Photos Of The Week

Is there a special equine in your life? BAEN invites you to show off your equine friend in our "Photo Of The Week" feature. Please e-mail your non-copyrighted photo (.jpg, .bmp,.gif or .tif file) along with your name, the horse's name, the city in which you are located, and a little bit of information about yourselves.

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I have a very special filly to show off. She is now three months old and is as sweet as can be. She is an 1/2 Paint, 1/4 Morgan and 1/4 Quarter horse. My 8 year old son thinks she is the most beautiful horse in the world. It just goes to show that some of the most special and nice horses can be a mixture of various breeds. We love her very much.
Theresa Ferreira

My name is Sharon...the horses in the picture are, the mare is Dutchess & the filly is Dancer, in this picture Dancer is only 3mths old. This picture was taken in Valley Springs, Ca... I had rescued this mare from Canada at a PMU ranch where she was heading to slaughter, she was in foal at the time, look a the beautiful filly she gave me. That was in 2002.

Alicia Hamblin (12 yrs. old), on Tally Ho, her 20 year old Arabian gelding at Las Trampas Stables.

This is Simon and my Grandmother. Both have recently passed away. They will be forever loved and missed.

Girls just want to have fun.
AQHA mares Blondie and Whinnie having fun.
Lisa Pomerance
Spreckels, CA

My two thoroughbred foals (Vali's Halo and Great Spirit) horsing around. Vali is biting Great Spirit's butt while chasing him around.
Christine Chanley