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Hi, Everyone!  My name is Cindie Ambar.  I am an animal communicator and am trained in 18 different healing modalities.  I have worked with well over 200 horses, as well as animals of all kinds.  I offer pro bono work to horse sanctuaries and shelters, so specialize in working with trauma and nervous/anxious horses.  My work can be performed in person, or at great distances.  I have clients all over the world.

I do in person visits in the Santa Cruz County area and distance communication and healing worldwide.  Some of the methods I use, such as the Body Code are amazing for physical healing!

I can support you with the following:

  • Identifying and resolving performance issues
  • Speeding recovery
  • Identifying and resolving behavioral issues
  • Identifying and improving physical challenges and physical well-being
  • Identifying and improving emotional challenges and well being
  • Enhancing bonding and relationships

I offer free 20 minute consultations so you can get a sense of how I would approach your horse's situation and help you meet your goals!  My website is if you would like to check me out!

I would love to support you/your equine.  I work with humans as well!

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