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Search for date: 01-24-2019 -- 01-24-2020 ; All Video, Photo and Text Ads
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Live your dream to have fun making memories trail riding., You may be thinking, it’s Winter, horses are just standing around and need to be sold ASAP. FYI. We ride rain or shine, day or night all year long. Our passion to ride horses through adverse conditions is a true benefit for you. Such as, we ride in the mountains with steep up/down switch-back single-track trails. Stepping over giant logs, pushing through the brush, squeezing between giant redwood trees, splashing up/down rivers and crossing narrow wooden bridges. And on the beaches in Monterey and Point Reyes California. Loaded in/out of multiple types of horse trailers. No spook. No turn & burn. No bad attitude. No bad JuJu. We sell trustworthy Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Fox Trotters, Spotted Saddle Horses, Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses, Pleasure Saddle Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses and other gaited horses. Purchase a horse that is less work and more fun. It's best to call and ask what’s in stock. I'll text you pictures & videos. Horses are shown by appointment only., 831-818-5932,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 201723, Royal Oaks, CA, Submitted On: 12/15, Revised: 01/24

Fantastic FEI prospect, wow - what a beauty with stunning movement and expression!  Play video, Vogue HW, Mare, Chestnut, Age: 4, 16.2H, German Hanoverian, Foaled: 2016, View pedigree, Vogue HW is an extremely fancy lady. Beauty, elasticity, and suspension outline this stunning creature. Three rhythmic, big, expressive gaits - that will blow any and all competition out of the park. She is fabulous and easy to ride, super nice to sit and light in the bridle. Ideal for a AA, young rider, or professional alike, everybody wants fun! Vogue HW, equipped with phenomenal competition genes, is a horse of amazing quality and super fancy mover who knows to impress due to her type and work ethic. This stunning horse has it all, big stallion neck (even as a girl!), a total dream come true. Her hooves barley touch the ground. She loves to please her handler and rider and is a fast learner. This lady eagerly works under saddle and does an excellent job, with her free shoulder and huge suspension, she swings nicely through her back. She is breathtaking to watch in the dressage arena and with her quick, far reaching hind leg, passage and piaffe will come naturally to her. Vogue HW is supple and has a ton of air time. This extremely talented mare has true FEI potential. With her great ride ability, she makes a lasting impression, all info and other horses at, 239-772-7722,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 201800, Cape Coral, Fl, Submitted On: 01/07, Revised: 01/23

Handsome Jack - Imported Chestnut Dutch Warmblood  Play video, Handsome Jack, $47,000, Gelding, Chestnut, Age: 7, 16.2H, 1500 lbs, KWPN, Jack is a gorgeous 16.2 hand chestnut KWPN imported Dutch Warmblood gelding. Jack is only 7 years old and is doing 3rd level. Easy changes and half pass. This guy is one to take up to FEI and get your silver medal on!! Just got to the States, so won’t be available for long. Email, 925-212-6520,, See all ads by this advertiser, Print this ad, AD ID: 201191, Briones, California, Submitted On: 12/02, Revised: 01/20

Juventus - Beautiful black imported Dutch Warmblood  Play video, Juventus, $40,000, Gelding, Black, Age: 5, 16.1H, KWPN, Juventus is a gorgeous 16.1 black imported KWPN Dutch Warmblood. “ Juvi” is by Everdale who is by Lord Leatherdale who is known for his good character and rideability. Juvi is beautiful on the inside and out and at only 5 years old but is already feels very safe and amateur friendly. Exceptional trot, huge walk and easy canter. First level schooling second and third. Juvi will be gone fast so don’t wait to call on this beauty. Email, 925-212-6520,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 201190, Briones, California, Submitted On: 12/02, Revised: 01/17

NEW PRICE 2012 Fire Friesian Mare, Leandra Leah, $12,000, Mare, Chestnut, Age: 7, 16.0H, Foaled: 2012, Motivated Seller!! Price reduced from 15k to 12k. Leandra Leah is a 2012 Registered Fire Friesian mare, out of the Thoroughbred mare Pixie Dust ‘Em and by World Champion Friesian Leendert Leopold. “Lucy” is very sweet with great ground manners. She earned a 65% at Training level at her first show and is schooling first level movements. She loads, clips, hauls and has experience on trails. Lucy is an athletic, quick learner and with her 3 quality gaits would be a great fit for An advanced rider wanting a talented horse to bring up the levels., See all ads by this advertiser, Print this ad, AD ID: 201685, Montara, Ca, Submitted On: 12/08, Revised: 01/14

Your BAEN advertising: Improving results and ensuring buyers can contact you, Test the BAENmail link "send email to advertiser" by sending a message to yourself. Not receiving BAENmail? Chances are your email provider is blocking these messages as spam. To make sure that buyers can reach you, we strongly encourage all advertisers to include at least two contact methods in their ads, such as direct email address in the ad text, phone, cell, and/or web site address. Don't want to use BAENmail? Remove it from your ad by checking the "Don't include email link in ad" box next to the email address field on your submission form, as shown in this screenshot, and be sure to include your email address and/or phone number in your ad text as we have here. If you're an advertiser or a visitor, and have questions about whether your BAENmail messages are getting through, don't hesitate to contact us at or call 800-943-8883 (925-484-0395). We are happy to export BAENmail inquiries from our database, and also forward inquiries directly to advertisers at your request. Thanks!,, See all ads by this advertiser, Print this ad, AD ID: 198804, Pleasanton, CA, Submitted On: 12/29

Gorgeous bay , $3,500, Mare, Bay, Age: 12, 16H, 1100 lbs, --Versatile 16 hand bay mare --Appendix Quarter --Athletic build --Excellent on trails --Needs confident intermediate rider in the arena --Fun to ride! --She would be the perfect horse for a confident rider who can give her a job to do. , 661-8773983, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 201888, Hollister, CA, Submitted On: 01/24

No drama riding along Hwy 9 on a flashy point-and-go trail horse to historic Monty’s Log Cabin for lunch. See pictures., Maximillian, $5,500, Gelding, Age: 15, 15H, Max is the complete “ready-to-go” package with years of trail blazing experience. He’s good-looking, durable and gaits smoothly where-ever you would like to go. Max just does not fuss! Good disposition and a natural intelligence that lets him think for himself relieving pressure off you. BTW, no posting required. He’s so easy to ride, gets along with other horses, does not spook, a true point and go. I rode him through Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park to historic Monty’s Log Cabin. He paid no attention to pedestrian drama, cars, bicyclists, motorcycles and to hussle & bussle along Hwy 9. He politlety stood at Monty’s hitching post (see picture above) with 5 other horses while we enjoyed lunch. A relaxing and memorable experience. You should try it. Beginner through advanced riders would be proud to own Max. What a sweet, sweet deal to just join-up and ride. Behind every gaited pleasure horse we sell is the spirit of partnership and collaboration. Our goal is to help you build a loving relationship between you and your horse for a lifetime. We strive to offer great service during your horse purchase. Pictures and videos available and shown by appointment only., 831-818-5932,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 201817, Royal Oaks, CA, Submitted On: 01/10, Revised: 01/24

Having fun and feeling trust every time you ride is what these horses are all about. Name it, ride it, love it, own it., These horses are gentle with naturally smooth gaits for the best trail riding experience. No posting required, ever! We do not suffer from a sore bum riding all day, every day for the past week in the Santa Cruz mountains. Horse camping is the best natural horsemanship training. These smart horses were not fazed by traversing through cool misty fog, mud, puddles, creeks, walking up/down the river, stepping over huge fallen branches, squeezing between giant Redwood trees, slippery steep trails with hairpin turns, birds flushing out at our hooves, deer springing about, rabbits bouncing in front of us and passing other riders on the trail. These horses are trail certified by us. Now it’s up to you to call me and tell me how fast you want to gait. I have horses that softly flat walk, stride at lovely gait or jet speed leaving you breathless, thrilled and very happy. Name it, ride it, love it, own it. Anywhere and anytime. We will help you get on the trails by the end of the day. No joke, no hype, no lie. Call for info on breed, prices, videos and appointments available. BTW, I have already sold 4 of the 8 horses I took up to Santa Cruz. , 831-818-5932,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 201812, Royal Oaks, CA, Submitted On: 01/09, Revised: 01/24

SOLD! A trail-riders dream and worth more than the asking price., Cessna, $8,500, Gelding, Age: 10, 15.1H, Most of us horse owners know that when you own a great horse, that anyone can ride, you’ll never sell him regardless of numerous offers. He's my gentle horse with a big heart for people and I’m selling him. Look at him, flashy and magnificent. Only a well-built powerful horse could handle all day trail riding and real horse camping out in the wilderness. Cool headed, patient, confident and sure-footed going where there is no trail. Most likely you will be on a trail so how easy is that? No posting ever. Cessna is extremely comfortable to ride because of his smooth 4-beat gaits which transition into a soft canter that’s just fun, fun, fun. Seriously addicting. Trustworthy and telepathic in so many ways. He’ll take care of you. He has been treated with all the respect and love he deserves. I believe that this horse is a solid investment in your trail-blazing adventures. I’ll continue to have a lot of fun riding Cessna until you buy him., 831-818-5932,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 201772, Royal Oaks, CA, Submitted On: 01/02, Revised: 01/24

SALE PENDING Buy a horse you will ride every season for a lifetime. Limited time and limited offers. , In December, we were in Oklahoma with a group of about 40 other horse campers. We are proud of our horses which were used for their event. Camping out in the wilderness presents a host of real-life sensory cues to the horse that are impossible introduce in the arena. We ride every season, in adverse weather, day and night. Ever been on a full moon-light horseback ride? Awesome experience! Horses are amazing using all their senses in the moonlight. The trust between rider and horse is transcendent. Some of our renters ride a horse once/twice a year with little knowledge about directing a horse. These smart horses understood that their rider needed to be taken care of and progressed without fuss. Your safety on a horse you love and will ride for a lifetime is what we are offering. Every Christmas/New Years season I sell 4-5 horses as gifts for partners or one for yourself. This year was no different. If you trail ride, or want to begin to trail riding your new dream horse may have been in this group. The five horses featured in this ad have been sold. New horses will arrive in CA on 2/4 so watch for new ads to be posted., 831-818-5932,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 201721, Royal Oaks, CA, Submitted On: 12/15, Revised: 01/24

Small FEI prospect, amazing gaits and just stunning to look at!  Play video, Blind Date HW, $60,000, Mare, Bay, Age: 4, 16H, German Westphalian, Foaled: 2016, View pedigree, Blind Date HW, so pretty! Did you see the cute little head? She is a sensational mover in a super fancy package, leaving no wishes open. Already victorious at a foal show with her amazing dam, she grew up to mesmerize onlookers even more, now that she is under saddle. She is a very reliable lady. Her airtime is spectacular and so are her extensions. The canter is very uphill, round and so much fun to sit and ride. She has a clear beat to her walk. Collection does come easy to this compact little horse. Excellence all around, gaits, looks and brain to match for all the way up. She has an impressive free shoulder, good motor, active hindleg and three very good and clean gaits. Blind Date HW will be loved by the judges and draw the attention to her. All info and others at, 239-772-7722,, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 192633, Cape Coral, Fl, Submitted On: 07/06, Revised: 01/24

Superb future FEI star, flying changes and more, he is the full package!  Play video, Finalist HW, Private Treaty, Gelding, Bay, Age: 4, 16.2H, German Hanoverian, Foaled: 2015, View pedigree, Finalist HW is of true International quality, his super ride ability and talent, combined with his excellent training, promise a bright future. In addition, beautiful doesn't even start to describe the looks of this willing young star. Super fancy small head, attractive stallion neck (he is a gelding) and a sexy body to match. He's a super model and will steal your heart in no time. Finalist HW has superb "Grundschwung", suppleness and his suspension is marvelous. Steady rhythm, already well balanced and he truly works his heart out, every single time. He is already working at 3rd level with flying changes, superb counter canter and a super clear, hard working mind set. Very reliable, sweet, easy Lady's horse, suitable for AA, YR and/or Professional as well. All info at, 239-772-7722,, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 198198, Cape Coral, Fl, Submitted On: 07/06, Revised: 01/24

Davey Crockette, Imported Irish Sport Horse School Master, Davey Crockette, $28,000, Gelding, Bay, Age: 15, 16.2H, 1400 lbs, UELN #372414004279610, Foaled: 2004, View pedigree, Wonderful easy willing partner! Davey is a wonderful moving, calm confident boy. Shown through 4th level. If you are looking for your next competition partner, look no further! He is uncomplicated, good at shows, great on trails and is amateur friendly. Joan Williams Phone: 408-512-2890 E-mail:, 408-857-2154,, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 201872, Watsonville, CA, Submitted On: 01/21, Revised: 01/24

Finley Oldenberg 10 YO  Play video, Finley, $25,000, Gelding, Black, White Star, Age: 10, 16.2H, Finley is an 10 year old Oldenburg gelding - International Sport Horse registered. He was sired by Festrausch (registered Westphalen) and awarded premium colt status with a score of 8.1. Finley was started late, but has shown great progress. He is very smooth, moves beautifully and is extremely willing. Finley is schooling 2 ‘6” - 3' courses and is exuberant about grid work, he doesn't mind flowers or distractions. He has daily outings on trails and is not spooky or reactive. Finley will make a terrific partner for the rider looking to develop a horse with low miles. Trailers, stands for farrier/vet,cross ties. Perfect amateur prospect., 510-510-538-5555, cell 925-286-1954,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 199288, Castro Valley, CA, Submitted On: 01/23

Gorgeous buckskin 2 yr old filly, CNDR Nu Star Diamond, $2,500, Filly, Buckskin, Star, Age: 2, AQHA/APHA, Foaled: 2018, Beautiful two year old double registered AQHA/APHA(solid) buckskin filly. Extremely kind and willing and ready to start your way. Her sire has produced champions and point earners in all events from roping, halter and pleasure to trail, barrels, and english. She leads, ties and has been lunged and started sacking out. Asking $2500 obo , motivated to sell., 707-815-3955, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 201881, American Canyon, CA, Submitted On: 01/23

SOLD! Saddlebred gelding for show or pleasure!, Whiskey Business, $2,500, Gelding, Age: 5, 16.2H, ASHA, Big, handsome gelding. Suitable for pleasure or show. Could do Western Dressage, saddle seat, or pleasure/trail riding. Owner's situation reflects in price, this is a very nice, well trained horse. Not spooky, kind and full of personality! This guy is a clown in the stall! Fun to be around! He will make someone a great best friend and provide hours of entertainment! He could be finished for the discipline of your choice. Liver chestnut and eye-catching! Available at Monarch Stables in Santa Rosa. We offer training, lessons and horses for lease or partial least., 707-291-0591,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 199867, Cotati, CA, Submitted On: 12/31, Revised: 01/23

Friesian Mare, Fimke, $18,000, Mare, Black, Age: 3, 15.3H, FHANA #201700236, Foaled: 2017, View pedigree, Unfortunate situation forces the sale of this beautiful mare. KFPS/FHANA registered by Julius 486 out of a full papered Sipke 450 ster mare. Fimke has the conformation, genetics and unbelieveable movement to make ster herself this year. From some of the more modern lines available today she currently stands 15.3 and will finish out well above 16 hands. This is a great opportunity for someone to get into or improve their breeding genetics. Her papers read like the whos who of the Friesian world with sires like Tsjerk, Beart, Teade and Anton you can't go wrong! Not to mention the pref, ster, and model mares! She will be ready to breed this year and will pay for herself with one foal. She has lots of hair and feathers, her tail drags the ground already. UTD on everything., 209-3247287, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 201880, Oakdale, CA, Submitted On: 01/22

6yo friesian cross, Louie Vuitton , $7,000, Gelding, Bay, Age: 6, 16H, Foaled: 2013, All around horse, clips, ties, no vices. Even tempered and loves to learn and work! Contact for more images and info., 925-2709836, cell 9253346201, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 201878, Clayton, CA, Submitted On: 01/22

Leonardo is a talented horse with tones of potential priced to move. , Leonardo , $20,000, Gelding, Bay, Age: 8, 16H, Hanoverian #431315121112, Foaled: 2012, It is with a heavy heart we offer for sale Leonardo. Leo’s owner passed away unexpectedly and this is a great opportunity for a confident rider. This 8-year-old Hanoverian gelding by Londontime is a beautiful mover with a sweet temperament. He has show experience with great scores. Leo loves to travel and is great on shows. We are currently schooling him 2nd level and working on 3rd level. Leonardo is about 16 hands and would be a great horse for a young professional or confident young rider looking for a horse they can take to the top. This is an estate sale, he is priced to move, and we are negotiable. His asking price is $20,000 OBO. , 916-6164581, cell 9166164581,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 201866, Rancho Murieta, CA, Submitted On: 01/20, Revised: 01/22

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