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Behind The Scenes At Cavalia, continued....  by Elizabeth McCall


The last thing Mandarin expected in San Francisco was a visit from the equine dentist, but when Magali Delgado noticed that the handsome buckskin Lusitano stallion was not eating his food one recent morning, she quickly deducted that he was loosing his second baby tooth.  

Born on her parents farm in the the South of France, Mandarin is more like a child than horse to Magalia and her husband Frdric Pignon, the equestrian co-directors for CAVALIA--as are all their horses.  Far from being just an analogy,  Magali actually saves her horses baby teeth, a tradition she continues from her own family.  The Delgados are Lusitano horse breeders.

Photo by Garry Stauber

"Mandarin is very special.  He has lots of charisma," says Magali of a fact readily confirmed by CAVALIA audiences.  In an act where Mandarin briefly follows an acrobat  maneuvering across the stage atop a gigantic ball, the stallion steals the spotlight when he strikes an inquisitive pose that seems to ask, "What the heck are you doing up  there?"

One of the younger horses in the show, Mardarin makes only a single appearance in CAVALIA.  "It1s important for him to be very confident and very quiet," explains Magali, who shares a philosophy with Frdric about working with horses slowly.  But from the looks of this recently-turned  four-year-old, Mandarin is already enroute to stardom. 

Elizabeth McCall is CAVALIA's Horse Industry Liason. For general information on CAVALIA, please contact: Fran?oise Cabana in Montreal, Canada at 514-879-9002 Ext: 33, 


Photos by
Frdrick Chhu

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Photos taken at Cavalia's Sneak Preview Performance
by Garry Stauber and Julie Green

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