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California Trace California Trace sells trace mineral supplements formulated for horses on the west coast. Our products are proven to improve hoof and skin health. Recommended by veterinarians, trainers, and farriers.
Feather Haven Mill Feather Haven Mill is a full-service feed store and mill located in Gilroy, CA. We offer grains, hays and feeds for horses, cattle, sheep, all types of birds and most every animal found on a ranch.
Finta Hay Service Inc. Offering custom delivery w/truck and hay squeeze of Premium Horse Hay, Cow Hay and straw. Serving throughout California with great service and great rates. For over 40 years Gaited Pleasure Horses ranch has specialized in providing gentle gaited trail horses best matched to your personal riding level. Our horses are fairly priced and comes with a limited purchase guarantee. Other services: transport, custom gaited horse saddles, and new & used tack.
Ganado Feed Covering your livestock needs. We have alfalfa, oat, wheat, grass alfalfa hay, & all the grain you need. Our goal is to provide best quality hay at a fair price! We deliver at very competitive prices! @GanadoFeed
Nicker Bait Cookies For Horses We take pride in offering unique cookies, treats and gift items using premium ingredients your horse will flip over. We use San Francisco's own "Giusto's" ground flax, oat flour and barley (human grade) and Organic carrots, sweet potato, and banana. We top each cookie off with a special yummy treat!
Prevost Ranch and Gardens Elk Grove Milling Stable Mix Dealer in San Jose. We carry 250# barrels & 50# bags of Stable Mix and Sr. Stable Mix for pick-up or delivery (8 barrel/1-ton min for delivery).
Prevost Ranch and Gardens Elk Grove Milling Stable Mix Dealer since 2006 in San Jose and Bay Area. We carry 250# barrels & 50# bags of all Stable Mix products for pick-up or delivery (8 barrel/1-ton min for delivery). Very competitive pricing, customized service our specialty.
T & R Enterprises Fastrack Equine Microbials. Beneficial Bacteria to enhance digestive health,Feed absorption thus reducing feed/vets costs, increase overall health For all ages, Helps with stress (trailering, foaling, weather or feed changes, hard work)Use during antibiotic therapy. I have used it since 1986

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