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Cavalia returns, a sneak peek by Andrew Wheeler

I didn't know what to expect.

As a professional equestrian photographer, I endeavor to capture the ethos and pathos of the horse through my imagery.  Having heard rave reviews and reports about Cavalia, I was thrilled to be given the rare opportunity to capture a dress rehearsal for the show’s opening night.

At the impressive white big top near Golden Gate Fields, I met Martin Roy, Cavalia's attaché de presse.  He took me on a personal tour behind the scenes of the immaculately clean stabling areas, and then introduced me to the charming Frederico Pignon and his wife, Magali Delgado, the co-directors of the Cavalia production.

As the time came for the dress rehearsal, we were led into the darkened auditorium.  It was wonderful to see such an accommodating stage that allows horses and riders to access from left to right.  Beautiful backdrops, wide stages, music and light create an ambiance that stimulates all of the senses; however, the emphasis is always on the bond between man and horse. 

Cavalia: soothing, stimulating, and a feast for the eyes.

Andrew Wheeler is the owner of Andrew's Whimwham Equine Photography and is a professional equine photographer based in Capitola, near Santa Cruz on the Central Coast.  His photography has appeared in many publications including Arabian Horse World and Friesian Blood Horse Magazine. He can be reached at  All images © Andrew Wheeler 2004. Use Without Prior Permission Prohibited.


Photos by
Andrew Wheeler

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