Featured Classified Ads
Featured Classified Ad screenshot

Featured Classified Ad screenshot

  Featured Classified Ads (FCAs) are high-visibility opportunities to showcase your horses, services, and products. FCAs are prominent spots devoted exclusively to featuring photo and video classified ads on BAEN's home page and main classified ad pages. This greatly increases exposure for your ads, since BAEN's home page and Horses For Sale main classified page consistently rank #1 and #2 in total viewership.

We rotate a maximum of 10 classified ads in each FCA spot. Every time the page is viewed, BAEN's system displays a different classified ad, rotating through them all on an equal basis. For example, if our home page is viewed a total of 100,000 times and the FCA slot contains 10 ads, each ad is displayed 10,000 times.

This high visibility opportunity is available for only $99/month for Commercial BAEN Members ($132 for non-members). Secure a FCA spot for 6 or 12 months, run the same ad or rotate in a different ad each month, and save an additional 10% and 15% discount respectively with advance payment. Contact us right away at adsales@bayequest.com to reserve your FCA spot, since space is very limited.

BAEN is committed to making Internet advertising easy and affordable for everyone.
Installment payment plans are available, please contact us.