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Demerara Stables is a boutique training and rehabilitation program on the San Francisco peninsula. Our training and horse management philosophy is based on providing the most natural environment for the horse, while improving their education and fitness in a way that is compassionate and sustainable.

Our young horse training program accepts young horses starting post-weaning. We provide your young horse with crucial group turnout on large, gently sloping fields, to develop their minds and bodies correctly. When horses are started under saddle, it is done in a slow, methodical way with absolutely zero fear, pain, or bucking. They are then developed using classical dressage principles focusing on straightness, forwardness, and quality of gaits, until they are thoughtfully started over fences at the appropriate age.

Our rehabilitation program has turned out dozens of horses that have gone on to compete at or above their level pre-injury. We address the whole horse - both acute injury and disfunctional movement patterns and compensation - to heal and prevent future injury. We focus on physical fitness and mental stability - truly listening to your horse to return your athlete to you in the best shape of her life and happier than she's ever been.

All of the horses in our program benefit from bodywork, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and regular saddle fit checks. We spend a considerable amount of time riding outside of the arena for physical and mental fitness, and haul off site weekly for trail rides and schooling opportunities.

We have a few openings at our new location in Half Moon Bay. We offer ample turnout and full care. You can choose to send your horse to us for a limited time for a hands-off approach, or, we prefer to involve you in your horse's training and rehabilitation. We are passionate about educating owners and thereby reducing the need for our services in the future.

Come see a new way of managing and training your horse. We promise you won't be disappointed.

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