantastic work and don't change a thing! One of the charms of BAEN is it is very personal, it's not commercialized and everything there applies to us folks in the Bay Area. Thanks again. C. Petralli, AdoreMe Farms

I just finished reading the note you forwarded about stolen saddles and wanted to tell you how much what YOU have created has come to mean to me... the whole "larger riding community" ... it's fantastic. Someone at my barn was checking out my trailer and asking general trailer-purchasing questions. She asked where I got mine, and I said "Bay Ar ..." and she finished "ea Equestrian Network" :) ... EVERYONE knows about it, and everyone knows to go check there first. Most of the websites I do, of course, are horse-business related, and I recommend to ALL of them that they should get a business membership with BAEN. I know that I only see a sliver of what you do, but wanted to make sure you knew that more than one person really appreciates what you have created. What fantastic vision and courageous implementation. Ellyn Schumacher, Web Diva For Hire

Last Sunday I posted on the Barter Board that we needed two large dog crates and we had horse tack to trade. The following Thursday evening a BAEN reader came to my house with two large dog crates, used only once, in excellent condition. She went home with several new (to her) headstalls and bits and pairs of split reins and she left behind two almost new dog crates that she was not using any more. We had both traded good quality "stuff" that we were not using and were both very satisfied with our trade. Thanks to the BAEN Barter Board! Thanks for your help in facilitating this. Martha McNiel. DreamPower Horsemanship.

I know a day doesn't go by without checking with the Bay Area Equestrian Network, they are truly the best website for horse related business in California. I work for Riding Magazine and I find that the quality that our clients demand can also be found on Bayequest. We share a multitude of advertisers that recognize the best when they see it! They find that working with both of us insures full coverage to help build their business's potential. Bay Area Equestrian Network is a must visit for every horseperson in the state! Thanks for all you do! Susan Nelson. Riding Publications Inc. (Riding Magazine, California Horseman's Directory).

Thank you so much for having Bayequest! I use it everyday. Love your service!!! Nicole Machado, Country Mile Farm & Feed

Debbie, we got a great response. The council members commented that they all were receiving a ton of emails and calls on this issue, thanks to your help to spread the word quickly. We know that helped a lot. Thanks again for your help to make the public's voice heard on this important equestrian issue. In deep respect, Anne Novak

Within l day a reader responded to the ad for someone to have room and board in exchange for feeding our horses M-TH. Within 24 hours I received an e-mail and the rest is history: She will bring her horses to our ranch on Saturday! What a fast response. Thanks. Linda Mingoia-Dyer

I will sell 2 adjustable Holdups for $160 each today. I am amazed, and happy for you, at the great success you have had at expanding Bayequest.com since I met you at Pleasanton. I feel very fortunate that I was able to learn about the website, and meet you when I did. I still have that country boy-old time Texan way of doing business where I like to know and have confidence in the person in whom I am entrusting my small but important- to- me business. Both you and my patent attorney have been the jewels that I almost instantly thought you were. Thanks again for your great assistance, Jack Hammond, Horse Holdup

I just wanted to thank you for posting the internet scam link. I have a horse advertised for sale and received a scam e-mail today from someone on your scam list. The e-mail seemed suspicious and he was offering a check or MO with little interest in the horse. I remembered seeing the warning on your site so I checked it out and his e-mail was right at the top of the known scammers list. Your list solved the problem right away and saved me a lot of time and worry. Thanks again. Lindsey Weaver

I just want to let you know that I value your service immensely. The clients I receive from my ad listing are well informed and generally long term. Thank you for providing such a professional and easy to use service to the horse community of the bay area. An appreciative customer, Angel Lance, Lance Horse Training

Quality of our work...

I am so proud of the web site that you have worked so hard on. I can't even begin to tell you how many people from all over the United States and even from Europe and other countries have responded to this site. I appreciate your ability to get out there to promote the BAEN so that people like me can get this kind of attention from all over the world. Keep up the great work. Jane Merritt, California Painted Ponies

I LOVE IT...Thank you soooo much?If you ever need a customer recommendation, let me know! I would be more than happy to give you guys kudos! I am already getting positive feedback... People love the layout! Thank you :) Denise Siedentopf, Scenic Stables

I'm getting about 3 or 4 calls a day on my site now. Everyone comments on how well designed the site is and colors are 'right on'. I always refer them to you because, you do ALL the work and so you deserve ALL the credit. You do an excellent job. Bonnie Davis, Weed Free Feed

Shopping cart is excellent!! Your website is very professional, easy to read, understand and order from.. Feedback from Topeka, KS satisfied customer of Two Horse Enterprises.

The banner ad looks GREAT - simple and effective. just what I wanted, Thanks. Molly Brock, M Brock Horse Transportation

Thank you for all your time and I just want to tell you that all the comments on my Web site are very positive and people have said that it is very professionally done and is quite a classy site!! Alexandra Williams, MAW Training Stables

Just a little note to let you know how much I appreciate all of your help and hard work on my website. Yesterday one of my vendors looked at it and commented on how it was one of best she has seen. Thanks for all you do! Tracy Bailey, Long Riders Gear

What a terrific job you guys have done on this website. Thanks for all your effort and hard work. From Karl Bishop, Plumas/Sierra Ag Dep t. to Bonnie Davis, owner of the web site Weed Free Feed, designed and maintained by BAEN.

I want you to know that we were very happy with your service and the quality of the site. We will be using your services in the future because of the great experience. You were very patient with us as new website owners and it will be remembered. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone to your well-run business. Thank you. Linda Lauper-Polk

It was an absolute pleasure to finally meet you in person. No wonder the ACES website is so beautiful. You do fantastic work. And, the tremendous asset you are to the entire equestrian community cannot be said enough. thank you on behalf of all of us. Annette Rains, East County Horsemen's Association (ECHO)

John is thrilled!! He got two calls from his BAEN website and both are coming up today to look at the place. He said 'should have done this year's ago'. A Pereira Ranch

Just want to send my congratulations! We're pleased to be affiliated with you. Lauri Wilson and Pat Lorenzo, The HorseMart

I had lunch today with a woman who heard about DreamPower from the website. She commented about how easy our site is to navigate and that she really liked the way it is set up. Martha McNiel, DreamPower Horsemanship

I can't tell you how many people have already told me how much they like the web site -- we really can't thank you enough! Don Sachey Equine Services

I just want to take a minute and thank you for publishing my article and what a great job you did on the layout. I have had so many friend comment on how great it looks. Thanks so much for your help. Garry Stauber, Gary Stauber's Dream Adventure

I just came up for air and thought I would check out my web page. It looks GREAT!! I am so excited!!! I love the moving line of tack! You are wonderful. Thanks for everything. Tracy Bailey, Long Riders Gear

The website looks GREAT! Why didn't we do this sooner?!? Thank you so very much! We are very pleased with the look, the colors, the format, the map, etc. Chris and Carol Bearden, Poplar Place Stables

I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed [Two Horse Enterprise's] well-organized, simple & pleasant website! (I've seen more than a few confused and confusing ones on the Internet lately, so yours provided a very welcome change!). B. McCabe, Issaquah, WA

We are very pleased with our web site and again thanks so much! Many people have signed up for camp using the website...what a difference that has made this year in our stamp costs! Meg Finn, Creekside Stables.

I certainly have gotten a lot of compliments and contacts from this site! Thanks. Kate Hartmann, Magical Equine Services and Kate Hartmann Dressage.

Everything looks great. What you have done is better than any other site that I have seen for a farrier. Thanks again. Bob Burdekin, Bob Burdekin Farrier Service

Thanks, my web site has been a huge asset and I have told many people about your great service. Lyn Ringrose-Moe, LRM Equestrian Services.

Everything looks great and everybody who has seen the site loves it! Thanks!! Mary K. Day, Sonoma Gold Equestrians.

Was over in Nevada and went to the Ag Department in Reno. Dawn Rafferty (Nevada Ag Commissioner) had looked at our website and raved about the design, quality (that's YOU). I told her we were updating and when she turned it on -- it was updated. I really appreciated that!!! She printed out the whole website and is taking it to the Nevada Ag Commissioners meeting in Las Vegas. Bonnie Davis, Weed Free Feed

Just got a call from Steve Elkinson, head of the National Parks Service Trails & Greenways back in Washington DC. He called to tell me he had looked at our site, Weed Free Feed, and thought it was a "tremendous site. Very well designed and professional looking." They put out a newsletter every 3 months and he will mention the site and BAEN. Want you to know your work and TALENT is seen, read and appreciated..... Bonnie Davis, Two Horse Enterprises

We checked out the web-page right away and we really like it. The detail on the side really fits us, we couldn't be happier. The pictures look great also, very clear and nice. We're really pleased with the whole site. You did a great job! Pat Scott, Southern Cross Quarter Horses & Paints

I just played with the on-line shopping cart and sent myself an order as well. FUN!!! I processed yours just fine. Your instructions were perfect! Tracy Bailey, Long Riders Gear

Just got in and I am impressed beyond all comprehension [ with my web site ] and I think you are great.. I am going to recommend you to everyone I know who is looking. Celeste Huston, Cielo Celeste Farm

Got a phone call today fm a girl in N. Carolina who said she loved our web site because it was so easy to use. Kudos! Lauri Wilson, The HorseMart

We love the website. Thank you for your excellent service. Maria DeAngelis, Elysian Grove Stable

I received a great compliment on our website today. A customer told me how easily accessible the photos are and how easy it is to use. Thanks! Lauri Wilson, The HorseMart

I was very impressed with your testing. You are one top notch Internet company! When is the IPO? Eve Alexander, Tropicali Web Designs.

Results from ads and business listings...

Thanks! We love your website and we get A LOT of business from it.  Pamela Miller, Seven Oaks Dressage at Seven Oaks Farm

I appreciate all the response we get from our ads on your website. It is our only form of advertising , no kidding! April Schneider, Park Pacifica Stables

We have had GREAT luck with BAEN and have sold several horses we have listed there. We live way up north near the Oregon border; Folks in the Bay area drive all the way up here to buy our horses after seeing them on BAEN. L. Borwn-Nova, Flying N Ranch, Bayside.

I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your website! Seven Oaks Farm gets over half its business from the Bay Area Equestrian Network. We just upgraded our business listings and we are planning on a banner, to announce the opening of our third location. I fully expect that the BAEN customers will keep us busy! Thanks again for BAEN's help! Pamela Miller, Seven Oaks Farm

Well, Deb, marketing does pay off. I repositioned my website on your listings and WOW. I'm now starting a waiting list. Thank you! It's been such a remarkable experience to have so much business. We've had to organize differently to manage it all but that's a good thing. thank you for all your work for such a good website. I know it's not always an easy task, but I had to tell you what a difference it has made to our small operation. Laura Ponter, Shona Gardens

It is interesting that the banners work on your sites because they work on so few sites.. Almost none. So you should be very happy with how your sites are doing! They seem to be making great noise in the market! J.M., Dover Saddlery

Thanks for the quick turnaround. I'm waiting for a deposit but pretty sure trailer is sold. About 2 hours from posting. Thanks. Brad Nelson, 101 Trailer Sales

I've had a surge in traffic on my website and it almost all comes from you!! I'm so pleased! Thank you. Beverly Lengquist, Bailey Properties, Inc.

Would you please remove the listing for sponsorship from Poplar Place Stables' web site? That this site [designed, hosted and maintained by BAEN] shows up on Google searches was the ticket to finding a terrific half-sponsor. Thanks much! Dana Chase

Thanks for posting my picture ad. It makes ALL the difference!!! I sold my mare in 15 minutes! Bonnie, H Bar D Stables

I leased the property advertised in your classified section this day.  I received numerous inquiries and was able to find and sign the perfect tenant who shares a common passion for horses. You have a great website. Christine, High Heart Ranch

Thank you so much having a website like www.bayequest.info! I had five people interested in my sale item by the end of the first day the ad posted! I had it sold in three days!!! I work at The Tack Room in Modesto, CA and I am constantly telling people about your website. We are an all English store and people are always coming in looking for horses for sale, used tack, even farm animals! We encourage them to use your site to post for sale ads and look for things for sale because its local to northern California! Thank you again. Alek Majtenyi

I must tell you that we are a brand new horse boarding facility and trying to learn a number of things as we go. We have spent a great deal of money on advertising without nearly the responsiveness that we have seen with one small free listing on BAEN. The very next day after posting on BAEN we received a phone call inquiry and continue to get phone calls on a regular basis. I have found that in talking with other boarding facility owners, horse owners and businesses that deal with equestrian related products BAEN is a well known resource. Thanks for helping to make our business headed for success. Scott Trotter, Trotter Family Ranch

We just wanted to let you know we've had an excellent response to our banner ad, including a new person coming in from Los Angeles. It's always nice to know when something actually gets a good response. Deborah, Pereira Ranch

As always...you're site is EXCELLENT! I get fantastic results with every ad. I get a considerable amount of referral business from people both inside and outside of my area. I am currently working with a strong prospective buyer as a result of the first text ad I placed. And - there have been many times when I have been on my horse taking calls about my services as a horse property realtor. I never hesitate taking those calls because if the call came from my Bayequest ad I feel pretty confident that the caller won't mind me saying "I'm on my horse"! Keep up the good work! Kathy Gomes-Feickert, Leading Edge Properties

Wow! This is a record! I posted a picture add of a horse I had for sale. The add was literally up for about an hour before I got a call, and within 6 hours of the posting, the horse was sold pending vet check! She had her vet check yesterday, and she passed with flying colors! Thanks BAEN for helping to sell a horse to a great home in just a matter of hours!!! Dana Estes, Vineyard Eventing

Once again, Bayequest has been instrumental in the success of my recent horse sales. I had four horses for sale and all four sold as a direct result of the ads I had posted on Bayequest! What a terrific resource we have in this website!! Thank you so much! We just couldn't have gotten our goals accomplished faster without you! Jane Mitchell, Jane's Good Horses, Benicia

Hi there, I get great response from my banner. I want to re-new it when it is time. It really has increased my web site traffic! Lori Abreu, Morning Star Properties

Thanks to Bayequest, a sweet pony now has her own little girl to love her. She sold in just one week on Bayequest! A. Williamson, Merrylegs Farms

BAEN has helped me sell to new clients I would not have found otherwise and I appreciate your help. I am a member and will continue to advertise on your site. Joanne Abramson, Pacific Pintos

I recently placed an ad in the Ranch Animal section of BAEN website. The response I got was great. There was a lot of activity on the ad and the people were ALL very nice. I sold 20 goats in six weeks through BAEN. Thank you for providing this service to the bay area. Callen Farm

I sold ANOTHER miniature horse this week! YESSSSS! Thanks so much for the privilege of advertising on your site! Bonnie, H Bar D Stables

I have now sold two fine horses using your site. It brings quality buyers and horses together easily and quickly. Thanks. Matthew Webster, Webster Livestock Management

I just sold my mare after 3 days listing, Thanks for the sale site, I have made another new friend, and looking forward to riding with her in the future. Thanks again, K. Stinson, The Shire Station

I must say that should I need to sell another horse, Bay Area Equestrian Network would most assuredly be the route that I would choose. I had so many responses, that I had to create a separate file and a numbering system so I could keep track of them. Some small number of lookiloo's but mostly serious buyers who were seriously disappointed when the horse sold before they could get to see it. Thanks. C, Reid, Equine Sports Complex

Thanks again to Bayequest for providing such a useful forum for Horse Sellers to get together with Horse Buyers! We just sold our great gelding, Spider, to a terrific couple near Sacramento! We continue to appreciate the opportunity to advertise our horses on such a popular and successful website! Thanks Bayequest!! J ane Mitchell, Jane's Good Horses , Mitchell's Horse Hauling Locator Service

Thank you so very much, your advertising really works wonders for me!!! J. Mesica, Lone Willow Ranch

The Manure Clinic we advertised on BAEN got more results from your web than from the newspaper! 40 people showed up. Nancy Dupont, Castle Rock Arabians

I listed my World Cup tickets and within 24 hours had a sale. Your web site is an excellent way to get things out to the community. Georgia Ann Langsam, Team Gauguin, LLC

The links on your website work like a million bucks. Much thanks. Robert Roeloffs, Chaffhaye Inc.

My barn is full right now, thanks to you. Nathalie Guion, Trainer

I sold my horse in less than 60 days. Baen generates a lot of response. Thanks BAEN, Christine Amber, Equestrian Training

Just wanted to say how happy I was with the success of my sale ad. 8 days online, 13 inquiries, and 3 purchase offers. Found the perfect home for my mare. Thanks. Dee Butler, Butler Meadows Ranch

Thanks again BAEN! You free ads found a home for our llama in one day! Bonnie, H Bar D Stables

Just wanted to let you know, thanks to your service, I sold all of those tools and then some to another farrier. Made $2,000 in 2 hours!!!! That was easy on the back!! Thanks again. Randy McLelland, Farrier

I have gotten more response in two days than I have gotten in months advertising in magazines! Thanks so much for a great service! Libby Flower, Flower Ranch

Not only was my ad posted this morning, but I'm so excited to already have my first response! When I checked my Inbox this afternoon before leaving for work I was so surprised! This works FAST!! Robinmarie Rowen, Equine Appraiser, Los Altos

I LOVE being posted on your home page as a new member. I have had so many hits since we became a Commercial member of BAEN. It's been so much fun and a real pleasure. I've been meeting some great people. I thought the horse people were fading out, but BAEN has made me realize that we are still here and alive! Yahoo! I'm very happy with what I have received as a member. K. Kutchera, Kutchera Ranch, Brentwood

I though you would enjoy this; our site has been up for approx. 4 days, and we have had over 800 visitors in that short time and, again, 99% of that traffic was generated by BAEN. I have the reports to back it up! Best regards and God bless you and BAEN. Pam Bradley, Spring Down Equestrian Center

I am very impressed with my experience using your site. I submitted the ad Saturday afternoon and you had it on the site by Sunday am and I had somebody come out that same morning and bought it for my full asking price. Thanks! Terry, TP Appaloosas

Thank you for your good clarification. And for your excellent service. Just got 2 more high quality boarders from your web site and I purchased a beautiful used saddle, too! L. Ponter, Glen Ellen

We're now getting about 50% of our traffic in referrals from BAEN. Traffic is increasing steadily, and business is picking up. I'm pleased! Diana Lees, California Trail Rides

Thanks so much, Debbie, for your outstanding aid to all the horse people of California. Our boarding stable gets inquiries from potential boarders on a steady basis - three this week alone. We get far better results from BAEN than we do from the local newspaper. We even have one boarder from Missouri who found us through your web page. She was so happy to be able to arrange boarding for her horse prior to her move to California. I tell anyone who is looking to buy or sell a horse to check with you folks first. I sold my trailer through an ad on your site. What did we ever do before BAEN? Niki Maxfield, Solo Acres

Thank you so much for posting our Summer Camp listings so promptly. We are pleased to be a member of BAEN and truly appreciate all the new changes and updates you have made. We have received over 10,000 visitors to our site in one month and 99% of them have been generated through BAEN! Again, thank you for all you have done for us. Pam Bradley, Spring Down Equestrian Center

I truly appreciate the email I receive from your organization which shows your networking capability! It is good to see someone out there spreading the word when good and not so good news needs to get out into the horse industry. I also want to tell you I received a phone call from my first customer through your network yesterday. I am really excited that my connection with your association is already showing more promise than I had hoped for! This one job will pay for my membership and leave me a little left over which is what advertising is supposed to do! Thanks again for being there and all your efforts to accommodate me! Amy Polnoff, Cutting Edge Quarter Horse Ranch

We've gotten more responses from our listing on BAEN than from any other site we've linked with. 50% of the inquiries received by our business have been generated by BAEN. Randy Gamble, Quail Ridge Stables

I am VERY happy with the responses I get from my advertising on Bayequest.com. Being a breeder of Rocky Mountain Horses in California, at first all my sales were to out of state buyers. Now that the riders in California are beginning to fall in love with the breed, I am finding that I'm selling more horses to bay area riders!! I love it. Not only do I get to promote this wonderful breed more locally, but it gives me new riding and horse camping buddies!! Thanks again. Pam Higgins, Silverado Mountain Horses

I have more luck with the ads I place on your site than anywhere . Keep up the good work, it is nice to see you grow and do such a great job. Wanda Wright, WW Ranch, NV and OR

Thanks for all the tips. You guys are great. I already have 2 new camp sign-ups from your link to my website. Thank you!!! Sally Hensley, Nine Horse Ranch

Our BAEN banner add is our only source of advertising and has succeeded in filling our ranch to capacity!! I'm so grateful and pleased with BAEN. Tasha Stevenson, Miles Ranch

BAEN continues to be a reliable source of clients for us. Rachel Kosmal McCart, Equine Legal Solutions

We're very happy with the results of our advertising on BAEN. Many of our new customers found us through the BAEN. Linda Engelstad, Orinda Village Horse Shop

Your site is awesome and worth the banner money! Uschi, Valhalla Equestrian Center

This is why I like to advertise on your site...I get fast results from people that actually HAVE money! Thanks for letting me use your service! Juli Ulm, Painted Hills Ranch

Cheval is very happy and to be able to sell that many tickets within a limited timeframe is great! Thanks for your help. Scott Kane, Charles Zukow Associates, San Francisco

Thank you. This is my favorite place to advertise. I get the most out of this website. Felicia Parker, Blew By U Horse Transportation

It's cool to get response from other states...in fact, I am beginning to do business (wholesale) with a tack store in Phoenix, Az due to the owner finding me on your site...THANKS! Nancy Hollander, Horsefeathers

I've gotten so many inquiries I can't stop laughing! My traffic has gone up markedly. I am so stoked. Andrew Wheeler, WhimWham Media

We are so satisfied with what the Network does that we have decided not to do ANY hard-copy ads next year. So, pat yourself on the back! J.L. Robertson, Smokes Dude Horses

I wanted to let you know that we are going to extend our banner for another month. It really is getting us some good pull! Christy Tuescher, PMU Foal Adoption Network

One thing for sure, you really make me look good! I can't say enough about this banner, Thanks. MaryLea, Equiture Digital Photography & Video

I just wanted to let you know that your site has been absolutely wonderful for me. I get more response from buyers looking for horse property using your website than I do from a full color ad in our local Homes magazine. Thanks Again. Anna Boyd, Re/Max Gold

Again thank you for your great service and support, we have had numerous applications from our listing with you. R. K. Doyle, Apellon Farms

I think your website is the reason my website is looked at so much this year - Thanks again.. C. Luellen, Arcatian Farms

I get great results from using your site!! Keep up the good work!!! Bret Smallwood, Harmony Farms

My first buyer, by the way, came from BAEN. She saw my site on your main page for newest members! Tracey Bakewell, 2nd Winds 2nd Hands

I want to let you know how much I appreciate your classifieds page! I put my first photo ad up and wouldn't you know, the truck sold the very next day! Your site is easy to use and really puts my inventory "out there". Thanks! Christine Lanier, Courtesy Chevrolet

Thanks to Bayequest, a gentleman form San Francisco donated to save this horse, and he will be coming to the Bay Area in December! Thank you so much for your help! L. Tipton, Ahimsa Ranch Animal Rescue

I have an ad posted with you for a barn manager wanted. Although I understand you keep things posted for 2 months, it is okay to remove this add at any time. We received many wonderful responses from this advertisement and I think we will track down a barn manager from the approximately 25 resumes that we have received. Thanks. Susan Lam

I want to let you know, I think the BAEN site is fabulous. I have gotten several good, long term students through my listing there. I have successfully found and sold horses, both myself and for clients. Thank you for making such an enormous contribution to the bay area equestrian community. Laurie Scott, Penngrove

Thanks for placing my ad. Lately I have received a slew of emails! Brigid Wasson, Clicker Training by Brigid

Over the last week or so we have gotten at least 6 inquiries from folks who found our event listing on BAEN. We sure do appreciate your help and support. Summer Lopez, The National Center for Equine Facilitated Therapy

THANK YOU for placing that banner ad, I had so many emails asking about our show, lots of people came to visit the show. It was great. Debbie Wiegmann, Golden Gate Arabian Horse Association

Wanted to write back and comment on the tremendous efforts of your organization. As the site designer for Far Field Farm and many other animal related businesses, I recognize money well spent - and my client's membership with your group was high up on my list. Your site has already referred 132 hits to my client, and that puts you in first place. Later next week I will be meeting with the people at Horse TV in Houston - I will be sure to mention that I learned of them, via a news release sent out by none other than you and your group! Amazing and kudos to you for your efforts. T.L. Bratfish, Wild Endeavors Studio, Texas

After trying to advertise on some other sites, I want you to know BAEN is by far the simplest to order from and move around in. Keep up the good work. Laura McEvoy, Sweetwater Equestrian Center

Our site "Superior Footing Products" has been hosted with the BAEN for only 3 months. In addition to responses from within Northern California, we have had multiple requests for information from around the country. The web site has proved to be one of our best form of advertising. Larry Fox, Superior Footing Products

I'll tell you one thing....The web site sure is getting a lot of visitors that are responding to horses on the page. They are keeping me busy with e-mail and sending literature and video. Thanks for all of your help. Eve Hadlock, Sunrise Arabian Center

IT LOOKS AMAZING!! Thank you, thank you! Scott Kane, Director of Accounts, Charles Zukow Associates [referring to BAEN's promotion for Cheval Theatre]

You were a great source of quality applicants for some jobs we had! We had an outstanding number of candidates for both the Barn Manager position , as well as Stable Hand -- and are currently appreciating the two candidates we hired. We would definitely advertise with BAEN again as it was the best source of well qualified candidates. Many thanks! Valerie Metcalfe, Westwind Barn.

A man called "out of the blue" today and stopped by this afternoon, to donate a used horse trailer and a camper to DreamPower. They are both in good condition and should be easy to sell. He said he saw the CLASSIFIED ADS I put on BAEN and he called today. So thanks again! Martha McNiel, DreamPower Horsemanship

I have to tell you we have had a lot of interest from your service. Definitely very satisfied. Thanks. Connie Ingle, Ingle Pride Ponies

I am impressed with the photo ads and the responses they generate. Thanks again for everything and for your understanding. That is why you are so successful. Cosette Rickner, Redwood Knolls

Sold three horses/ponies through your site in past 6 weeks. THANKS. P. Patchet, Canyon Oaks Farm

The first two people that came to see my horse made full price offers... Your site rocks! Kathy White, California Sport Ponies

You have a great site! I always sell everything that I put on it. Susan Hawkins, RT Ranch

Do want to thank you for all of the help that you have been. The website has really helped us in our marketing. Pat Hendershot, Trade Winds Arabians

Thank you BAYEQUEST. I love your site. I grew up riding in Woodside and CTETA. I love the area. I have submitted several ads here and I always have a good response! Thanks again for this site. Catherine Nunes, Chico Equestiran Association

I was going to write you a thank you note today, to thank you for the hosting of our site. We have had such a great number of inquiries since Christmas, and then last night we had a caller from Germany who visited our site call to inquire regarding buying some horses. He is going to be visiting the U.S. in the near future and was looking for mares with certain bloodlines. BAEN really works. Sunrise Arabian Center is totally pleased with the results. Thanks again Debbie for your hard work and dedication to the horse industry. Eve Hadlock, Sunrise Arabian Center.

I just wanted to say thank you! I have gotten a lot of business from your site. It is wonderful to have an equestrian network. Piper and Pam Howden, Harmonious Horses

Thank you for doing such a great job on the graphic that accompanies my holiday ad for Equine Biography...you far surpassed my expectations, and I can't thank you enough! I look forward to seeing the responses. Again, many thanks. Nan Meek, Equine BIography

I have advertised on BAEN before, and just recently became a BAEN member. I have noticed a dramatic increase in the number of responses we have been getting since becoming a member. So just wanted to say keep up the good work! C. Tognazzini, Shamrock T Ranch

Your network is invaluable-- I refer my students to it constantly...for tack stores, vets, etc... Erin Nicole Ury, Affinity Training.

Love your site...great response to my ads!! J. McCrary, Fire Mountain Ranch

I just rejoined [as a Commercial member]. Upon renewing I added a new business listing, and within two days I had three contacts from it. Thanks again. Carla Olsen

Thank you so very much for allowing small businesses to post our ads on your website. All of my business was generated solely from this ad and the responses were generous. I want to thank you for over a year's worth of great service! Lori Grande, Double G Equestrian Transportation

Wanted to thank you for your service, I put a CLASSIFIED ADS on for a pony a couple weeks ago and she sold in two days! I had a dozen inquiries about her the first day it went up! Thanks and keep up the good work. Kelli, Diamond Mountain Stables.

I have been AMAZED at the great response that I have gotten from your site. I found one of my favorite horses a super home! THANK YOU. Shelly Herman, Shelly Herman Training Center.

T hank you for the opportunity to place an ad on your site - I was impressed with the response your site generated. I will be placing picture ads with you next week when my web site is up. Thank you again!!! Mary, Auffinger Farms

Sold three horses/ponies through your site in the past 6 weeks.THANKS! Patience Patchet, Canyon Oaks Farm

I sold my horse trailer in three days of advertising on your site. I advertised in the newspaper and received two responses. That ad cost $90. You have a great site and I appreciate the opportunity to advertise without charge. Thank you. M. Larum, Castle Rock Farm

Just wanted to say how happy I was with the success of my sale ad. 8 days online, 13 inquiries, and 3 purchase offers. Found the perfect home for my mare. Thanks. Dee Butler, Butler Meadows Ra nch

I love your service, it is terrific and I sell all the horses I have placed in it both for myself and friends. Ellen Caulfield, Ellen's Barn.

Thank you very much. I've sold several horses off your site. Very professional! Thank you! Michelle, Prophecy Farms

Thank you for your help, the position is filled. Your web site did it and it is a wonderful resource. B. Andrews, Wildcat Creek Stables

Thank you for your outstanding service. The ad was posted and the horse sold before most sites would even have the ad online! I love your website and think it is the best place to advertis e sale horses, services, etc. Keep up the good work! Lee Webster, Blue Chip Stables

I just want to thank you for adding my site to your business listings. I have increased my real estate business and have enjoyed meeting many new horse people! Pam Murray, A Horse and Home

We've found your site to be MOST helpful in fulfilling our advertising needs! We have had wonderful success with our Pony Party ad - we are only advertising through BAEN. Since I added the lessons ad, we've had 2 inquiries, one is coming for an intro lesson on Saturday. We've been swamped with replies from our ad looking for a stall cleaner! Ed Witherly, The Big Enough Ranch

Can you believe I found a wonderful horse in less than a week after this posting?!? I received numerous replies from around the Bay area. I have also used this site to solicit horse community support for equine welfare issues with overwhelming success. Thank you so much for this very helpful web site. I am so pleased with it! Katherine Holland, Sunnymeade Farm

Folks - I find that yours is the ONE SITE that I actually like to visit. I've used you to find several horses, one that I've put a bid on. This would never have happened without your site (and theirs!). Again, thanks. It reduces the aggravation a LOT in finding a horse... And for me, if a breeder isn't listed with you, and doesn't have a Web site, they have NO CHANCE of getting MY business! Michael P. Thoma, President, Attack Strategies

I love your website. I have listed a couple of horses recently and had excellent response and we sold this particular filly to the very first person who came out! Thanks. Andrea Brown, Dun Movin Ranch .

BAEN is a wonderful site. I have found great horses, met some new friends, and found terrific homes for ponies. It is a wonderful resource for bay area/California equestrians! We are proud to have a link to you on our site! Christine Kefaliotis, Little Hooves Sport Ponies

We have recently joined BAEN and I have to tell you that I am so impressed with your site and services. Every one of our clients has found us through BAEN!!! Tasha Stevenson, Miles Ranch

Thanks for BAEN, it sure is fun to use with good results... Stacey Young, Briones Valley Hunters

Position Filled! Thanks to BAEN! Creekside Stables

Thank you for the response and for the business listing on the Bay Area Equestrian Network. I am very glad to be linked to your site. Clint Marrs Custom Saddles.

Great response to my ad. I've had great response to these horses and I will continue to use this address. Ellen T. Caulfield, Ellen's Barn

The Classified Listing looks great. Thanks again for the service. Sue Landaiche, Triple C Horse Training.

It's really interesting to see how many inquiries I'm getting based on the photo ad I put on BAEN! More than I've had in a long time! Linda Talken, Ridgeview Sporthorses

Thanks so much Debbie! Because of your ads we have placed eleven horses so far, which means we were able to save the lives of eleven more. Sure appreciate it! Joe & Cathy Shelton, Shelton Farms

I just wanted to let you know I had 2 E-mail inquiries on Triple C Training this morning. Thanks for posting my listing. Sue Landaiche, Triple C Training.

I was looking for a position as a trainer and I am pleased to report that I have found one that fits me perfectly using your website. Thank you and continued success. Mitchell Priest, Mitchell Priest Arabians

THANK YOU to everyone who applied for our Trainer Job at Tahoe Meadows Equestrian in Truckee. This bulletin board works and we had an overwhelming list of great candidtates! Karan Eriksson, Tahoe Meadows Equestrian

Thank you, I use your site a lot and have had great results . Michaela Atkins, Double M Cremello Farms.

Again, I appreciate your help very much. BAEN has been a great source of business for me. Pam McKay, Horsing Around

Thanks for all of the work on the links and the banners. Up to your usual top notch . Bob Burdekin, Bob Burdekin Farrier Service.

Just wanted to say how great the video looks - I think that is exactly how to do it, with the information presented with the video playing - it looks very impressive. Thanks very much. Irene Deem, Deem & Deem Communications

Between our stable listing and CLASSIFIED ADS, we received 13 e-mails the first 24hrs. Great place to do business, will continue! Thanks! Randy Gamble , Quail Ridge Stable

I just wanted to let you know that your site has been absolutely wonderful for me. I get more response from buyers looking for horse property using your website than I do from a full color ad in our local Homes magazine. Thanks Again. Anna Boyd, Re/Max Gold

Thanks and good job - I think a sale is in the works and another person is coming to ride on Saturday to find out about sponsorship, all because of my site! Yeh! Joan Zeleny, Indiana Ranch Morgans

I have filled all 3 of the open positions. Two of the new employees came from Bay Area Equestrian. Thank you. It is a great site. Reagan Hayes, Blue Mountain Biscuit Company

I have reviewed the Bay Area Equestrian Network and added links under several sections in the Silicon Valley site. I will also feature BAEN in an upcoming New Hot Links section where the site will be linked to for one whole week and be announced in the weekly newsletter. Congratulations on the excellent BAEN site. Servane Briand, Silicon Valley Guide at The Mining Company

Just a note to let you know that the ad I placed on your site worked out wonderfully. We hired someone within ten days and had plenty of folks to choose from to boot! Thanks for your wonderful site Debbie, I'm so impressed. Patti Ansuini, Rocking A Ranch

I just sold my horse trailer thru your "trailer wanted" section and wanted to thank your for this wonderful web site. The woman I called lives in the Chico area and we never would have made a connection except for Bayequest. You provide a much needed and appreciated web link for the horse world. Niki Maxfield, Solo Acres Boarding Stable

Thank you so much for our listings with you. They do seem to be generating exra traffic at our business! Sue Lea, Bottomley Farm

I received numerous calls from potential candidates who mentioned they had found the [employment] position through the BAEN site. Thank you very much for providing me the opportunity to post my ad! I will be sure to recommend you to other equestrians looking for a way to advertise or sell/buy a product, service, etc. Thanks for your hard work and support to the Bay Area Equestrian industry!! LeeAnne Kraus, Westwind Barn

We got our very first resume for the instructor's position from a person who saw the request on the web site. She's currently in Texas and is looking for a job in California! How exciting! Thanks so much! Laurie Leone, All Seasons Riding Academy for the Handicapped

Just wanted to let you know that we sold the 3 year-old flaxen/chestnut filly by Drakkar. She left for her new home today. Excellent web site, we had many calls from this ad. Lela Bond, HeatherWynd Farm.

The house just closed escrow, with the buyers being people who saw my ad on your website. I got an overall great response, with about ten inquiries. The buyer was one of the first people who wrote. Your service and pricing are awesome! Thanks so very much for providing your fine service. Wendy Boxer, Rancho Morado

Baen has been very helpful in helping me find the right owners for my horses. Baen reaches the equestrian community best of all the sources I've looked into. i would use their services again when selling livestock in the future. thanks for your help. Pam Oyass

I just picked up another client from the BAEN web site. I've always been told that marketing rarely brings quick results, but once the ball gets rolling, it really rolls. Thank you for your wonderful web site. What a great service to the equine industry. Tami, TLC Graphics

I had a GREAT response to my ad - over 15 responses in first 48 hours - and I sold the trailer (for $100 off full asking price) last night to the 1st person who drove out to see it. I LOVE YOUR SITE!! Keep up the great work. Cristin Holmes, Lazy J Ranch

I want to thank you again for the great service that BAEN provides, it is a great horse person resource and I am glad I am a member! I have listed our new stable and average between 10 to 50 hits a day mainly because of you guys. Jaime McNeely, Altamont Ridge

I find your website extremely helpful in reaching to the target customers for my products. I just sold a treeless saddle to a horse lover in Texas. And I generated a lot of queries from people in different states. I was amazed that people in other states were also using this site. I want to Thank you for creating such a great tool for connecting horse lovers. Rajeev Kumar, Maya Saddles

Boy, has SCEN been bringing me a lot of orders for Two Horse. You should be proud of yourself -- two winners in the barn. Bonnie Davis, Two Horse Enterprises

Thanks Bay Area Equestrian Network- you sold my horse! Michelle, Lakeside Arabians, Nebraska

I just wanted to, once again, offer "props" to BAEN. When I posted an ad last week, trying to sell my "plain brown trail horse," I paused when I saw the "barter" option. I thought, "Well, I need to find a home for this bombproof horse, but I wouldn't mind a new Quarter Horse that needs some training." So I added that I would consider trading. Never in a million years did I expect the very next day, a wonderful woman would arrive at my door, she in need of a very quiet trail horse, as well as a home for her "wild child" Quarter Horse mare. It was a match made in heaven; she is now the proud owner of a plain, but very safe trail horse who will help restore her confidence after a severe back injury. And I am the proud owner of a beautiful (and beautifully bred) QH who needs to have her confidence built up. The whole thing was kismet. Is BAEN the Match.com of the horse world? I think so! Thanks for helping me make another successful equine transaction! Anastasia Burke Miller, The Bunkhouse at Pilot Hill

How we compare to other Classified Ads sites

Debbie as a researcher... I just have to tell you how impressed I am with your BAEN site as a marketing source for our beloved horse Skip. I am delighted with the tremendous response we have been getting on the add we currently have running for Skip.. At the same time we have had no response on the Dreamhorse site and find the site very frustrating.. Trying to change anything on Dreamhorse is extremely time consuming and restrictive and not one human is available for help. The BAEN site is extremely user friendly and immediate with the human touch. Real competent people at your site are always available to help me with any challenge that may arise from time to time. Just had to share this! Kathy-Jo Kriewall

Thank you Debbie Smith and BAEN for helping me find a lease for my horse Reiner. I had quite a few responses from the ad and love the way I could customize it. I've spent a lot on unsuccessful ads on other sites, now I go straight to BAEN when I want to sell something horsey. BAEN always gets the biggest response rate from local buyers. I recently sold a Saddle on BAEN that went to the East Coast, it just works for me. Ruth Lake

I've been advertising some of our wonderful lesson horses for sale on BAEN. I also advertised these same horses on Dreamhorse.com. I am happy to say that ALL of them are selling to BAEN folks!!! It makes me so happy because I know the kind of homes us BAEN-horse-fanatic's offer! I love that my horses are going to be living with bay area families. I just wanted to say "thanks" for having such a great site. BAEN is way better than any horse-related web site out there. Courtney Castillo

Just wanted you to know how pleased I was with the recent sale of my $20k horse. I posted her for sale on two websites, yours and Dreamhorse. I got a lot of lookie-lous from the Dreamhorse site, but no serious buyers. I got only serious responses from your site, and sold her for $19,500 to the second person that looked at her. It was a painless, inexpensive and effective way to market my horse. Thank you! M. Burns

Sold my endurance gelding on BAEN in about a week! I had him on Dreamhorse as well and got only three (out-of-state) inquiries. A big difference, and I wonder why, maybe the way the BAEN search functions work? was that the Dreamhorse responses were in the first day or two the ad came out, and the BAEN responses kept coming even after the ad wasn't new any more. Thanks for your great service. Rebecca Bentley, Williams, OR

Thank you so much Debbie. I had the same problem with posting an ad on Dreamhorse so I emailed them with my issue. My response back was that I would have to figure it out for myself because they are too busy. Well, from now on you know where I will be posting my ads exclusively. These kind of details do matter and I truly appreciate your time. M. Tracy

Thanks, BAEN, for helping us to sell our pony. We ran an ad on Bay Area Equestrian Network and in the Sacramento Bee at the same time. NO calls from the SAC Bee ad--tons of e-mails from my BAEN ad. The first person to look at her bought her. We're thrilled. Thanks so much! Diamond B Ranch

Love your service! Dreamhose takes its time.......sometimes up to 3 days until something gets uploaded, your service is GREAT! Irene Hoeflich-Wiederhold, Horses Worldwide

Even though I live outside the Bay Area this was one of the sites where I received the most inquiries. Thanks. Amy

I get more response form your site than all others combined. Thanks and keep up the great job. Wanda Wright, Old West Tack Company

The first day my ad for pipe stalls/shelters and stall fronts was posted (Thursday) I received over 6 responses. The next day I received several more inquiries. I made several appointments with prospective purchasers for Saturday morning and by 9:00 a.m. the entire lot was sold. They went to their new home on Sunday and LIFE IS GOOD! Even after I posted "sale pending" I continued to get more contacts regarding the item. How many hits per day do the classifieds get????? This was an incredible response - better than Craig's List! Georgia Langsam

I can say from much experience that BAEN is THE MOST well organized and well-planned site I have found, and I have found many! Nikki Holmes & Craig Rosenaur, Stage Stop Ranch, Auburn

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my experience using your site. I bought a trailer a year ago, recently sold it and bought another one, all on Bayequest. All 3 transactions were seamless. I had lots of response on my ad and sold it within days. You obviously have a wide base of members and users. In comparison, I had limited response to the same ad that was posted on Craigs List. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Nancy Phillips

We've gotten more responses from our listing on BAEN than from any other site we've linked with. 50% of the inquiries received by our business have been generated by BAEN. Randy Gamble, Quail Ridge Stables

After trying to advertise on some other sites, I want you to know BAEN is by far the simplest to order from and move around in. Keep up the good work. Laura McEvoy, Sweetwater Equestrian Center

I had listed my cart on Ebay two weeks ago and couldn't get a single bid, but when I listed it with BAEN it sold right away! Thank you so much! Karen May

This is just to tell you what a wonderful site you have. I listed 2 horse trailers on your site and sold them both in 2 weeks. The first trailer sold within 3 days of being on your site so I listed the other trailer we had for sale and it sold the next week. Within 1 hour of listing the second trailer I received 15 e-mails on the the trailer and that is compared to the 2 I had received on the other web site it was listed on for over a month. Thank You. Shannan

You and your services are far and wide the best I have come across on the net with regard to any Equine Service, and I really appreciate your hard work!! Thanks again. Pam Rosen, Down Under Horse Wear

Just wanted to let you know that I sold my horse through your website, and actually received a lot more interest from BAEN than I did from Dreamhorse which is a national website. Thanks for providing such a great website that is so user friendly. A. Mullica, Roseville

Your web site was SO MUCH EASIER than DreamHorse.com. I will recommend yours over theirs to all my equestrian friends. Johanna

Only wish the National sites were as customer orientated! Many high-fives! Kimberly Outen

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