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"Are you - poor, sick old ere your time - / Nearer one white your own sublime/ Than we who have never turned a rhyme? / Sing, riding's a joy! / For me, I ride." -- Robert Browning
WELCOME to the Bay Area Equestrian Network, serving thousands of horse enthusiasts and equine businesses across northern California and statewide. The Bay Area Equestrian Network (BAEN) is a regional directory that helps you find horses, services and products in your area.
This service is provided free of charge for California-based equine businesses, organizations and individuals.
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The American Quarter Horse; Winter Cattle Drive; How to Enjoy Your Horse; Large Animal Rescue; Horse Resolutions; When is Dead Grass Safer to Graze; Horse Matching; Winter Body Clipping; The Love of the Mountains; Molly the Mule Wants a Job; Art of Deb Korluka; Spirit Horse Therapeutic Riding Center; A Territorial Horse Mare; When, Where and Why to Use a Bit; Developing Your Natural Balance, and more. Visit
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