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Search for date: 08-19-2017 -- 08-19-2018 ; All Video, Photo and Text Ads
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Fresh cut hay for horses and other livestock, It smells great and horses eat every bit of it. Recently cut, compact bales with clean rich color, good moisture, no weeds and high nutrition. Super dense flakes with no mold, mildew or rain damage. No mice or bugs! Sweet, sweet deal! We can help you load at barn. Cash only. By appointment only. Oat hay, super sweet and full of oats 12.50 per bale. Oat with 18% alfalfa 15.75 per bale. Pasture Grass Hay $16.50 per bale. Alfalfa, fine stem available for 17.75 per bale., 831-818-5932,, See all ads by this advertiser, Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, Print this ad, AD ID: 198675, Royal Oaks, CA, Submitted On: 07/01, Revised: 07/23

California Weekly Hay Report, Published by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service,, AD ID: 123443, Pleasanton, CA, Submitted On: 07/16

Orchard Grass, Low-Sugar, Tested, $16, Excellent quality, $16/3 string bale., Send e-mail to advertiser, Send this ad to a friend, AD ID: 198689, Morgan Hill, CA, Submitted On: 07/03

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