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You already have a web site...Why do video?

Video = Motion = Horses = Motion = Video
Nothing is more beautiful to a horseperson than a horse in motion.
If your business is horses, there is no more effective way to capture the attention of an equestrian than using a motion based format.

Video is viral.
Video circulates the Internet. Your target audience is searching for your service and will actively seek you out. 
The Bay Area Equestrian Network hyper-targets local horse people. Take advantage of BAEN's 150,000 unique visitors per month. You will be global and very, very local.

Video helps your business rise above the competition.
Most businesses already have a web site with static pictures. Video advertising is taking off on the internet. 
Adding video to your site will help your equestrian business remain competitive.

Padma Video offers:

  • Video: Professionally shot, produced and streamed in High Definition
  • Video displayed on your web site and housed on Bay Area Equestrian Network
  • Your video featured on BAEN's Video page
  • Viral Distribution - Your video uploaded to YouTube and other video sites for maximum, global exposure
  • Email blasts, newsletters and online press releases
  • DVD Production and Marketing.  Sell your DVD's online with your own PayPal account.
  • Commercial Production - Pre-roll, Post-roll, and 30 second commercials

Padma Video is affordable!  We'll tailor a video package to meet your needs and your budget. Existing BAEN Members will receive BIG discounts!  Contact us for an estimate:

Padma Video   Bay Area Equestrian Network
925-457-5812   800-943-8883 (925-484-0395)

BAEN is committed to making Internet advertising easy and affordable for everyone.
Installment payment plans are available, please contact us.