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Horse Happy

For me, life is one big surprise. Every time the road of life takes another turn something new seems to be waiting just around the bend ready to leap out and hit me with full force. I am almost a certified expert in this field. There was one time though when that thing waiting for me at the bend in the road saved my sanity. Many people would say that I am exaggerating by saying this but they weren’t in my shoes searching for a dream that just kept slipping away from me every time I got close to it.

He is a simple creature on the outside but if you take a minute to search his soul you will see his elegance and vitality that you will never find in any other creature. Andie is a palomino quarter horse who saved my happiness by just being the loving creature he is. Many ask how a horse could do so much. He doesn’t talk out loud, he doesn’t give me advice, so how could he have brought such peace to my life? To answer this question I must tell you our story.

My loving mother and father agreed many months ago that they would buy me a horse after much deliberation. So the search began. Anyone who has ever bought a horse will understand how frustrating this is. It isn’t like a car, which has a constant feel to it; no every day with a horse is different. Each is unique with its own flaws and high points. Finding a horse that seemed to match my needs, ability, and personality seemed close to impossible. Whether it be the health of the horse, the personality, or the cost none of them were what I was looking for. I was ready to give up. My hope and determination were fading fast. I would cry myself to sleep many nights. I could see how this could look as though I was just another spoiled child that wasn’t getting what she wanted but that was not it at all. I wasn’t looking for a just any horse I was looking for a friend that would love me unconditionally like so many other friends had neglected to do.

The rocks under the tires of my dad’s truck popped and shot in every direction as we pulled up into that driveway of the cozy little ranch in Napa. This seemed to be a repetitive scene these days. We would go to a different ranch each week and try another horse that once again would not meet my expectations. Even though this seemed extremely monotonous lately I still couldn’t chase away those butterflies that occupied my stomach as my father put the truck in park.

As I came around the corner to the tie racks were I caught a glimpse of my mom talking to someone I saw him. Tall and lean he stood silently proud. His eyes were bright and teaming with spirit. His coat was a thick dapple blond that was so radiant that he seemed to glow. As he turned his head our eyes met and I could almost hear him say to me “you finally found me, I have been waiting for you for a long time.” He was the most magnificent horse I had ever had the privilege to lay eyes on.

I walked up to him and caressed his face as he pushed it into the crook of my arm. I had fallen in love. I knew then that he was the one I had been searching for all this time. At that moment I stopped and realized that I hadn’t even ridden him yet. What if he was to disappoint me once I got on his back like so many others had? I stopped my optimism right in its tracks and set up my pessimistic state of mind. Yet my heart never stopped believing that Andie was special, unlike any horse I had ever experienced.

Riding him killed my negative attitude and filled me with pure exhilaration. He floated across the arena with elegance that stunned and amazed me. He was attentive and patient. I think the thing that impressed me the most about him though was that even he enjoyed me riding him. He held his head high and twitched his ears to soak in all of my commands. He swished his cream-colored tail from side to side as he trotted peacefully. “I found him,” I thought to myself “He is the one I have been searching for the whole time”.

Andie has been under my care for almost a year now and still to this day every time I see him I thank God for blessing me with such an amazing gift. I love him with all my heart and soul. The greatest part of him is not his beautiful coat or his gorgeous face, it is his ability to love me unconditionally and as you can tell I love him equally. There is no way I could have ever made a horse so perfect. He is my best friend always and forever.

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Horse Happy