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Suggested Items for Equine First Aid Kits



The following is a suggested menu of first aid/emergency items for your barn or trailer. These items have been suggested by other BAEN users; you'll probably want to customize this list to your own situation. We recommend that you consult your own vet for help in stocking your first aid kit, learn when to call the vet, and learn how to apply first aid correctly both to your horse and to humans.

Many of these items can be found at grocery stores, drugstores tack and feed stores. You can buy pre-packaged first aid kits, but you may want to add a few items from this list just in case.


Veterinary or human rectal thermometer Hydrogen Peroxide
Lubricant (K-Y Jelly or other water-based product) Vetwrap
Antibacterial cleanser (Betadine, Chlorhexidin scrub, Hibiclens, etc.) Padded standing wraps
Antibiotic ointment (Silvadene, Neosporin, Nolvasan, etc.) Roll of absorbent cotton
Disposable diapers or wrapped sanitary napkins (to stop bleeding) Sterile gauze pads
Needleless syringes for flushing wounds Bandage scissors
2 1/2 inch gauze bandage roll Liniment
Ice bag or chemical ice pack Tweezers
Wound salve or cream Saline solution
Epsom salts Cotton swabs
Pocket knife Plastic or Latex gloves
Bute Alcohol
Poultice Duct tape
Flashlight Electrolytes
Wire cutters Twitch 
Old shipping boots to hold on compresses/bandages and stop bleeding  
Printable reference sheets:  (Large)  Equine Vital Signs, Weights & Measures Conversions
  (Small)  Equine Vital Signs, Weights & Measures Conversions

....and don't forget First Aid items for yourself:

Band-aids Antibiotic cream Pain reliever
Sunscreen Insect repellant / sting kit Ace bandage
Ice bag or chemical ice pack Hand sanitizer Water

Did we omit a first aid item that you've found to be helpful? Let us know.


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